Monday, September 26, 2016

oh the halloween cuteness!!

In this little house..

 In this little room..  with these little babies nearby....

This happen!

Lillianna grace...

Violet and Scarlet pies

Torry bat boy!

Marla pie!
 Scarlet cutie pie!

and Seraphina kitty cat!

such fun!!!
and did you notice these?  soo cute!   so simple!   seen on pinterest...

I had hubby cut the curves off two Shepard's hooks.  Then I cut 2 holes in each pumpkin, alternating sides.. slid them over the poles, and filled them with small mum plants!  then I cut holes in the bottom of two small plastic pumpkins and stuck them on top as finales!  I love them!  
okeedokie.. this was just a quick touch base.. I need to go take a shower so I can watch the debates.. 
should be painfully interesting as I cant stand either of them.
I'll be blog hopping in the morning!!
til then.. toodles!

Friday, September 9, 2016

a batty little quicky craft..

Something easy peasy and only takes a couple minutes.    I saw this on pinterest.. so I cant take credit for it.   But it looks so cool at night when the light is on!  

All you have to do is make a little bat pattern and cut it out of black paper.  I would have used construction paper if I had had some.   Then just cut them out, put some rolled tape on the front of them and stick them inside your lamp shades!

 I got carried away and put them on three shades in the living room..  might be cute to tie a thread to one and have it hanging below the shade!  I may have to do that myself, since I just thought of it now.  

Anyways...  that's all for now..  just wanted to share that with you.    and, yes.. I have Halloween out now.  Just inside.   I haven't done outside or the porch or my craft room yet either.   And, the skellies are still in their closet.  but I was thinking of bringing them out this weekend.  we'll see!  anyways.. have a great weekend bloggy friends! 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is it time yet? is it too early???

Happy September 1st!!
I had been dying to do some Halloween crafting.  I was on my way home from our lake vacation and my friend Brenda even before I got home to see if she was available to play the next day and she was!  Brenda's one of my besties and she loves Halloween too.  I always love when I find someone that loves it as much as I do and goes over the top with decorating.   Makes me feel normal!  LOL!!  (I am so not normal..  lol!)   

So the next day she came over and she and figgy and I spent a few hours playing with wool and had a lovely afternoon chatting and creating!  And she took me to lunch at our local little ice cream  hamburg joint!

heehee.. isn't figgy adorable?  he is never far from me when I am at home.  He is in fact sitting right in front of me on my desk right now blocking me from my tea.. darn it!

So this is what we made,  pumpkin girls and their black cats.  so cute!

This one is Brenda's.  I liked the nose on her cat better then the pompom I had on mine so after she left I kept playing around with mine and changed it up some.

This is how it ended up!  I made cute little woolie flowers.  I think they turned out really cute....  Now I cant wait to decorate for Halloween. 

soooo.. do you want to know how obsessed I am?   a girl on instagram posted a couple pics of items she found at the Christmas tree store.  as soon as I saw them I knew I had to go there the next day.  I woke up thinking about them... and was so tempted to take the morning off to go get them!  but I was good and worked through the day and then made a beeline straight there after work!   The Christmas tree store is a little over an hour away, but so is every where else I go!  lol!  I'm so glad I went.. I love these things!  and they are huge.  the issue now is..  where in the heck are they going to go?   LOL!!
Its September 1st.. do you think its too early to start decorating for Halloween?  I was going to wait til next weekend and even thought that might be too early.  I was going to clean my craft room and the upstairs this weekend.. but now I'm thinking maybe I would do that the other way around....   hmmmm...  what do you think??  
I think I have a ton of cute halloween stuff and the sooner it comes out the sooner and the longer I can enjoy it.  
yup.. thats what Im thinking...
okeedokie..   gotta go.. 
have a great day!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

family vacation

 I know, Ive been AWOL again.  I'm guilty!   not sure what I did all month, but last week we went on our family vacation to Watkins glen.  For Christmas last year my kids gave us a week vacation for the whole family at a big lake house on Seneca lake.   It was a lovely place with lots of room for everyone.  my Pies were all there together for part of the time.  busy for grammie.. but I loved every minute of it.  (well there were a few where it got a teeny tiny bit overwhelming!  lol!!)

