Monday, April 23, 2012


omg... I   f'd up my blog and I cant get it back the way it was.....
Im quiting!
I dont know what I did, I was playing with templates and now I cant get it back to what it was.  though, this is better then what it was a few minutes ago...
I hate when they change crap.. what is this stupid google chrome junk.. why is my foxfire or internet explorer not compatible with blogger now?   
argh.. eiy yie yie..
I guess this will work for now until I have patience to figure out how to get it back where it was.


Mica said...

what happened!!!!!????? Gosh, Is there anything I can help with..You can't quite! Hugs, Mica

Perfectly Printed said...

I have shabby blogspot too and yesterday had my daughter show me how to add buttons to my blog so I could do it myself and the whole thing went crazy!! I lost my followers when you viewed it and when you looked at the template it looked right! After several hours she figured it out... I'm with you, I just get used to one thing and they change it.
Please don't quit!
Best chris

RiverBend Farm said...

I totally agree! I'm afraid to hit ANY button! I can't find anything!

deborah said...

chrome is harmless.

come join the dark side.

there's cookies. xo

ps - if you want some company not liking the new format, go to the sea cottage. she's dealing with the change also and hers is a restful place.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I am so scared to try anything different...I don't want to jinx it. So I definitely know where you're coming from. lol!

Linda Keaveney said...

same thing happened to me a few weeks ago...I was out of my mind with panic!!!
luckily my son is a web designer, and he put it all back....
I had done the same"chrome" thingy..just wanted to have a look..and zap!!! everything gone!!!
don't mess with perfection, Viv..

Linda :o)

grammycarolynn (flickr) said...

Hang in there, Viv...I'm sure you can dance circles around my amateurish blog knowledge!
Carolynn xoxo

ImagiMeri said...

Don't give up sweetie. I sent you an email, check it out.

Love ya'

Nancy D said...

I really dislike the changes to blogger. I can't find anything. Why do they keep changing things that are already working fine?

My Vintage Mending said...

Now may not under any circumstances quit! I am not done having fun seeing all your lovely creations and watching all those babies grow...never mind those gorgeous kitties. So get back to work and fix this...OK...or I might just have to cry...smiles...Renee

Sandy Michelle said...

Yeah but google chrome is faster and the newer version of blogger allows you to post bigger photos- like the ones you see on type pad :)

Let me know if you need help. I'm a pro at it!


Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh Viv, I can totally relate. I hate computers and am not good on them. I have two sons who are computer science majors so you think I would be a little better, but no . . . I think my brain just doesn't get it. I'm surprised I can even post on my blog.
I wanted to thank you for the nice comment, it was very sweet. I love how my new studio is turning out and can't wait till it is done!
Hugs, and hang in there, you're not alone!!!

Grace said...

Hang in there sweetie! Don't let the bloggy monster eat you up. it looks pretty. Hugs Grace OOOOOOO

Jeanne said...

I had the same experience over the weekend with Blogger. I don't like the changes they made...mostly because I don't know what I am doing. My daughter has been using the new format for a while and she likes it better. I hope I can get used to it. Looks like the shower was a huge success!

Sandy said...


That is why I made a test blog, and I fiddle with that first....Blogger needs to be better about announcing changes and then giving tutorials on how the changes work! Gosh they tick me off!!!! And the fact that there is NO ONE to talk to doesn't help my feelings for them either....:(

Fran said...

When I came home from Las Vegas my blog was changed. I couldn't find out how to post at first but found it and still trying to figure out other stuff.
Luv & Hugs