Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where do all my pictures go?

OK.. I have "successfully" uploaded 3 or 4 pictures now.. but where did they go? Good Grief.. I must be dumber then a box of rocks!

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HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello, well i will help you here if not, email me it maybe easier to walk you thru.. first after you log in go to your dashboard see if you got messagges ,read and click to post in your posting if you have a firewall it may block them ,mine does, so have to turn it off while on my blog..that will be in the bottom of your task back to pictures in posts, there is a bunch of icons on your little post box,one is for pictures, click it a box pops up to your computer picture file ,click on the picture you want in will load then you have a choice of styles to how you want in your post. side bar on your template page you can change colors fonts,and the side has add a page element click it go to the picture and add your picture,click save and view ..the header is the same take a picture you like or whatever and your lettering..argh.. just email me and i will help you!!