Monday, June 6, 2011

jabbering.. but some important questions..

candy stick favors
I feel like Ive neglected my blog this past week. I had four days off from work and have just been busy I guess. though, I've been here checking out all of your blogs everyday, just didnt get around to posting myself! Truthfully, sometimes after I've been on the computer reading your blogs and then checking out Flickr and facebook, I end up tired of sitting here and then just have to find something else to do.
seed packet favors 1
I wanted to thank you all for all the great ideas you gave me for the seed packets. I really was at a loss as to what to do with them. Originally, I had an idea, but didnt like the way they were turning out. Im not sure who said I should do them the way I package the gifts and swaps I make, but thats what I ended up doing. Plus my daughter sent me some pics of cutest ever little seed packets with paper flowers and tags. Regardless, it was a conglomeration of all of your ideas that inspired me to do anything at all.. because I was totally blank!! So, This is how they basically turned out, I still want to add the words, Love Grows on them.. or something similar. They are very simple. but what turned out really cute.. and was even more simple, was the candy sticks! arent they cute?? and they photograph well.. the seed packets I really couldnt get a good picture of.
candyfavors 2
well, I hope everyone has great week.. I will be busy getting ready for Jennifers shower on saturday. Lots to do and no time off this week.. I still havent even ordered the cake! maybe I should just make one... no, no time for that. I have no idea how many people will be coming to the shower.. we invited a lot of people, knowing that about 15 of them definitely wouldnt come because they were out of state. But Ive only heard back from 26 at this point that have rsvp'd that they are coming and about 10 that arent able to come. I cant complain about people that dont rsvp.. because I'm not good about it either. I'm going to plan on there being about 40 people there. I still have a couple invitations that didnt get mailed because I didnt have the right addresses.. I really need to call them and let them know that they are invited..
coffee filter flowers
(coffee filter flowers.. cant get a good pic!)
Ok.. question for you.. just because Im curious.. I'm trying to figure out if its just me or what...
I love showers, and I love giving gifts and even playing silly games. I am happy to be invited to them. I love sitting around with a bunch of women telling wedding and baby stories. And watching someone open a bunch of gifts.. am I an exception to the rule? I know some people who I'm almost afraid to invite because I know they dont like showers. Do you like going to showers? Do you feel like when you get invited to a shower its just about getting gifts? I wouldnt even care if that really was what its was all about. just wondering what your opinions are.. and also about the invitation list.. omg... how do you decide who to invite and who not to invite...? Very hard for us.. so we just invite everyone. And its not because we want their gifts.. Its because we love them, value their friendship and dont want to leave anyone out! (or because sometimes there are some people that you do just have to invite..)
anyways.. I hope youve read down this far and can give me your opinions.. because I really am wondering.
Oh, and one more question... My family is not very traditional.. (beth having baby out of wedlock, Jen getting married by JOP and then having a shower and getting remarried and having party.. and then Rob getting engaged.. then pregnant before married.. ) ARe people offended that they are asked to come to a shower in these instantances? Just curious girls and looking forward to reading your opinions.
OK.. sorry this is so long! Love yas and have a happy monday!


Kim K. said...

You've probably figured out from my blog that I love throwing parties. Any reason to decorate/craft makes me happy. I love showers...especially watching the honored guest open presents. I'm not thrilled with party games, but I'm a good sport. Your favors turned out just lovely. I knew they would. Have a great week. You are going to be one busy lady.

PS. I'm done teasing. The official treehouse tour is up with loads of pictures. Your teacakes would be welcome anytime.

ImagiMeri said...

First of all Viv, whatever you do or make is always amazing. I do "try" to attend baby showers and wedding showers if I'm particularly close to the honoree. However, I very rarely make it to those where I'm invited so the gift count will go up. I appreciate the ceremony and spirit in which the event is being celebrated, and for the most part, they are fun. When I throw one (actually any shower I throw) I try to make it as entertaining as possible for the guests by including fun games or treasure hunts. I wish you all the best for your event, and totally wish I was living close by and invited.

Have a great day,

Lirael said...

All babies should be welcome and I see no reason not to celebrate with the expecting mommy, whether she's married or not.
Showers are not that common in my country, but I'd love to go if anyone invited me.

Cindy said...

I love all kinds of celebrations also! I'm sure your friends would expect to be invited to the shower. Everyone knows that part of the reason for showers is the gifts, but it is also a way to congratulate the mom-to-be.

Your favors and decorations are so sweet. Have a good week and try not to stress too much :)

Paula Clare said...

Hi Viv!
I have been SORELY neglecting my own blog but have been faithfully reading everyone else's! You always crack me up with your creative "worries"..."will this be good enough?" "How does THIS look?" You are an inspired and wonderfully creative soul...whatEVER you make is always FAB! I LOVE IT!

