Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is it time yet? is it too early???

Happy September 1st!!
I had been dying to do some Halloween crafting.  I was on my way home from our lake vacation and my friend Brenda even before I got home to see if she was available to play the next day and she was!  Brenda's one of my besties and she loves Halloween too.  I always love when I find someone that loves it as much as I do and goes over the top with decorating.   Makes me feel normal!  LOL!!  (I am so not normal..  lol!)   

So the next day she came over and she and figgy and I spent a few hours playing with wool and had a lovely afternoon chatting and creating!  And she took me to lunch at our local little ice cream  hamburg joint!

heehee.. isn't figgy adorable?  he is never far from me when I am at home.  He is in fact sitting right in front of me on my desk right now blocking me from my tea.. darn it!

So this is what we made,  pumpkin girls and their black cats.  so cute!

This one is Brenda's.  I liked the nose on her cat better then the pompom I had on mine so after she left I kept playing around with mine and changed it up some.

This is how it ended up!  I made cute little woolie flowers.  I think they turned out really cute....  Now I cant wait to decorate for Halloween. 

soooo.. do you want to know how obsessed I am?   a girl on instagram posted a couple pics of items she found at the Christmas tree store.  as soon as I saw them I knew I had to go there the next day.  I woke up thinking about them... and was so tempted to take the morning off to go get them!  but I was good and worked through the day and then made a beeline straight there after work!   The Christmas tree store is a little over an hour away, but so is every where else I go!  lol!  I'm so glad I went.. I love these things!  and they are huge.  the issue now is..  where in the heck are they going to go?   LOL!!
Its September 1st.. do you think its too early to start decorating for Halloween?  I was going to wait til next weekend and even thought that might be too early.  I was going to clean my craft room and the upstairs this weekend.. but now I'm thinking maybe I would do that the other way around....   hmmmm...  what do you think??  
I think I have a ton of cute halloween stuff and the sooner it comes out the sooner and the longer I can enjoy it.  
yup.. thats what Im thinking...
okeedokie..   gotta go.. 
have a great day!


Brenda Radzinski said...

I love crafting with you! After Labor Day, I am going to start putting out Fall decorations. Do what makes you happy!

Happy@Home said...

Adorable Halloween friends you have created. It would be a shame to hide them away until October. So, by all means, keep them out and enjoy them.

Susie said...

Vivian, I love the things you and Brenda made. Yes, there's nothing as fun as having a crafting pal. My granddaughter Emma used to be she's growing up and wants to be with friends...waaa. I miss her. I have 4 sisters and none have the same interest . I like your cat too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Stephanie said...

I would do the clean up first and reward myself with the decorating after that! It's never too early to fill your home with the things you love--and if the Halloween decorations have spider webs on them by October 31, it will just enhance the spooky effect. Right? Steph

Cindy said...

I love the things you made and the new things! I say do what you feel like doing! I have been contemplating on when to put out fall stuff. After Labor Day, I'm guessing. Have a good time playing with your Halloween goodies!

Lynn said...

It's never too early-Have Fun:@)

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Such cute pumpkin girls and cats! I say do what makes you happy, life's too short. I won't decorate yet, still too hot and summery here, with a tropical storm coming Saturday. But not too soon to start crafting! I started painting clothespins for the witch peg dolls I'm going to make lol.

Figgy is so beautiful, what a sweet girl to follow you around, and block your tea lol. :)


Go for it, Viv! You make the greatest things for the holidays, so why not enjoy them as long as you can! Oh those kitties!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O Man! You're asking the WRONG PERSON! I would keep my skellies up all year except then they wouldn't be so special in the fall. I switched my geraniums on the front deck for mums. I have had my crows out for a month, though I'm thinking I can just keep them out forever since I love them so much. I bought some little Knick Knack Halloween items at Joann so they are on a shelf already. I guess you could say I started. But I don't go full blown with lights and all until the end of September.

Love all your Halloween crafty things. Gosh you are lucky to have a friend to share the fun with.

I give you permission to start now.
xx, Carol

Marlynne said...

Oh your pumpkin head critters and black cats are darling! I can feel how excited you were! Creating is in our blood for sure! No it's not to early! I've got mine about done! We have to do it early because we do Christmas early!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Love it all - it is never too early or too late to craft haha!

Summer said...

Cute cat! And your crafts are pretty too ♥

Cranberry Morning said...

What cute, cute fallish creations! Your Figgy is just like Tuppence, always wanting to lying right on top of anything I'm working on. I haven't done a single thing to decorate for fall, but I do still have some Christmas decorations sitting around from last year. Isn't that pathetic! I need to get those put away and get on the Fall bandwagon! I hope your post will inspire me to do so. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping in at CranberryMorning. So nice to hear from you. xo

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Great job on the pumpkin girls and the kitties. It is so much fun to craft something with a friend. I know you had fun. Get the decor out and enjoy it!