Wednesday, June 22, 2016

peek a boo... I see you!

Here I am!  did ya miss me?  Ive been pretty busy.  working, playing, working on bears..  all the same old same old!  My life doesn't change much from day to day.  But that's probably a good thing.  I really have not been very creative.. I guess that is different for me as I've always lived to create.  I've just not been very inspired or ambitious I guess.  but I did make these pillows last week.  That's it though other then bears for bear orders..  I do have a little something rattling around in my brain though.    

Ive been to the lake at the end of the road a few times the last couple weeks and have been to the beach twice so far this beachy season!  Im actually considering taking my tea down to the lake in the mornings before work.  The lake is really the only place I ever feel truly relaxed.   Work has been awful.  I've always loved my job.  but I'm afraid I have to admit that I'm feeling very burned out.  Too much going on in my case loads, and I am so very far behind.  I have never ever thought about leaving my job until recently.  now Im seriously wondering if I can hang on til I can retire.   My little light is going dim and its effecting me outside of work as well.  .. lets just hope and pray that things will get better.... but I think they are going to get worse.   
Ok.. I usually don't talk about work.   I so very much wish I could give reasons.  but I have to be very generic when I talk about my job.   sooo anyways,... 

Its supposed to be a hot, sunny weekend.. I have friday off and I plan on parking my butt at the lake all three days morning til its time to go home for dinner.  I might go to the library and find a book to read or maybe I'll just pack a stack of old magazines, fill a cooler with ice tea and some healthy and not so healthy snacks and pretend the rest of the world doesnt exist! Doesn't that sound good? lol!  I actually have  beach date with some girlfriends on sunday.  Im looking forward to that.  but friday and saturday I'll be on my own.

I do have a little project brewing that will involve these black and white pics of my pies.  so I will stay home long enough one day to work on those.  Actually I'll just work on them in the early mornings before I head out to the beach.   I'll post pics when they are finished. 
well, I just wanted to pop in for a minute.   sorry Im a sucky bloggy friend these days..  and that Im whining.  
still love you all!  have a great day!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

summer kick off!

Last weekend we had perfect summery weather for the Memorial Day weekend!  And it was a very full and tiring weekend!  
Started out with shopping on Friday night, then Saturday a full day at the beach with Bethany and the three oldest grand pies Violet, Marla and Torry.   

Its a lot of work getting everything packed up and ready to go.. but once we are there... its so worth it all!  

The kids all love the beach and play so well there!  and the water was absolutely clear and calm (and extra shallow for some reason).  The kids all wore their "puddle dumpers" as Violet calls them.. just to be on the safe side! 

Probably the hardest part of going to the beach is packing up to come home.  Then you're dealing with lots of wet sandy things... and wet and sandy children..  not to mention tired children!

But I think its all worth it.  Though I have considered going back myself today,  with out children! lol!  I don't think I am though.. I think I might go treasure hunting and then start my patriotic decorating inside!  not sure yet.  I need a day to just do what ever.  Some time to my selfie!

So.. after the day at the beach, I spent Sunday cleaning and making salads and running around getting the house and yard in order for our memorial day family gathering.   Jennifer and I ended up running around in search of a new pool because the kids big blow up pool had sprung a leak.  thankfully we found one!  Then of course it had to be blown up and filled once I got it home.  I also put out the baby pool for the littler pies!  

Aren't they stinking cute!?
Anyways everyone came over on memorial day and we had a really nice day.

We had lots of goodies to eat and perfect weather!

burgers, sausage and hot dogs!  I could eat some of them right now in fact!  lol!  

The girls all brought stuff over too.. Tiffany made these yummy fruity kabobs,  Nessa made a pasta salad, Bethany made broccoli salad and Jen brought stuff for root beer floats and lots of chips and dips!

We ate well!  and it was a really nice day.  the kids were great and spent most of the time playing in the pools.

 And by the end of the day I was beyond exhausted!  
And now, here we are at another weekend.   This one will be a little bit more laid back, but Friday night did start out with two parties.  a lake wedding shower with the girls from work and then Bethany had a lululala clothes party.  Really I cant remember what its called.  lalaroe.. or something like that lularoe maybe..   home at about 10:00 ate some lemon pie and went to bed!
So lets see what this weekend brings.   
Have a great one bloggy pies!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

a tiny bit of flower power

I got to play outside this past weekend finally!  still much to do, but  I did manage to get 4 of my window boxes filled as well as a few planters and pots.  I still have a couple things left to fill.  Torry came over on Friday and did his dinosaur garden.  I think he needs a bigger container.  I have to look for an old wagon I think.  This little toy wheel barrel is really small.  But he's happy with it.  I took him to pick out plants for it and all he wanted were petunias! Tried to talk him into other things.. but he picked them out fast and that was that!

Being close to the lake, I think makes my lilacs and lillys bloom later then everyone elses!  But they are blooming now!  In fact I think I need to go out this morning and pick some to take to work.  They smell so good and they make me happy!     

