Monday, December 15, 2014

only 10 sleeps until santa comes! are you ready?

wow!!  I feel I have not had a minute to do any blogging!  not only that but Ive not done any real christmas crafting.   those darn bears have taken up most of my play time.    two more days of bears and then I wont even think about them again until janurary.    
The house is decorated.  well, I never did put the garlands up in my bedroom, or the wreath that goes in there.. and I also didnt change the quilt and shames yet.  maybe I still will.. maybe I wont.  
and, Ive not done any baking except some cheating baking with Torry and Marla yesterday when they came for Grammies christmas sleep over! 

We had a lot of fun!   they each decorated their own trees.. which they loved doing...
We made popcorn  (which they loved watching more then eating..)  and watched rudolf.
We attempted to go to bed all in my bed.. booboo (grandpa) slept on the couch.  I eventually also slept on the couch..  one little pie... (that would be torry) tried to talk to me all night...  
The next day they made special presents for their mommys and daddys!
Which involved painting their hands brown... 
Which they loved!
And then their was the marathon baking and decorating of a batch of sugar cookies..   which even though I rushed them through it they loved.    
In between all of that, they played hard, watched christmas shows, fought a little..  and collected a million hugs and kisses from me.   well and there was a short sit in time out for one of them.. but we arent telling anyone about that!  lol!  
they are the most special little people.    Next year we will do it again.. only.. it may become a day long event and then they can go home to sleep!  lol!!  next year Violet will be able to come!  

I only have three bears left to make.. 
Im about to cut them out right now..  
I hope youre all enjoying the holiday season...      
only 14 sleeps til santa comes!  
heres a little kitty treat..    
UP on the house top.. kitty Claws!

toodles for now! Ive got to cut out those bears and get ready for work..  a long busy work week ahead and then next week Im only working one day.
have a great day my bloggy pies!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

birthday time!

 Somebody, one of my favorite little people in the whole world, had a birthday yesterday! And that little someone turned a great big 4 years old!  unbelievable!  wasnt he just born yesterday?  its seems. Bethany threw him a birthday party at the YMCA, which turned out to be  great idea.

The kids all had a great time running around.  And, one of the Y guys, came out and played games with the kids for a while. 

Torry had a good time. They went with a ninja turtle theme, as he is pretty into ninja turtles right now.  
Good thing he likes then because 90% of what he got was ninja turtle related! 
Not only was it Torrys birthday this past weekend, but it was also his mommas birthday on saturday.    my little girl turned 29!

Do you ever look at your life and think.. How the heck did we get here so fast!?

One more birthday at the end of the month...  Marlainas in dec 28.    
so how is everyone doing in the christmas dept?
I still have to decorate outside.  maybe this morning before I go to work since its supposed to rain and snow tonight.   I guess that means I should get off the computer, get my shower and get busy! 
hey, did you notice my torry pie go a big boy hair cut?????  hes soo handsome.
Big plans for this weekend,
 Im having a grammie pie christmas sleep over with marla and Torry.  I think Im going to make this an annual event and next year violet can come too!  
Ok.. gotta run.. I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

happy tuesday!

 ahhhh.... finally feeling 90 percent better!  I'll take it!  and off to work I shall go this morning!  I almost am looking forward to it.  While Ive been home all these days I have managed to putter a little and started my christmas decorating.  I SERIOUSLY have too much stuff!!  
 Im not putting everything out this year.  only my favorites.    But thats a problem.. because almost EVERYTHING is my favorite!  lol!
 I have to admit that I am starting to find my obsession for all this stuff to be a little bit overwhelming and I think I should paint everythin in my house white and then decorate with only fresh greens and a few whimsical pieces here and there.    However, who am I fooling?  I surely am not capable of making that kind of change!  lol!
 anyways..  it is what it is!  
Oh.. and this....  (below)  She what I have to live with?  lol!  this I found several days after thanksgiving...  I dont know why it took me days to find it because it was in my face on my fridge and I probably looked at it oh you know 5 or 6 times a day! lol!   anyways.. yes.. one of my sweet children left this little surprise fore me.  After a little investigation and poor Robert being blamed by all of his siblings..  It turns out to be Tony (jr).   oh those kids... they're always messing with me! LOL!

