Sunday, April 27, 2014

hello out there!!

 Here I am.. did ya miss me this week?  Im on cup of tea number 3 for this morning.  up since 4:30.. I know, how crazy is that.  woke up and just could not lie there any longer.  plus I woke up stiff and with a headache that still hasnt completely gone away.  And its taken me all of 3 hours to get unstiff! LOL!  yikes.. I think I'm getting old!  Ive got to do something about that...
Ive been so busy the last two weeks....  and today is the first day that I'll have had to myself in over a week.  not complaining.. Love my time with my family... but need my time alone too.   I have to admit I do get a little overwhelmed sometimes. ( I think that means I m getting old too....   !)
 Yesterday I started packing easter away.  See how Frannie helped?  she loves to climb into boxes and baskets.. well, I guess all cats do.  
I packed 4 bins full, I really do have some sort of obsession or ocd problem dont I?  lol.. oh yeah, my cousin calls it hyperdecoraphilia..  lol!   sometimes its not so funny though! 
 I had kept Marlaina over night on friday night and then bethany and torry came to see her yesterday morning.  then tiffany came .. and Robert was around working on a truck.. tiff and Marla stayed the day and for dinner.  Eventually Tony and violet showed up.  so I didnt get a whole lot done yesterday.  my house is a disaster!  so in a minute Im going to take a small overdose of tylenol  and then Im going to throw myself into cleaning up and redecorating the house for spring..  then I think I might go do a little shopping. 
I finally went to the dr this week for my messed up leg.  probably havent mentioned it here, but my leg (sort of behind my knee) has been bothering me for a couple months.  seemed to be gettting worse and was driving me insane this past week, so I finally went.  do you want to hear the story?  It'll take me forever to type it out.. but its sort of funny and creepy!  lol!
so.. my dr, who Ive had for 25 years.. is pretty lame.  hes about 70 and from india. Ive developed this thing where I do not want him to touch me.  I know, weird.   oh.. first let me tell you.. he thinks my name is Naomi.  always has called me that.  he must see my file says Neroni, Vivian and he just thinks it says Naomi.. or good grief, he has an accent, maybe all these years Ive just thought he was calling me Naomi.. maybe hes really calling me Neroni.  in any case, when ever I see him he is always happy to see me, always takes my hand in his and says, "Naomi, good to see you!"   I told him I was only there for my leg, but he needs to go through the whole routine, nose throat, ears.. blood pressure.. heart.. and I always end up with him pressing on my fat belly and feeling up the girls for a breast exam... which I freak'n hate!  grosses me out.  so of course he wants me to put a gown on so he can look at my legs....  you know those god awful paper pieces of crap that dont even fit around you unless youre a tooth pick which I am not.   So then he is behind me for the most part, and arguing with me that its sciatica.. which.. I know that it is not.  but its a weird pain that I can not explain.  however I also know that it is not the bone or the joint..  but in the end he wants to send me for an xray because he says that I have confused him.  that was after he was behind me for 15 minutes, probably checking out my fat butt ..  oy vey.. gives me the heebie jeebies!  lol!    
sooo, he wants to send me off with a slip for blood work and an xray and says to go ahead and get dressed and come out.    which I do.. but when I go to open the door, he is coming back in and says..  "go back in, I forgot to do something".   I say whats that?  he says... no lie, girls.. I swear to god, he says, "RECTAL EXAM"!   I said.. " uh uh, no freakn way..  we are not doing that.  Im out of here."  grabbed my slips and go.   wth was that?  are you kidding me?  LOL!!  
so at first I found the whole thing just funny and bizare, but now Im sort of disgusted by it.  how unprofessional.  and, Im not going back there.    He sees mostly old people there.. I dont know how I ever started going there anyways.  I think it was about 28 years ago.. soon after we moved out here.   he wont miss me...  besides, he doesnt even know my name! lol!
so that was my crazy dr story.
and now.. I guess I better get busy before the day gets away from me.
Happy Sunday girlie pies!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, I hope after all that you at least find out what is wrong with your leg, Vivian! LOL! : ) About 7 years ago, I started going to women doctors. I had a great one on Long Island {about my age} and then we moved. I have a new one here in Ohio {she's okay and just a few years younger than me}. I find they understand what/how I'm feeling better, whether physical or mental.

Blessed Serendipity said...

I hate going to the doctor too. Sorry about your experience. Hope you have a better day today.


Cindy said...