I however, do NOT like showers. I LOVE the idea of a new mom/dad getting what they need for the baby. And I agree with Lirael that ANY baby is an occasion to be celebrated, however, (call it an occupational hazard that comes from listening to people and their worries all day) but I cannot endure showers of ANY kind. I don't like the games, I REALLY have a difficult time with the socializing, and I feel as though I'd MUCH rather just leave the gift at the door and RUN! (Which is what I usually do)I suppose my disdain comes from visiting too many of these "happy occasions" only to be "cornered" by someone in a "crisis" needing this or that. I end up "working" (as a counselor) and don't get to enjoy myself anyway. I feel like I'm the proverbial "wet blanket", but I suppose I have just learned the lesson the hard way. "Gift and run" is my favorite method of giving anyway. I would MUCH rather they (whoever THEY are) open the gift when I am NOT in their presence so I can find out their TRUE reaction to their gift (I either quiz someone in attendance or stand nearby to stalk them. lol) I guess I should have been the Easter bunny or Santa...leave 'em and RUN! I LOVE IT!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

The seed packages are so sweet I do love the photo of the candy sticks too!
Hard questions! It's a fine line...I think you should do what you want and they can come or not!

kathy said...

Dear friend --All you create is lovely --as it comes from a heart full of love --As for the shower -- children are a gift from God - to celebrate life is wonderful --whether it is family or friends .
Children are such a joy , and the love and pride we feel for them knows no bounds --HUgz -- KAthy - ga ♥

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I think the showers are nice. I love the pretty food, punch, decorations, and how the ladies are all dressed up. It is such a girly thing! Such fun for the girls to be able to get together. I am always so happy for the guest of honor, so I don't mind sitting and watching the gift opening. Brings back memories, and it is a happy, hopeful boost to the spirit to see someone young starting out, optimistic, excited, and surrounded by loved ones. It is a nice way to see old friends and family members too. I think it is kinda like a show of support for the new bride or mother.
On the other hand, if it is someone I don't really know very well, I will usually just not attend. Sitting with strangers for four hours isn't my idea of fun. I am still happy for the girl, but I have so many other things to do and my own family to spend time with. I would rather pick up a grandchild and spend some time with them making memories.
I love what you did with the seed packets. They turned out beautifully. I also love the coffee filter flowers. How did you get them colored? I am going to try some for my girlfriend's wedding this fall. I am matron of honor.
You mentioned nontraditional families. Well, my daughter (28) has been with her "fiance" for over nine years. They have a beautiful little house, filled with love, and my granddaughter who just turned eight, and my grandson who is four. My 2nd son, (26) also has a lovely home and an adorable little boy, almost four. They married last year. She just found out she is pregnant again, but we are crossing our fingers because she might possibly miscarry. I hope not. My eldest son (30) just eloped in Vegas last month. No children yet, but she has two girls. My youngest child, my 21-year-old son, is still at home with me, attending college. No wife, no children, no money for either so it better stay that way! So I guess that makes my family nontraditional too!
This is a 2nd marriage for my husband and I. We have been together since 1998. I'm too tired to subtract, sorry. He has three children, so we have seven between us. Either way, we have a wonderful family who love and support each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Take care,

Terri said...

With all the beautiful work you're putting into this shower....if someone comes and doesn't enjoy's there problem. I can't imagine any one not having fun with you. If you didn't care for the person you wouldn't invite them. Remember who the shower is for and make sure they have a ball! I just wish I had a grandchild. A shower would just be the extras cause mine would have the world! Maybe that's why I don't have one.LOL

Fran said...

WOW! sure is going to be a WONDERFUL FUN shower. I know it can't be any other way with your talent. Can't wait to see pictures of the shower. Your cupcakes are to die for and I know they taste as good as they look. MMMMM! making me hungry for a cupcake. :-)
<3 & ()'s

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Vivian! It's so fun to check in with your world. I can always expect something interesting to be going on and extra sweet cuteness in your grandbaby's smile. I love this seed package idea. I am nervously planning a wedding shower for TSG in August. All's quiet on this home front, hope your start to summer is going well. E

Diane Mars said...

Oh I love Wedding and Baby Showers too! It looks like your goodies are coming together. I love the favors jut the right touch. And don't be concerned with what others think, you have no idea what secrets lie in their family matters (: oxox, Diane

Julie said...

Keep it up girl.. you inspire ideas for others with your beautiful creations. As for traditions..while I think every baby diserves both a Mommy and a is always time to celebrate when a beautiful new life comes into our lives!!

Anonymous said...

As always, everything is cute!

If I like the people and they like me, I love to go to their functions--as many as they wish. I don't like it if I'm invited just for a gift. I have two friends who had a major falling out with me 30 years ago. I was very saddened by the rift. Over the years, I tried to reach out to them. One of them wanted nothing more to do with me, but the other one did friend me on Facebook last year. We aren't close, but at least there are no hard feelings any longer. This spring, I got invitations to both their son's high school graduations.

It annoys me that the one former friend can rebuff any relationship with me for 30 years and then she wants a gift for her son.

So, my answer is that I love being around people who enjoy my company. Not so wild about people who want nothing from me but a gift.


Michelle said...

My family is just about as traditional as they get, and yet we have had a shower or two is circumstances similiar to what you describe. But I always love going. Every baby should be celebrated! If the shower is for someone I care about I am there! I say invite and leave it to the individual, I hate the thought of leaving someone out!

Debby said...

I like showers.....all except the games. You can plan some really fun ones and if people don't want to come that is their option. Don't worry about being traditional. We live in different times. I agree with the others......a child is a gift from God and should be celebrated. You have alot to celebrate.

Barbara said...

the shower looks just lovely!!! and in my matter the circumstances surrounding the occasion....PARTY ON!

(just could squeeze those torrie cheekies!!!)