Unfortunetly lilacs dont seem to last long after they are picked.  I wish there was a way to keep them fresh longer.  but oh well even a couple days is worth it.  
I wish I had it in me to have "real" gardens.  I don't venture much further then pots and boxes.   Anything in the ground itself feels out of my control!  lol!  I don't have a green thumb.   I'm lucky I can keep anything alive!  I have plants inside that I've had for 30 years.. and I swear that it's a miracle that they are alive! seriously!

Here's a pic of my little fairy garden.  Not quite done.  I bought the metal banner for it the other day.  But I really think I liked the paper ones that I made in previous years better.  I'm thinking of covering the little metal ones with some cute papers.  I also need to put a taller plant in the back and put my little tire swing in there.  Then it will be finished.

wow.. I was just thinking today was thursday and I was thinking the weekend was almost here!  lol.. its only wednesday.  I was at a training all day yesterday on drug trends and now Im confused! lol!
Anyways.. I suppose I should do something constructive and get ready for work!
have a great day bloggy friends!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Im still alive!

Oh my goodness!!  Ive been wanting to get here to write a blog post for over a week.. but every time I sat down to do it something would come up!   well.. finally! .. here I am!  sorry, Ive just been the most awful blogger lately.  I hope everyone had a great mothers day.   A bunch of the kids came over the day before to celebrate here and we had a cookout.  And then some came back again the next day. It was a full weekend!
I cheated here..  the picture of Torry, Lillianna and Sera were not from that day! but they are all very recent pics from the past week.  lol!    And so anyways.. mothers day weekend was very nice.

Jennifer, Ella, Marla and I also went to a doll and bear show that weekend.  These are my new little friends I found there.  all of them were cheap.. like 8.00 a piece!  so obviously I couldn't pass them up.  I just love those monkeys.  they are great company in my craft room!  lol!

So, in other news...  NOTHING!  lol!  It seems Ive done nothing interesting or worth talking about. except, I got my kitchen table cleared off!  lol well, Jen and I did go see the musical "Dirty Dancing"  the other night.. but it really wasn't very good.  there were some good dance scenes.. but all in all it was sort of weird.
Oh.. I know what else I did.. Torry and I made our first trip to the lake on Wednesday.  it was a little cool out, but we loved looking out over the lake and chit chatting about silly things that 5 year old boys like to talk about!

Ive been on call since Friday.  I haven't added up the hours, but I must be close to 20 hours since Friday night.  needless to say, Ive not really had a weekend this weekend.
And as much as I hate the cold un-spring weather we've been having, I'm so glad that this weekend wasn't beautiful, because I would have been ticked if I had been stuck working and it was nice out!  lol!  I am starting to get the itch to spend a lot of money on flowers!  so all that overtime pay will come in handy!

Hopefully next weekend will be nice... because I'll be on call again the weekend after that!  I sure hope they appreciate me at work.  lol!
I made broccoli quiche the other morning.. another thing that I had been trying to get to for about 2 weeks.  I had bought broccoli to make it, then never got to it and had to throw it away!  so then I bought more broccoli and it still took me a week to get to it!  I ended up making it Friday morning before I went to work!   its sooo good!  Theres still some left.. that we'll finish for dinner tonight.

I guess I should end here.. I need to have some breakfast, do a little blog hopping, make a lunch, feed all the animals, take a shower.. try on ten different things while I figure out what to wear.. you know.. all the typical morning things!  
have a great day my friends!
I hope you keep visiting me and leaving me comments even though Ive been awful! 
love you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

wishful sprinking!

Its still been cold out!  mother nature is all kinds of messed up I think.  It was only like 46 yesterday... and that's how its been for a while.  I just checked the weather and it looks like about 57 for today.. still kind of cool.. but I'll take it.  lol.. like we have a choice!

Actually the forecast I just looked at shows improvement through the week and in the 60's for the weekend.. with sunshine..  so I guess I cant complain about that!

Ive been springifying little corners of my house. nothing extravagant.  really, I have a bunch of junk and I have strewn it about the house.  I would love to be on one of those shows where they fix up and decorate your house like a normal person.   I am incapable of normal.  there is no normal for my house.. its just in a constant state of stuff..  or should I say stuffed!

I try to not over do it.. but maybe my version of overdone and other peoples versions are not the same.  and I suppose it does depend on the time of year.  I may go a little overboard for Halloween!  and Christmas!  I always say I'm going to cut back and not do so much.. but something within me takes over and I cant help myself.   

Anyways.. its not too much right now. in fact its not much at all.  just a few birds, nests and shrooms scattered here and there!

I haven't played at my craft table since several weeks before Easter and I was feeling the need to make something!  I finally managed to get there on Saturday and made these cute little pompom birdies for mothers day.  just pompoms!   aren't they cute?  I made a bunch more in case I get inspired to make something for the girls for mothers day...   we'll see.

OK.. I guess that's it for this morning.  I know Ive been a lousy blogger lately.  there are days that I consider giving it up all together.  but I would miss all my bloggy pals!  so eventually I come back! 
have a great day bloggy pies!