Monday, September 17, 2012

toodles to summer....

so long summer!
Well, I guess its time to officially say so long to summer... Time to put all the cute  beachy things away til next july.....
I always have a hard time putting one season away and getting out the next.   partly because its a huge freaken job, but mostly because I love all my little stuffies and I know I wont see most of it til next year!
though I have to say I dont have as much beachy stuff as I do HALLOWEEN, christmas or easter!  so its really not as hard to put away as some holidays. 
I would have done it this weekend, but i've been on call.    It was the on call weekend from hell.  I have 18 and a 1/4 hours in from friday night to this morning.  I even got a report at 2:40 am this morning.  on well.. I'll be a good paycheck..   18 and 1/4 hours and I still have the rest of the week to go..  fingers crossed that its quiet!
so nothing else got done around her this weekend.  summers still out and halloweens still in storage. 
Hopefully tonight I'll get summer packed up and then tomorrow night I'll start putting HALLOWEENIES out! 
so... so long to summer....  except for a very special summer thing!  That just came in the mail to me on saturday!  My dear friend Kai, made me this freaken cuter then cute beach bear!  complete with a little duck swimmy , gold fish and sand pail!!! and two little seahorses!  Its a very early birthday present.  And they will stay out all year long in my craft room... Yup! I will make room for them!  Thank you dear Kai... I love you!
from Kai
And... also in the mail on saturday from someone else that I love... came this freaken sweet little Owl straight from the craft room of ELIZABETH!   Thank you E... you know I love this.   I wanted to make a Halloween owl.. its on my list of things to get to.. we'll see if it happens.
from elizabeth
I have the bestest bloggy pals dont I?  very blessed I am!  arent I!?
have a great week all my girliepies!


Kai said...

You have the most fun stuffies out ALL the time. I've been telling you for ALL the time I've known you that I could spend an entire day during each season just oogling all the pretty holidays things you display with each new season! Don't know how the heck you find such energy with all else you do! But your house ALWAYS makes me 'ooooh', 'ahhhhhh', and SMILE! LOVE YOU!!! P.S. I know what you mean about the long hours (I did so many hours of editing the last two months it's pathetic) but when the $$ comes in, it's niiiiiice!!!!! LOL!

LBP said...

I can not wait to see your Halloween decorations! I delight in putting them out each year, it's like seeing old friends again. However, that putting them up...that's a different story!

Thank you for hosing the Witch Hat swap! It was so much fun to decorate my hat and fill it with fun Halloween stuff! Mine is off in the mail today!



My Vintage Mending said...

Sorry you had a bummer weekend. I was thinking of you as I sat on the bleachers for 8 games. My rear hurts so bad. Nothing at my house got done. I love seeing all your beach stuff. Thank you for the photos to enjoy the last bit of summer...smiles...Renee

chris mckinley said...

What a great gift from a wonderful friend...for a special friend....On the weekends I have to go back to work, I just tell myself, the little extra I receive in my paycheck keeps me playing with the things I love!! I did spend a hour or so putting out Fall...Halloween next weekend!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your gifts, Vivian! I've got my Fall stuff out and now I need to get the bins back up in the attic.

Japolina said...

I love that you change your knick knacks from season to season!

Theresa said...

I have trouble changing out the Seasons too! It is too much work but I have gotta get up in the attic and bring down the Fall decor! Have a blessed day dear friend, love that sweet owl:) HUGS!

Kim K. said...

Sounds like a very long weekend. I hope this week goes by breezy fast without too much stress. I can't wait to see all your Halloween goodness. You seriously have darling seasonal decorations.

Halloween hugs!

ImagiMeri said...

What a sweet gift from Kai, it's absolutely adorable. I just wish I had some of your energy for decorating. It's gonna' take me the next two months just to decorate for my luncheon! That means Christmas decorations galore, and Halloween is just gonna' have to wait for next year.


suzeeez said...

You DO have some great summer treasures ..... I can't wait to see what you put out for fall ! Happy Fall to You !

kandeland said...

i'm having a really hard time saying goodbye to summer..i've always knew fall to be my favorite season, but every year summer gets better and better...sigh. love the bear Kai made you! and I received your cute ornaments today! I'm home sick with the worst sore throat ever...trying to relax and finish up my ornis. talk soon, xo nat

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Kai's gift to you is darling! What a great addition to your craft room. And of course E's owl is too cute! I can't wait to see your Halloween decorations Viv!

Susie said...

Viv, I hate to say goodbye to summer,too. Although I will not miss that terrible heat we all had. You sure have some cute beachy things. Autumn is a nice time also, you be happy once you switch things out. Smiles, Susie

Linda said...

Those gifts are so cute!!!
Love the Owl...such talented friends you have, Vivian...

I only put a few Halloween decorations out..sometimes less is Christmas...that is where I go wild!!!

Enjoy the early Fall..time for some Pumpkins!!!

Linda :o)