Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more niagara.... pics! long!!

Our first day there, was all about hanging out, getting dinner and then the serious stuff.. PRESENTS!! Everyone made something special for a "blind" swap. we didnt know who would get our gift! Everyone out did themselves and we all went away happily skipping and singing!!

There were other gifties besides these swappies.. everyone brought things for each other! Look at all the sweet amazing little things! Check out Amys blog because she explains and shows who brought what!
It really was fun getting all these presents!! Kind of like Christmas, or your birthday!!
IN the first pic above, Sandy recieved the most awesome vintage purse covered in a ton of sweet old buttons and trinkets from the amazing AMy! and it was filled with sweet things you would find in an old lady's purse!
And in the picture directly above you can see the most precious ruffled bag that I got from Sandy! thank you Sandy, I love it! Here Jenny recieved a gorgeous bead egg filled wired nest necklace from the talented Maija! I love her necklace, It has the sweetest tiny little pinecone bead on it. ('scuse my poor photography!!)
Maija recieved this great apron from our superseamstress M is for Martha! (this picture doesnt do it justice and Maija wore it through out the weekend.. soo cute!
Martha recieved a beautiful bird in a nest collage made by my dear and oh so creative friend Natalea.
Natalea almost wet herself I think when she opened on of Jennys lollidolls, from our beautiful and talented miss Jenn !
And the adorable Amy recieved the felted dove pinkeep that I made!
So after an evening of gifties and staying up yakking half the night we got up bright and early (7:30)! and Jenny made up these scrumpulicious crepes! OMG!! I totally blew my diet this weekend!
As soon as we cleaned up from breakfast we got busy creating! And we had a great day first making needlefelted nests and birds and then making the sweetest little blue birdie swings! I really cant think of any better way to spend a day or weekend, then crafting with girls that feel just the same way about creating things as you do!

Arent these just freaken adorable!!?? this was Jennys project that she taught us.

I taught the needle felting , though most everyone had tried it before.
Look at Amys little blue bird above! omg cute!

these are the needle felted nests that natalea made!

Later that evening, some of us hung out in the kitchen with our PJs on needle felting little bears, kitties and birdies! These are the bears we made. When we were done, we did another little swap and we all gave our little felted friends away! Jenny gave me her tiny little pink bear! and look at the big pink bear.. made by amy! how stinking cute is that?? She gave hers to Maija and I gave the brown one to amy!
This is the little felted bird I made and I gave him to Jenny!

♥Martha , natalea and Sandy♥
Oops.. out of order pics.. these are from the first night when we went out to dinner...
arent they all lovely??

♥ Maija adn Martha♥

♥me and darling Amy♥

nat and sandy

and mother Maija being goosed by mister mouse!
yeah, I think she liked it!!
I am still unbelievebly tired, which is so unlike me, but I believe I'm coming down with a cold!

OK.. lets just get it over and done with because in 10 days I leave for ocean city maryland for a week of fun on the beach with 5 other girlfriends!!

for now, Im off to make a milkshake for Robby and I and then Ive got to do some blog hopping! so see you at your place soon!
love yas darlings!

Arent they the freaken cutest things in teh world!!!


Maija said...

It was fabulous!! Thanks for the lesson on needle felting- you felt like a rockstar!!!
Congrats on the new babies!
You look fabulously amazing Vivi- keep up the great work!!!

Lori said...

Viv, it all looks so amazing...and super fun!!! i love the hanging bird's that Jenny taught you all to make...and the little felted bears are totally adorable!!!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

oh my what fabulous fun! i have missed you Viv...looks like you have been a busy gal! Hugs!

A Vintage Chic said...

What a wonderful time you had! Such lovely, perfect gifts....LOVED the needle-felted birdies & perches you all made--they're fabulous! And your new kitties are SOOOO adorable! Hope you're having a wonderful night!


Sandy Michelle said...

I enjoyed your class so much and might start needle felting regularly! I had to wince when I saw the nasty pix of! Get some rest skinny biatch!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Awesome!!!!! Wish I had one of the crepes..m...

Katsui Jewelry said...

I am just loving the rehashing of this weekend. You are all so marvelously talented and creative and just genuinely nice people!

Kai said...

Thank you for sharing so much fun stuff, Viv! It made me feel as tho' I got to be there, too! Such adorable goodies and such sweet, pretty ladies! Now get some serious R&R so you can be revived for your NEXT fun time! LOVE YOU!

Jingle said...

This looks like an absolutely amazing time with artful friends! I wish I had a group like this around me to hang out with!

Scrap for Joy said...

Happiness is just shining off of your faces! I love the pictures when you are all creating together...what a dream trip!
I am lusting for the ruffled's gorgeous!
Needle felting is on my bucket list. Want to come to Pittsburgh and teach me?
Get some rest!

Jackie said...

I am so overwhelmed now with cute and I'm so heart just kept beating faster and rolled out the ultimate cute adventure.

You are a great example to me of keeping joy in everyday and living life to the fullest. I needed this medicine today...usually I'm pretty good about being happy but there's been a few bumps and potholes in the last couple of weeks and I needed this good medicine today.

I'm off to the antique shop and craft mart myself are having WAY too much fun...tee hee...keep it coming!

Thanks for coming to visit me Viv! Faithful you are!

Gina2424 said...

Ocean City, MD? In my back yard!! Well, a couple hours. I was just there last Sat. Everyone from here goes there. When they say "to the beach," that's where it is. Wish I was ready for a kitty- how sweet they are!
Oh my gosh, I am so JEALOUS (isn't that terrible?) of your retreat- everyone is SO talented. And I would love to learn to needle felt!

Fran said...

WOW! Looks like you girls had lots of fun. Wonderful creations you girls made. What FUN!

barbara burkard said...

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! WHAT WHAT WHAT FUN!!!! you are ALL sooooo cute!!!

and look at those babies!!!! wow!

Debby said...

What a fun weekend! So great to be able to hook-up with our art friends. The photos are awesome, thanks for sharing.

Whimsical Creations said...

Looks like an amazing trip!! Everyone's creations look beautiful!!

martha brown said...

I had such a great time!!! and your kittens are SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!

jenny said...

miss vivi!

congrats on the new babies! they are soooo freeaaaakin' cuuuute! (said in my most vivian-ish way!!)

thanks so much for all the fab conversation and fun this past weekend! you are the bestest evah!! i LOVE my little birdie, too!! xx

Merci-Notes said...

OH VIV!!! what a time you girls had!!! I soo wish that i could be close to all of you!!! I did see the "Chicago Land card in one of your photos!!! Made me feel better :)
I love all of the fun that you all had!

Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

With Kindness,
more cute kittens!!!