OK.. so with that said..   I really need to get moving so that I can make it to work a little early this morning.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 1, 2014

this past week...

What a week. If you read my previous post, you probably know that my sisters husband passed away friday morning.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  my heart just breaks for her.  losing 2 husbands in the last 6 years...  unthinkable.  I didnt really know John and had only met him once.  but I'm glad that I had had that chance.  I wish we werent so far apart geographically.  She is in missouri.  I would love to be able to hop on a plane and go see her, but I cant. Im hoping that she will be able to get a break and maybe she can go down to florida to visit our mother.  That would be good for her. 
In other news.  Ive been sick since last monday!  monday, tuesday and wednesday I figured it was just a really bad cold and that if I wasnt feeling better by friday Id go to the dr.  Friday came and though I really didnt feel good I thought maybe I was a little better, as some of my voice had returned..  But saturday was worse and sunday was still not good so I ended up going to an urgent care hoping to just get an antibiotic, pretty much figuring that I had a sinus infection or broncitis or both!  

So yesterday,  I pull  myself together and take myself to urgent care and what to my wondering eyes should appear and empty parking lot and a sign on the door that says.. " urgent care closed due to sickness"!!  can you believe that?    So I drove to batavia where there is another one.  And I was in and out in less then a half an hour and I loved the dr.  The diagnoses was pretty much exactly what I thought, a nasty sinus infection and chest congestion!    Got the script filled and now two doses later...  I think I might actually be improving.   I would like to go to work today, but I dont think its a good idea.  Hoping a quiet day home, resting and another day of meds and hopefully I'll be in much better shape tomorrow.   The headache alone is a killer.  I bought one of those micro bead heater up in the microwave bags to put across the forehead, face and back of my neck hoping for relief.  It worked pretty good last night.  will be trying it again this morning.  

 So needless to say I was sick for thanksgiving.  Which is probably why I got worse, because I of course pushed myself for two full days to get everything done.  We had a nice hectic day.  A very typcial our kind of family day!  I didnt get a lot of pictures  Just a few.  no voice and too much commotion to really do  much better.. Plus.. as you can see, I wasnt getting the best cooperation from anyone.. kids or adults! Theres always a joker in the bunch..  usually his name is robert!  lol!
 some cooperated a little better then others.  lol!  
And somehow.. others totally missed the boat in the reindeer department!
 And... did you know I had a set of twins?   sometimes Jennifer and Bethany look so much like each other its funny.  there are almost 5 years between them though.  they were trying to make the same expression for this pic!

and my favorite pic of the day...

 spinning reindeer!
have poked around a bit digging through Christmas bins and putting a few things out.  I put the tree up the night before thanksgiving.  It'll take me a while to do the rest.. there is soooo much! just need to feel back to normal first!  gotta get better quick now!  torry pies birthday party is this coming weekend and it will also be bethanys birthday.  Plus, theres those bears and decorating, all that shopping and of course baking!   makes me exhausted just thinking about it all! LOL!
so off I go.   I need to do some blog hopping later today.  so hope to see you all out there!

Friday, November 28, 2014

urgent prayers update...

!!prayers requested!!
OK bloggy pals, while some of us are eating and enjoying our families, others are fighting for their lives.  Ive just heard from my sister Valerie and her husband has gone on full life support and is not doing well.  She stated that he is deteriorating.   She has asked us to pray for a miracle.  Please pass this on and share with anyone you think would be willing to pray.
Lets Pray for a JOhns miracle.  
thank you!
Valerie and John have only been married a few years.. her previous husband who she also adored died of cancer.
I just cant imagine her going through this again.
please keep them in your prayers.
thank you my friends! 

thank you for your prayers, but John passed away this morning.  please keep my sister in your prayers at this time if you think of it.
thanks again bloggy friends.