Monday, August 3, 2015

I have issues!!

Here I am!!!  Ive been lost!  computer decided to have big issues..   seems that I might have lost everything on it.  I could still access the internet though!  thank you lord!  but Ive had to find new ways around to my blog and flickr.. and its been frustrating.  The biggest issue was that I could not access my photos or upload new ones off my camera...  But Ive been able to use my phone to upload to facebook and instagram.    
Finally this morning I realized that I could upload from my phone right to flickr!  which means I am back in business here!  wooo freaken hooo!  The pics are of a lesser quality and I cant access pic monkey to edit them.. but I can edit a little right on my phone and through flickr.    So I guess this will do!  Im just glad that I finally realized how to do it!  
Mom aunt deb Sara and lou
so what have I been doing the last two weeks?  oh you know.. going to the beach as much as possible..  working as little as possible..  and visiting with my family.  My mom came up from Florida, and my aunts were up from Delaware and Illinois and my sister from Missouri.   My sister stayed here for a few days and it was nice to see her.  her husband died this past year, so it was good for her to get away for a bit.   I also got to see my niece Sara and great niece Lexi lou!  I had nice visits with everyone.  I just wish they all didnt live so far away.. or that I like to travel...  (I hate to travel!)
With some fam
(me and my mom)
we ate a lot and chit chatted the hours away.  I do love my family... crazy as they all are.  They are all pretty dang precious.

(my sister Val)
I took my sister to the beach two days in a row.. she loves it as much as I do!  go figure.  She told me that they dont have any beaches near her, so she goes to a public pool. 

Found this on my phone!  Lol
I had grandbabies over night two different nights.  I kept violet and Scarlett one night.  violet is a nut.  she woke up in the night and just talked and sang to herself for 2 hours!  lol!!!  
And Torry had been really wanting to spend the night badly, so I had him overnight saturday night this past weekend.    I dont mind having them over night.. its the mornings that are hard for me.  I get up at 5:00 and I like that peace and quiet time.  Everytime I have a grandpie here in the morning.. it takes me out of my routine and then I forget to feed the animals or forget to take my pills... and I dont function right the whole day then!  lol!   but I love my pies!
OK.. so I will try to get caught up with you all.   I have been so frustrated by the computer that I havent even read any blogs, which I could have done.  I was thinking I was going to have to give up blogging altogether! lol!! but nah, here I am!
have a great day my little friends!! 


Theresa said...

What a fun time with the family:) I know the frustrating time with the computer makes you want to throw up you hands and quit... BUT don't you dare EVEN think about that! Happy to hear that you found a way to make it happen! Have a blessed and fun day dear Viv, HUGS!

Stephanie said...

It just take us old folks a little longer to figure these things out, that's all. I threaten to hurl my computer out the window on a daily basis. Welcome back!!

Lynn said...

Computers are great... when they work! Looks like you're having a fun summer-enjoy:@)

Marlynne said...

Oh! I have a fear of that happening to me! I would have to call the grand daughter for help for sure!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm glad you are back in business with the blog. Thank goodness for work arounds. Keep loving up the family and those beautiful grands!!!

Patti said...

It's good to hear from you Viv. YOU have SO MUCH fun! Your family probably adores coming to visit you!!! Oh gosh - I loved my old laptop. This new one is mean to me.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Hi Viv, Glad you are back. Yuck computer issues. I still don't like my computer that I got a year ago, lol. Hope yours works out. Keep having that family fun! :)

Margaret said...

happy to see you posting! Maggie

Beth said...

Glad to see your posts, I hate computer issues and are having a few of my own. It looks like you had fun with your family. I love your beach photos and I'm always trying to figure out what beach your at. I think you might live near my sister but I may be wrong. I look forward to seeing future posts.

NanaDiana said...

Glad you got your computer back. Just popping in to say hi. Great to see your Mom and sister and those sweet babies here. Hope you have a great week. Summer is just flying by- xo Diana

Susan Clayton said...

Glad to see you enjoying summer. I hate when anything changes on my PC or phone. Every update seems to bring new problems. By the time I sort it all out - time for a new update!
Good wishes for a happy rest of the beach season!

Denise said...

I have missed visiting with You, came across Your blog again through one of Our mutual friends, it was good catching up on Your life happenings and meeting Your family.Hoping to visit more often,please jump on over for a chat and a cup any time-Denise. PS-Still after all these Years, I'm following You.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Where the heck are you Viv? You have to get a new computer so you can blog.

Sign me, "missing you bunches". Hugs, Pam

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