 It was a perfect place for everyone to hang out and I particularly loved the big deck the overlooked the lake.   I spent early mornings out there enjoying the quiet views as the sun was coming up until Torry or Marla got up to join me.  I have decided that Grand pies are at their very best lovable cuddly selves first thing in the morning.  

 And... some of them love popcorn as much as I do.  I taught these two to make funny popcorn faces!  they were hysterical! 

 And then there was the night we played pie face.. the game was bought for the children to play, but I think Torry was the only one that got to play because we waited for them to all go to bed before us grown ups played!  This game ended up in a whip cream war between Bethany and Tiffany!   we all laughed our you know whats off that night!

 Then one afternoon after a bit of an overwhelming morning with the kids for everyone.  I sent the big adult children off to hike at Watkins Glen park and I stayed home with the grandpies.  I love the selfie shots they took!  Lol!  the people behind them were either wishing they were having as much fun or that the clowns in front of them would stop taking pictures and keep moving!  lol!

 And then there was this morning...  OH the freaking cuteness...   my heart could just burst!

So that is just a few of the hundreds of pics we took.. mostly of the children.  we also tried to have a picnic at the beach... but the bees chased us out..  seriously..  miraculously no one got stung.  we went to a science museum of play which was an awesome place to take the kids!   
Over all it was a great week.  I could have easily planted myself on the deck and never moved... but those little pies kept me on my toes for sure!    I loved waking up to my big family in the mornings and seeing all my kids together.  my hubby came just for Saturday and Sunday.  (he cant handle all of them together very well and he had to work..  his loss!! lol!)
Okeedokie.. Marla's here and we have things to do today.. so Happy Saturday bloggy pies!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

friday morning chitter chatter!

This is how we look this morning!   Figgy wants my attention and I'm trying to type here.  I finally fed him, cause every time I put him down, he jumped back up.  
He's very "purr-sistent", lol !!  
Now hes content and bathing on the porch.  silly cat!
I love him so!

Speaking of cats.. I hit one the other night on my way home from work.  It was devastating to me.  I felt so bad.  I know it wasn't my fault and I'm not blaming myself.. It just made me sick.  She just ran out in front of me.  I wont go into the rest of the horribly details.  But, I was dropping f- bombs.. and  crying.  The lady whose cat it was said she was 15 years old, was sickly and lived outside.  Well, if you know me, you know I was a total wreck about it.  When I got home, Tony was handing me bunches of toilet paper to blow my nose and wipe my face.  I am not a crier generally,  but omg.. you would have thought a person died.  In fact, I have to admit I cried more about hitting that cat then I have when some people have died! why is that ?  I don't know.   anyways..  some sweet little pies of mine gave me flowers and cookies that night!  And you know what?  I felt immediately better!  
All of the little pie people in my life are so stinking precious.. I can hardly stand it! You should see how big our little Sera is getting!  they are all getting so big!  I need to get new pictures of all the kids so I can make Halloween paper dolls like I did for the 4th!

And speaking of Halloween..  I know its only august and I'm loving summer so not really in a hurry... but Halloween is creeping into my brain!  And I'm looking forward to Halloween decorating and crafting... soon!
But before that, I'm looking forward to our family vacation.  In two weeks we will be heading to a lake house on Seneca lake.  We're all going.  Well, I'm not sure about Rob and Tiff and the girls.  I think they might be coming for a night or a couple days.   I hope so anyways!  I have to find that out.  
But I am excited about it.  
The kids gave this little family vacation to Tony and I for Christmas.  So we've been waiting and thinking about it since December!  Well, I have been,  I don't know how excited Tony is!  LOL!!  You know I'll be taking tons of pictures and having a good time with my family! And will probably be ready for another vacation alone afterwords!  lol!!

so for now, I off from work today and Monday and looking forward to lots of things this weekend.  I'm off to the chiropractor this morning, then back to work on bears.. hoping to make it to the lake for a little bit, later and then to a bridal shower tonight.  Tomorrow is an all day beach day and a girls night with some girlfriends!  The rest of the weekend is a little bit up in the air.. but I have plans cooking up!
Have a great weekend bloggy friends!  I've got to get out of this chair and get busy around here!