Oh Viv, you made me laugh! But I know that weird doctors are not really funny. I went to a cardiologist once who made me take off my bra off to listen to my heart. With no gown! I felt exposed and grossed out.
I hope you get some answers about you leg. And have a good day!

Stephanie said...

My doctor smells like an old, greasy sweater.

chris mckinley said...

Too funny! That is it's funny to read about, not funny when it's happening! I count my blessings my best friend is my doctor! Some might think its funny to have a friend exam an you and deliver your babies but we have a special bond!!! Hope you figure out what's wrong with your leg, AND find a good doctor!!!

suzeeez said...

Lisa said...

Ew, Viv - that doesn't sound right. Definitely go find yourself a new doctor.

You might have a baker's cyst behind your knee. You can usually feel it like a golf ball on the back side of your leg.

I hope you are feeling better. :)


Musings from Kim K. said...

You definitely need a new doctor. That's just WRONG on so many levels. I hope you do get a proper diagnosis. Goodness!

NanaDiana said...

OMG--I laughed right out loud through your whole dr experience. It is funny to us-not so funny for you...BUT what the heck is wrong with you that you didn't want a RECTAL EXAM? SO FUNNY!!!

Well, you deserve to be tired after your last few days. I think our families are a lot alike (good in some ways but you don't get much "down time")

Hope SOMEONE can figure out what is going on with your leg.

I switched to a female doctor-which I thought would be really weird-and she is the best doctor I have ever had...hands down...or up..or somewhere----don't want you to freak out about the hands

Have a great night- xo Diana

Sandy McClay said...

EEWWW! He sounds like a creep! lol Is the pain a Baker's Cyst maybe? They are a sac of fluid that builds up behind the knees...they can drain them but they come back...I have had a few with my RA....

If you spend a lot of time on your feet they can show up, I guess that is why it is called a Baker's Cyst...they are on their feel for long hours....

Hope it gets better and Viv, find a woman doctor! :):)

deltamiss said...

Oh,! Only you! Well, actually, not only YOU. My doctor insists on a breast exam every time I go, even if I go twice in one week. Lot's of boob guys in the profession, I guess.

I hope you find the cause of the leg pain soon. Can't have you limping through life!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Lordy, I'm unhappy with my doctor and need a new one too, it's just easier to keep going back to the old one, isn't it? Sounds like he figured since you were there he could bill your insurance for a complete physical if he included the rectal...yuck. OK, I'm finding a new one too, lol.

Cute photo. Have a good week and feel better! (hugs)

Jess said...

Get a new Dr...he is bilking the insurance company. Sorry, it is hard finding a new dr but he is not making any sense. I had a long fight with our hospital er regarding a preg check. I went in for kidney stones, they asked if I was pregnant before doing a cat scan. I said no, just finished period yesterday, had'mt had sex yet :), and had my tubes tied 20 years ago. They did one anyway and charged me 219 for it. I fought tooth and nail with them on that one. Just ticked me off. How much more non pregnant could I be?

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny but NOT funny! I had a doc like that but he finally retired! I hope you find a better one this time!
Feel better soon,

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Omg! That sounds like Dr Creepy for sure! Yuck, I would go find a new dr for sure. Lets focus dr! It's the knee! Hope to find out what it is. Go to an orthopedic dr and then ask them for a good Dr referal. Sounds like anyone would be more pleasant than that. My Dr is weird but not creepy.
Anyways, glad you have time with your family. My house is a mess. Had surgery and I am not surprised to do anything that could possibly strain it. So I am going nuts!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Wow Viv! I laughed so hard when you said he's been your doctor for 25 years..but calls you Naomi??? What the heck? lol
I'm sorry. It's really a shame that so many doctors don't have good people skills.
My Mom went to a chiropractor about a year ago, and the guy totally assaulted her. Like, he put himself behind her (to crack her back) and he pressed his "parts" hard against her. She reported it, and it turned out that there were some other incidents in the past. So they fired the guy. I'm so glad you're not gonna go to that guy again!
Erica :)

Sandy C said...

I would trust my instincts and never go back to him. In Canada breast exams are only done when you do a physical every year- not on a visit for something else!!! Also, gowns are only used if you're having an internal exam or X-ray done and we NEVER do rectal exams unless there is a serious reason for it. Gross!!! Anyway, I'm sending an email soon so check your in-box. Hugs!

Lynne said...

Do not return to him. Inappropriate, I think! Do have your leg/knee checked though . . . soon. And when you go to the next doctor, report your past experience ! Seriously!

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