Thursday, November 27, 2014

urgent prayers needed now...

!!prayers requested!!
OK bloggy pals, while some of us are eating and enjoying our families, others are fighting for their lives.  Ive just heard from my sister Valerie and her husband has gone on full life support and is not doing well.  She stated that he is deteriorating.   She has asked us to pray for a miracle.  Please pass this on and share with anyone you think would be willing to pray.
Lets Pray for a JOhns miracle.  
thank you!
Valerie and John have only been married a few years.. her previous husband who she also adored died of cancer.
I just cant imagine her going through this again.
please keep them in your prayers.
thank you my friends!

Thanksgiving day

 Hello bloggy friends!  Happy Thanksgiving!  wow!  this year seems to have just been flying by... soon it will be christmas and then on to a new year.  Already!  that was so fast!  well, were not quite there yet. And today is a day to slow down and be thankful.  Well, I say slow down.. but a lot of people will be out shopping like crazy people.  not me.  the last thing I want to do is be around a huge crowd of crazed people.  I can stay right here in my small crowd of crazed people that I know and love! lol!  and I should mention that some of my very own crazed people will go out later tonight... why??? because they are just that... CRAZY!!
 Ive been sick all week... yes, again.. a nasty cold I guess.. left work early both monday and tuesday.  thankfully I had yesterday off and of course the rest of the week.  I forced myself to make pies.. I cheated and used store bought crusts... never before have I done that for a holiday.  then Im pretty sure I over cooked all of them.  2 pumpkin, 1 apple, 1 sweet potato pie, and 1 pecan.  I also dropped a jar out of the cupboard right into a fresh out of the oven pumpkin pie and left a large crater in it!  I made the pies on tuesday night then packed them all into a cooler and put them out on the front porch to keep them cold in stead of taking up room in the fridge.  I do hope those pies are ok and that I didnt breath millions of teeny tiny nasty little germs all over them!  
I made the stuffing yesterday..  hope its good.  you know when you dont feel good nothing tastes right.  Im afraid it'll be a little dry.    I have some things to do this morning before the 28 pound turkey goes in the over..  what ever was I thinking 28 pounds?  thats freaken huge and I can barely lift the bugger! ha!  I sure do hope that it is thawed all the way through!  
Well so thats were I am in the dinner making process...  hopefully I will not infect my whole family with my gross germs.. there will be no kissing and hugging of my little cutie pies.  that may be the worst part of the whole day!  however will I keep my hands off of them!?  lol!
But I am thankful.  thankful for so many things..
things like:
my husband and my kids! and my GRANDBABIES!
my home and the sweet community we live in.
my pets and all the awesome animals that God created! 
Im thankful for heat and water and food!
sugar, tea, cinnamon and bread!
music! all kinds of music, big band, musicals, and Christmas music!
Im thankful for art and creativity and talent that is all around us! 
Im thankful for the 4 seasons. Im thankful that snow is pretty and that the cold makes me appreciate my cozy little house! 
Im thankful for my car and my job and the people I work with.. even those I'm not so fond of.. because they make the people I am fond of that much more special!  I'm thankful for my friends.. a huge blessing because I have so many wonderful and close friends! 
Im thankful that we were able to raise our children in this area and never worried about their safety in school!  Im thankful that my kids are all healthy and well and beautiful!  and that they are close and they are each others best friends and that they like to spend time with each other.  Im also thankful for their spouses and significants as they all fit in well in our family and make us whole!  And they helped in the whole process of giving me grandbabies!
Im thankful for America and freedom and soldiers!
I'm thankful for God and his son and forgiveness!
Im thankful for ice cream and cookies and pies!
Im thankful for craft and fabric stores, for old things, odd things .. for colors.. all colors!
for sunshine and beaches  and days off from work!
For teddy bears and dolls!
for holidays! halloween, easter, valentines day, thanksgiving, 4th of july and christmas!
and Birthdays!
and birthday presents to give and receive!
For computers!! and the Internet which I find totally amazing!
for technology and really smart people!
for medical advances and researchers..
for health insurance
for the moon and stars,  for scientists!
for my health, for the ability to get up and go to work everyday and to be able to do the things I want to do.
and for so much more, my list could go on and on.. because Im thankful for things like toothpaste and hand lotion!  paintbrushes and glue and for the time I have to play and create in my little craft room! lol!
I'm thankful for my blogland buddies!
I am just thankful period.  
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Did you really just read all that!  
Happy Thankgiving my friends! 
gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

bears and babies...

 Do you get tired or seeing the same old same old here?   Im deep in over my head almost in bear making.  Ive finished all of these over the last few weeks.   thats three  single orders in the first pic.

 These 6 bears were made for my mother in law who lost her brother this year.

 These three were made for a woman whos husband died a couple years ago.  He happened to be the director of social services where I work.  

 And this giant order went to Jane Palmer a bloggy facebook friend!   I have a bunch more orders to do.  a young mother 36 years old died unexpectedly a few weeks ago leaving behind 5 children.  sooo sad!   and 2 orders of 4 and another order of 5!  Plus 18 santa/elf ornaments.  so Im not sure if I'll get to do any christmas crafting!  Not complaining though.  Im thankful for the orders and the exposure. 

 so, I know you already saw the base pics for these photos.. but Im addicted to picmonkey and had to play there a little bit!  

 arent they sweet? 

 oh...  I can never leave anything alone.. everything gets dressed up and decorated!  LOL!

I do soooo ADORE all my little grandpies!

Ok then.. I shall be off... gotta go sew for an hour before I leave for work..  
but just one more thing...     
we have been very lucky the past couple days, because while our neighbors, some starting at only 15 miles south and also to the south west are getting slammed with 70 plus inches of snow and are in states of emergency.. we have not gotten any.....

Our turn will come for sure at some point.  I feel bad for all the people who are stranded on the thruways..   it is seriously a disaster and I am praying for all those stranded people.  I just can not imagine being stranded like that!
let me just say I am sooooooo grateful that we were spared!
Happy Wedesday my bloggy pies!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

These crack me up!

 fun times at target!
 violet is freaken hysterical!
Torry didnt really want to cooperate.. but we bribed him.. (well his mother did!)  Not that I wouldnt have.. because I have been known to resort to that!
lol!  I LOVE these pictures!
lol..  I cant stop looking at them!
have a great week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

thursday morning rushing around.

 good morning good morning good morning!     eating and bear making.. and of course computer time.. up at 5:00, dont have to leave until 8:30... plenty of time that I putter and play in and then...always at the last minute Im in a rush!   I have 40 minutes to fit in all the things I didnt do yet, like shower, iron, feed the cats and the bird.. pack a lunch. pack up a bear to work on on lunch..  lol! take something out of the freezer..   etc...  
but just wanted to pop in for a quick hello!  Frannies saying hello too by the way.  Figgys too busy chasing a toy around.  
so  many bears to make still.....    but I will get them done!  have a great thursday girls!
uhg.. Im on call starting tomorrow for a week of CPS..  Hope its manageable so I can get a good chunk of these orders done!  
happy day!