Monday, February 13, 2017

happy day before valentines day!

 So.. I'm pretty sure I lost track of a bunch of the valentine photos that people were sending me.  We ended up with 27 girls in the swap. And I believe everything went off without a hitch.. which is pure luck.. it doesn't always happen that way.   believe me... that's part of the reason I quit hosting and doing swaps..  anyways.. this one worked out well.  (I only got one teeny weeny complaint.)   I think all swaps have been completed or are in the mail.. probably the only hold ups are the too and from Canada ones.. and that's mine and my friend Martha's.. so I think we're all good!
 I'm sorry but I did not try to match names to photos..  the photos came to me through email, facebook and phone..   I just tried to collect them all in one place and then made them into collages.  I am soooo very sorry if you sent me photos and you don't see them here.  I am truly not as organized as I used to be!  lol!
 Its always fun to receive special treats in the mail for any occasion or no occasion at all!   It looks like everyone that joined it received a nice package and that was the plan!  
Cant believe that Valentines day is tomorrow...   not sure what I will do with my house.. there's such a long way between now and Easter!  lol!  
OKeedokie girls!  that's all for now.. I hope everyone has a great day!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

This was such a fun swap Viv! Love seeing the photos. Glad all went off without a hitch, thanks so much for hosting.

Happy Valentines Day! <3

Cindy said...

Thanks for hosting this fun swap!

Leslie said...

Wow, you were busy. Looks like fun! Happy pre Valentines day!!!!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Gosh! It's so fun to see what everyone made! So many talented people. Thank you for sound this. I know it is a lot and you are very appreciated. Happy Valentine's Viv!

Lynn said...

So cute! Looks like everyone had fun-Happy Valentine's Day:@)

suzeeez said...

Happy Valentines Day !

Rosemary said...

i hope mine comes soon :( Since todays valentines day and i didnt get it yet

G Dazeez said...

THANK YOU for hosting this fun Valentine Swap! I had so much fun gathering and creating for my Valentine Pal! Then I received such a great package in the mail! So nice to get some pretties in the mail! I loved it! Hope everyone has a great VALENTINE'S DAY! I sure did! Thank you Debbie in California! I loved everything you sent me. Thank you for being so kind!

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Bohemian said...

The Pole Dancing Donkey made me laugh hard enough to almost spill my drink on the keyboard! Hilarious and Adorable! Your Creativity is so Impressive! Dawn... The Bohemian

Nina Jo said...

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