Monday, December 12, 2016

a little quickie post!

 Hello Hello Hello!!  where oh where have I been??   I don't know..  I guess Ive been working and shopping and shopping and working!  and I have been crafting a bit too .  I finished up all of my orders and was suddenly free this weekend to make something that I wanted to make for myself!    
On thanksgiving, I took the pics above of the kids.  it took a lot of bribing.. and possibly rice krispi treats were involved! They really just don't like to have their pics taken.. unless its their idea!  lol!  poor things.. I'm always sticking the camera in their cute little faces. but they are just so cute, I cant help it. 

so, I took the pictures, edited them to black and white, gave them pink cheeks and noses and then took my little savey stick thing to rite aid and made copies of the photos..  came home, cut them out and dressed them up!  this time I painted and cut out their legs and feet.  at first I wasn't super thrilled with them, but by the time they were all finished I was pretty happy with them.   And then...... 

 I did this!  I was trying to decide what to do with them..  They were a little too big to be ornaments on the tree, so I hung them on a garland instead!  And this, I love! I'll be adding two more little elves this week..  I need Ella and Carson elves to go with them!  I have other plans with these photos as well, but I cant say what.. just in case one of my family members reads this..  I don't think they do.. but you never know!

So what do you think of this?  this is a picture of Torry that was taken and posted on the Orleans Hub.. an online Newspaper for our county.   Isn't this just awesome?  doesn't it look like a little boy in awe of the christmas trees?  Our town has a little park with about 60 trees that people and agencies decorate.  Anyways, Bethany took Torry to see them and the photographer  caught this pose!  So then Bethany tells me the truth behind the photo.  She said that she was actually on the other side of the tree telling him to get over there and he wasn't listening to her.  He was getting in trouble!  lol! She didn't know someone was taking the photo until it was posted and people were asking her if that was him! lol!  anyways.. the back story just makes it funny I think.  but I love the photo.    he looks like a little boy in contemplation of the beauty of Christmas! LOL!!  
speaking of Torry, we had his little birthday party here last night!
here's a little collage of pics from last night.. taken with my phone.. not very good photos.. but it is what it is!  

oyvey.. I am sooo tired tonight!  I just keep waking up so darn early.  today was at 3:45.  I stayed in bed til 5:00.. but I was not comfortable.  I need to stay up til 11:00 so I sleep until 5:00.. but when I wake up that early.. I'm ready to fall asleep at about 9:30!
Okeedokie..  Ive got to run.  I need to do some blog reading!  see you there!  Have a great night my friends!


Theresa said...

OH MY GOSH, that is THE most precious garland! What a great idea:) Enjoy your day dear friend and get a nap when you can! HUGS!

Lynn said...

Too stinkin' cute! Your garland is really cool:@)

Margaret said...

I love that garland! You do know that someday when I have grandkids I will be doing all these awesome things you do. So you are actually inspiring me for the future! That picture of Torry is truly magical. No other words for it--MAGICAL! I'm humming the song from Polar Express as I look at it!

Susie said...

Viv, I absolutely love your garland. I think it's so clever and cute. I wish I had done that with all my most are grown. Maybe I can do the two greatgrands. LOL. Blessings to you, please get yourself some rest...gotta take care of yourself..for all the others. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Sweet, sweet garland! I love their legs too, lol. Great story about Torry. He looks like he could be in a christmas movie standing there. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I just love your garland. It's precious and so very clever. That picture of Torry is just fantastic and I love the backstory behind the picture. Smile. I can't believe how close we are to Christmas now. Scary close! I'm not ready!

martha brown said...

Your little elves are adorable, Viv! Happy Holidays, my friend, I miss you!!!