Sunday, November 13, 2016

turkey talk

gobble gobble gobble!  have you been to TArget and did you see the cute thanksgiving plates?  well if you did, in the set up around them you may have seen the little packet of turkey heads and feathers that are meant to make place cards.  I original bought a pack for my grandpies to make the place cards, but then realized there were only enough for 10 in a pack.  And there are way more of us then that.  so I bought something else for the kids to make and I made these little turkeys instead!

I painted small styrofoam balls brown and poked the feathers into the back of the balls then glued the heads on with hot glue.  Then I added pipe cleaner hooks to hang them by and tied them onto a little orange tinsel garland with some twine.   I think they turned out really cute!  they are pretty simple-ish.. nothing fancy.  but I think they are just right.  I would have liked to come up with a different way to attach them to the garland. but I was doing this at 4:30 this morning! lol!  (I know.. nuts.. right?)

The holidays are coming up so fast now aren't they?   Thanksgiving is only like 11 days away, And Christmas is about 42 sleeps away!  I don't really count weeks, or days.. I really count paydays.. and there are 3 of them! lol!   We also have 5 birthdays before Christmas.  Well Marlaina's is technically right after Christmas, but we are doing it a few weeks before.  which is a good idea.  Both big Torry and little Torry have birthdays coming up, Robert just had one, but his "party" is this Friday.  and Bethany's is in a couple weeks.  Hopefully, I'm not forgetting anyone! lol!!

So whats everyones plans for Thanksgiving?  whose cooking, whose having company, and whats everyone making?    dinners here at 4:00 on thanksgiving.  and I'm cooking the works.  I could go for a turkey dinner right now! lol!  I should probably go buy a turkey soon..  I want to make sure I get a huge one.  and I suppose I should clean out the freezer a bit to make room for one!
Okeedokie bloggy pies...  I think I'm going to run to wally world..   I need a few things.  its finally late enough for me to go.. I got up at 4:13 this morning..    and its 7:08 right now, so I think I shall throw some clothes on, comb my hair, brush my teeth and run!    have a great day! 


Margaret said...

Good Morning! I missed those turkeys in Target and considering we have 3 Targets within 5 miles of my house, I should find them, right? I'll be hosting Thanksgiving but we are a small group only 7 possibly 9 but most likely 7 and I still do a 20lb turkey and all the trimmings! I love leftovers. Enjoy your day! Sending you a big hug!

Happy@Home said...

The Target turkeys are adorable. We'll be going to my sister-in-law's house. Our group is getting smaller and smaller. I love all of your Thanksgiving decorations.

NanaDiana said...

Those are really cute, Viv. I love your sense of whimsey and the way you have that sense of childhood wonder and love about everything you do. We have a houseful for Thanksgiving. About 20, I think. I do all the cooking and am praying someone else will do the clean up. lol

I have to ask you -what are those four yellow squarish things on the ledge there? ARe they spice boxes? Whatever they are I love them.

Hope you have a really good week. You have been a busy gal. Are you making teddy bears for people again this year? xoDiana

Cindy said...

Cute turkeys! I like seeing all of your holiday decor - no matter the holiday!

I am making dinner this year. Our oldest son and his girlfriend can't be here because of work, so it will just be 5 adults and the 4 grandkids. It will still be a circus! But not as much as yours!LOL!

Have a great week, friend!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gosh I LOVE that Turkey Garland!! I celebrate Indians at my house. At 65, I think I am destined to do the bird every year until I'm gone. Since we are all adults now, I have simplified the day and made it casual, but still making my traditional meal. It's all about the GATHERING and promoting a peaceful, thankful day.
xx, Carol

Theresa said...

Those little turkeys are PRECIOUS! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!