Saturday, July 24, 2010

the good ole summer time!

Im in the middle of a four day weekend.
though its been so hot, humid and rainy
that Ive had to enjoy it mostly from inside!
so ive puttered and played.

and made this little pink kitten.
Does she look sort of old?
I stained her and beat her up pretty good.
She looks cute sitting with the old bottles,
seashells and queen annes lace!
I might make her a puppy friend next!

Well, not really next..
Next is working on memory bear orders,
that have to get done this week!
I just havent felt like making them..
though now I've put it off til the last minute.
Its true.. I am a procrastinator!!
And, I seriously have to work on them the rest of the week.

I started my day with an eight mile bike ride.
If I ride down my road, east, to the end, its exactly 4 miles.
I had to force myself this morning to go all the way to the end
because it was a little windy, which makes it hard to peddle.
but I perservered!
just kept telling myself how easy the ride back would be.
and it was!
I love riding early in the morning.
This morning was a full hour, from 7:15 to 8:15.
It has been the only time of day cool enough to ride lately!
After my ride, I picked four bouquets of hydrangeas.
They all look so pretty in my kitchen, living room,
bedroom and bathroom !
I love them in this vase full of seashells.

Speaking of seashells! these are on my porch..

in this corner!
lets see.. what else is new...
you already know about my dear grandmother.
They will bring her ashes back to ny for a service
and burial in OCTOBER!!!!! Seems so far away.
Tonight I went to a gospel music festival
at a church in albion.
I love black gospel music so much!
I need to switch churches.. seriously.
I havent been to my own church in soo long.
it would be easy to go somewhere else! They wouldnt even notice!
OK.. I'm rambling. gonna let you go now. talk to you all later.


A Vintage Chic said...

What a beautiful post! I LOVE your new pink kitty! She's absolutely adorable and loveable!

Beautiful seashells...bikeride...lovely! And I'm the same way with procrastination!

Hope the rest of your weekend is just as lovely as today!


Thimbleprims Studio said...

I am in love with the little pink kitten you made. Seriously. You did such a tremendous job on the wee one.
Gorgeous decorating. You are so incredibly creative and talented, it takes my breath away. : )
And, I am pea green with envy about the bike riding and continued healthy living, etc. You absolutely rock.
I am so sorry to hear about your grandma, my friend.
Lots and lots of loves,

Julie said...

Hot and humid does explain our weather!! ha ha ...and I love your kitty and the shells. We have a cabana with our hot tub ..and inside it is all decorated with shells from our vacations.

Hey Viv - would you like to have some of the lambs wool from our sheering this year? Would you be able to use it for a project?

Diane said...

I LOVE the Pink Kitty, what a doll she is I would smile every time I looked at her. I think she is just perfect just the way she is. Congratulations on your bike ride so cool oxoxox, Diane

Whimsical Creations said...

That pink kitty is precious!

A bike ride that early sounds wonderful. I love hydrangeas. (I really need to pick some of mine. They look so pretty in vases.)

Farmchick said...

Very sweet lil kitty! :) Love your seashells Mom has a lot of seashells around her home too. :) Come say HI! :)

Bob and Joanne said...

I love, love that little kitten. I have a well worn little dog from my teen years that I adore. I used to get him out each Christmas and put him under the tree, but I've misplaced him since we moved.

Lisa said...

What a perfect pink kitty!!
I love her!
Hugs, lisa

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I love when you ramble. It's just the way you talk in person! Seashells and flowers - great idea! How do you ever turn those tiny little seams on your creations! I just can't imagine how precise you have to be. Your bike ride in the morning sounds awesome. Tomorrow for me some form of exercise becomes habit - it has to! Have a fun three dayer! Elizabeth

Susan said...

I love the hydrangeas. I can only imagine a bike ride that lengthy. Good for you. Keep it up!