Saturday, May 4, 2013


The weekend kicked off last night with a visit to see Marlaina, Tiffany and Rob.  I picked up Jen, Beth and Torry and we went for a little visit!  I love seeing both babies together.  they are soooo freaken cute!
 marla, torry and marla's doggys
I gotta admit though, that Torry wasnt as sweet to his little cousin as I would have liked him to be.  hes at that age when he thinks everything is his... "Mine.. mine ...mine"  even when they are Marlas toys.  but hes two.. and thats how two year olds are.  Plus sometimes he doesnt like to share his hugs and kisses and sometimes he hits....   and they ends up in time out.   I know... another two year old trait, that he will out grow.. but still not very nice behavior.
I still love the stuff'n out of him though!

caught yas!
Marla pie, on the other hand.. is pure sweetness!  hugs and cuddles for everyone.  and just freaken adorable besides!   I just love these babies to pieces!
so.. this morning.. Im heading to work on bears for a few hours.  Then I'm hooking up with my two besties for an afternoon of shopping and playing.  not sure where we're going yet.. but out and about where ever the day takes us!
The weather is supposed to be sunny and 75 both days this weekend and into next week.  
who could ask for anything more?  
Have a delightful weekend my friends!


Patti M said...

Vic you have the most adorable grand babies! Your weather sounds devine...It has rained for two solid days here and I am missing my Florida sunshine...have fun with your girlies...hugs...Patti M :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I always enjoy seeing new pictures of your sweet grandbabies. It's so nice how involved you are in their lives. Enjoy that perfect weather. My husband got his boat out of storage last night. He'll be stealing away from us girls for a few hours. I'm sure I'll find a few crafting/birthday projects to do in between laundry. Hugs!

Perfectly Printed said...

Have a great weekend! It sounds like it started off with a blast, visiting the darling kiddos! chris

Theresa said...

Oh those little ones are SO darn cute! Loving the piggy tails:) Have a blessed day dear friend, it is a rainy one here in Georgia! HUGS!

vintage grey said...

Pure cuteness indeed!! Have a beautiful and crafty weekend!! xo Heather

VintageBettys said...

Those babies sure are sweet! Grand babies can be so much fun! Enjoy your weekend!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

So adorable!! Love the freezie photo, Popsicles and freezies are universal for kids once the temperatures reach over 70-ish, non? Enjoy your weekend, look forward to seeing the finished bears?

Anonymous said...

Your grands are just adorable! Yep, 2 year olds are...two! In kindergarten, I spend lots of time listening to the worries of parents. I encourage them to love them to pieces, play with them as much as you can - because they DO grow up!

Fran said...

Your grandbabies aer ADORABLE! Real Cutie Pies.