Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

It is Good Friday, the day Christ was nailed to the cross. I hope we're all thinking about that today. I know the movie or broadway show of Jesus Christ Superstar isnt exactly totally biblical, but Ive always loved it . And regardless, its thought provoking. Easter isnt all about bunnies and chicks, though some of you might think that I think so.. but I do know better. I'll be thinking about Jesus on the cross today and I will be grateful that died to save us from our own selves and that he rose again three days later. enjoy this performance and remember what today is about. xoxo

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

tuesday evening chatter..

Hello bloggy pals!!  I cant believe that Easter is this weekend.  Ive been decorated for about 6 plus weeks already. It seemed so far away.. and now its almost here.   I didnt do as much holiday crafting as I usually do this year.  I did make a few things. some bobble head chicks and a few bunnies.  maybe it seems like I didnt do as much because I didnt do any swaps...  and of course now I wish I had!  duh!!!  
anyways, I made this little bunny above for a special friend of mine.  I just made him this morning before I went to work and then, I actually made it to the post office this morning as well!  Normally it takes me days and weeks to get to the post office..  I just have some memory thing about it and always forget to stop!

Actually my memory problem doesnt just involve post offices.. but we wont go there! LOL!
Im keep this post short and sweet because I really want to do some blog hopping tonight.. and Im already fading fast! I snapped these pics this morning of my kitchen windows....    sometimes I feel like such a dork running around snapping pictures of stuff...   just stuff.. lots of stuff!   I just dont think its normal.  but then, I am not normal... I know that.. we all know that. Everyone who really  knows me, knows that.   but then, really?  what is normal? 
OH whatever..  we are all unique!  some of us are just oddly unique..  lol... some of us run around with cameras taking pictures of silly stuff to post on blogs and facebook.  But I think.. I have so much cute stuff.. I have to share it with other (unique) friends who appreciate it like I do.    I guess thats the key..  right?
LOL.. whatever...
OK.. I'm out of here for now.. heading to the couch with my tablet...  have a great night!

Friday, April 11, 2014

its friday!

omg.. be still my heart....     I seriously NEED all of these!
just thought Id share that!

And check out this weather for the next few days!!  woohoo... time to open some windows!!  well.. just ignore that crap that comes in on tuesday...  Im pretty sure mother nature is bipolar..
happy Friday bloggy pies!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

hello out there!

hello my friends...  Im sorry... Ive just been a horrible blogger pal lately!  not that Ive been doing much of anything else.. I just think Ive been lazy!  not much going on here this week or last weekend. Ive done a little crafting here and there, made this ugly bunny the other day.. def not one of my favorites!  but I guess I like him enough!  lol!   

Easter is only 10 days away. soon that ol' bunny will make his way here!  Then it wont be long and I'll have to pack up all these sweet little things again.  We'll be doing Brunch here on Easter and hopefully it'll be nice out to do a little egg hunt for marlaina adn Torry.  of  course Violet is too little for egg hunts yet.    I ordered all the babies bunny puppets for easter.  Cant wait for them to get here!   I wanna play!  lol!

Its supposed to be warmer the next few days here.. finally!  I just wish I could stay home from work and open some windows!  Yesterday morning our furnace needed a small repair and what ever the guy did down there, he must have spilled a few drops of fuel oil.  just enough to make the house stink.  tony went down there to try to clean it up, but couldnt find anything to clean up.  oh well.. so we just have to wait for the smell to go away on its own..  need to open those windows!

Im on call this next week, starting tomorrow.. so Im not making any big plans for the weekend.  just hanging out.  I want to watch the movie 12 years a slave at some point and do a little easter crafting to make some little easter gifties for my daughters and daughter in law's.  (Can I just say my girls for now on and you will know that I mean all four of them, daughters and dil's?  lol!  girls is so much shorter!  lol!)  
anyways,  Ive no plans to go anywhere... well.. maybe to the grocery store!  we're about out of everything!

So thats about it in my little world. 
I hope everythings hippity hoppity fine in yours!
toodles for now!

Friday, April 4, 2014

april 4th 1981

Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary. Though we have been together 38 years, since april 1977.  I was only 16 when we met.  This was our first christmas together 1977.  I was 17 by the time that picture was taken.  I look like a little baby!    and this is the old folks all these years later!

Lots of years.. lots of good life lived.. no turning back..  its forever and always...   through thick and thin.. good and bad.. and all that jazz...