Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm off Im off.. to Niagara art sisters retreat!

Hi all! running around like a crazy women trying to get ready to go to our Niagara ARt sisters retreat! still have to pack! But I'll do that in the morning. Im so excited to be going to play at Niagara on the lake for the weekend with some really fun and creative women! I have may swappies done and wrapped and cant wait to give them to the girls ! I have some baking to do in the morning and I want to clean up the house a little before I go too. I'll be back sunday with some fun pics! until then, heres some pictures from our memorial day picnic at the lake! I'll be doingvLOTS of blog hopping next week.. Ive gotten behind again the last few days.
OH!! and please say a little prayer that Frannie will wait til I get home to have her kittens.... She is huge!
Isnt my lake beautiful?? Lake ONtario (NY)
silly daughters and I
Bethany, Torrie and Jennifer.. (sorry torrey.. I can never remember how you spell your name!lol) I think its cute that my daughter and he wonderful sweet boyfriend read my blog!

lake napping!

If you enlarge this picture, you can see the little amish kids that were at the lake swimming in their clothing!



and family!

Bethany entertaining the old men! lol!

amish children spying on someone in the outhouse! lol!

Torrie avoiding the sun! and if you look in the background there are more amish picnicing and you can see one of the buggies. There were about 20 amish families having a big cookout and party at the lake. They were swimming and playing baseball. It was hot out though, to be wearing all the clothing that they wear.

One of my kitchen windows.
See yous on sunday! have a wonderful weekend.. Im going too!


Cheryl said...

I'm sure your going to have a blast!! How exciting!

Persuaded said...

Have fun viv!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Niagra on the Lake will be rocking this weekend I'm sure. Have fun...can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

Jackie said...

Oh my dished out the best medicine for me this morning! I needed a good helping of music and it is a beautiful morning!

This was really a treat to see the Amish and all those that you love. You've once again inspired me to get happy and stay happy. I can hardly wait to see pictures next week of the retreat.

Happy thoughts sent your way!


kathy said...

SWeet VIVVY !! OH glad you and friends and family had a great time -- looked lovely , our family also loves lakes and picknics and the mtns -- GIve a HUG to the Niagara girls-- Take lots of pics -- KAthy - ga ♥
ps I have a raggedy collection also -- need to get it displayed again --so love Red , white and blue --

barbara burkard said...

Have a fantastic time!!!!! Can't wait til you get see the adventure....!!!! We are heading to Gurnee Mills outlet today in Illinois...

And i'm going to go to ART-IS-YOU in CT. in OCTOBER!!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Viv,

Wow, sounds like you're gonna' have an awesome time! I sure wish I could afford to go to a lot of the seminars and crafting shindigs all over the country. It would be so fun, maybe I'll just have to host one instead......

Have a great time and craft your little heart out.


Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I can tell you right now I would adore meeting your wonderful family. You are all very vivacious, my family is soooooo quiet! I think I must plan a trip to your beautiful lake one day for sure. Have fun with the girls. I can't wait to see your swaps. Creative friend, I just adore you! Elizabeth

Kai said...

GREAT Memorial Day pictures! Thanks for sharing! And, HAVE THE BEST, BEST TIME in Niagara, VIV! We all want to see LOADS of photos so we can oooooh! & aaaaah! and wish WE'D all been there with you! And tell Frannie to hold her horses (well, her KITTENS) till you get back! Love you!

Fran said...

What FUN you are going to have. Have a BLAST!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Tam Hess said...

What fun! Our Portland Oregon rain is not good for fun picnics or anything outside. After seeing all your wonderful pictures I really can't wait for our summer to begin. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

WOOOOOOO I know you will have a great time. Loved all the pictures from the picnic. Looks like everyone had an awesome time....hugs...m...

Cathy said...


Nothing like a weekend crafting and creating with the girls. I hope you have a wonderful time (I know you will).

Can't wait to see all the pics when you get home!

Have a ball baby cakes.

xo Cathy

Susan said...

Have a wonderful retreat! Cant wait to hear all about it.

martha brown said...

I miss you already! I had a fabulous time this weekend, Vivian! I can't wait to see you girls again.... but for now, I'm off to report cards....
p.s thank you for your super fun birdie gift and for teaching me to needle felt. It was SO FUN. Ray said that he'll drive me down to visit you any time!

Little Lovables said...

have fun! looks like you (and the amish kids) and a great time!