Wednesday, June 4, 2014

G'morn' n!

good morning bloggy friends!  Looks like its going to be a lovely day today. and Im so glad because on a whim, I took today and tomorrow off.  No big great reason... just decided that i wanted to do a few things around home.   This picture above is from yesterday morning after it had rained all night.  makes my yard look so pretty doesnt it?  ;) at least from that view!  lol!   
so we did make it to the beach over the weekend, on sunday.  it was a beautiful day.  the weather was perfect... there was a cool breeze that made sitting in the sun quite comfortable, which is perfect for getting sunburned! lol... which I did.   but we kept the babys all sunscreened up and not any burns on any of them!

The water was too cold to go in, the news reported lake ontario at about 48 degrees.  I put my feet in several times to get buckets filled with water and I have to say it was almost painful!  there were no life guards on duty and no swimming was allowed anyways.   but see that little Marla... I have to tell you, she would go in that water in a heart beat..  she is freak'n fearless!  God, I just love her to pieces!  well, I love them all to pieces!

The kids had fun playing in the sand, though I could tell Torry was not feeling 100%.  He enjoyed himself regardless.  as it turns out, Beth took him to the dr yesterday afternoon and he had a 102 temp and a respiratory infection..    heehee.. respira... torry.. infection.  sorry.. just saw that and couldnt help myself!  In any case, he is now on an antibiotic and lucky him, Grammie pie just happens to have the next two days off, so he will camp out here today.  I have to pick him up in a bit, and we will go to the store to get some popsicles and stuff to make tacos.  he loves tacos!

Then of course we have little sweet violet.  When this girl learns to talk, I think she will have a lot to say.  You should hear her now.  shes talk'n 'bout sumthin!  we just dont know what it is. 
Im looking forward to more beach days with my babies... in fact maybe even this coming weekend we can squeeze one in.    or.. maybe I should go by myself and really just relax! LOL!
So my plans for today are to keep Torry happy, to work on bear orders and to start putting out my patriotic decorations.  
Thats all for now folks!


Theresa said...

Little ones on the beach are just precious! I love the sun and sand! Enjoy your days off dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Margaret said...

What a great weekend! Enjoy your days off and have fun putting out the patriotic stuff :) Maggie

Musings from Kim K. said...

What a great day at the beach! Darling pics. Enjoy your next two days! When we were at Lake MI on the 24th, the water temps were in the 40s. I fear with all the ice on the lakes this year, it's going to be a chilly swimming season. Can't wait to see your patriotic decorations.

vintage grey said...

Aww, sweet pics and looks like a fun day!! Enjoy your days off!! xo Heather

Susie said...

Beautiful babies. I know you love them to pieces. It is scary a round water , got to watch them like a hawk. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Lisa said...

I hope Torry is feeling better very soon. Those babies are growing up FAST! How fun they are. ;)
Enjoy your time off!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

You have such cute baby-pies! Wow, that is cold water, can't imagine going in. Lokks like they enjoyed great beach fun though. Pretty yard! :)

Patti said...

My son was the same way, he'd swim in ice water if he could have! Your little ones are precious! Must be all that Grammie lovin!

NanaDiana said...

I love how much you love your grands, Viv! They are so beautiful and so special. Each one has that little "thing" about them that makes you just adore them more. We love the beach, too-especially big water beaches. You are close to Lake Ontario? I guess I don't know where you live....xoDiana