Tuesday, September 18, 2012


(this mornings breakfast... yeah.. who knows why I take these crazy pictures.. 
 do you  really care what I have for breakfast! LOL!)
 ON call is kicking my butt this week.  I have 22 and 1/2 hours in.. had to go out last night and didnt get back in til almost 1:00.
And on top of it all I am not feeling so great..  bad sore throat, huge freaken headache, and to top it off, my face and ears hurt.  poor me.. give me sympathy! lol!

Regardless, I am starting my day out at work... I wont be staying all day unless I  I miraculously  feel better!

oh.. and.. I have a confession to make...... 
I dragged the bins in yesterday and it totally overwhelms  
(and delights) me!
I got one bin unpacked and mostly put out in the kitchen.. but its a mess in there and it takes me days to 
tweak and get things just so.

some say less is more.  I wish I knew how to pull that look off.  I've seen it and I like it.  but I dont think Im capable. 
Ok.. of I trudge to work.... on this dreary rainy day.... sneezing and coughing...  blaaah!
have a nice day girls.


Japolina said...

Hope you feel better viv!

Theresa said...

Get better girlfriend! Too much to do to be sick:) HUGS!


Hey Viv,
Sounds like you are "run down"...take some "airborne"..it's natural and loaded with good stuff!
Cute owl from "E"...
What do you do that has you "on call"?
Take care.

Debby said...

You poor thing. Sounds like streph, so take it easy. You go non-stop. Being on call doesn't help. Please rest and feel better. ((((((HUGS)))))

Susie said...

Hi Viv, Hope you are feeling better. And about those decorations..you can't be the worse, my mom used to say my sister Jeanie had more Sh*t than cracker barrel.:):) Smiles, Susie

Cindy said...

Hope you feel better soon, though maybe you need to take a day off to recover from your overtime!
I got out my fall stuff, including Halloween. I have three bins and I thought that was a lot, I'm sure you have much more! As long as it stays fun, we should go for it :)

ImagiMeri said...

Do I have to start nagging you again??? I think it's time to take another nap day. Just stay in bed, drink lot's of fluids and turn that brain off.

Love ya'

Bob and Joanne said...

It's absolutely imperative that I know what you are eating for breakfast! I had yogurt this morning, but I didn't take a photo.

Seriously, I love how you share your life through photos.

Feel better soon! I always hate to see summer go, because respiratory infections are not far behind!

Sandy Michelle said...

What's on your english muffin? Looks like you and Nat are both sick at the same time! It also sounds like it could be a sinus and ear infection thing (if your face and ears hurt)I sure hope you get better soon!

Sandy xox

Kim K. said...

I hope that you really do come home early today and take care of yourself. Those "lovely" bins of Halloween fun can wait. A nap is definitely in order!!

chris mckinley said...

Hang in there girl! The on call thing is tough!! I have had some quite weeks lately...and Murphy's law seems to live where I work! Hoping you feel better!!


Diane Mars said...

Hope you feel better... that nasty sore throat thing is going around here too.. I am trying to dodge it! Hugs~ Diane

Linda said...

Feel better...
Less IS more!!!

Linda :o)

Kai said...

My daughter used to come and put her head on my lap when she felt bad and say, "POOR me, Mommy." I'd stroke her hair and say, "My poor little baby feels bad. Mean, HATEFUL old sickness. Poor, poor baby!" As tough as she is today (and boy is she EVER tough - sigh) she STILL emails me when she gets migraines & says she wishes I were there to 'poor' her. (I wish so, too.) I can't poor you, but I can wish you would feel a MILLION times better because I LOVE you! As for your wonderful Halloween goodies, I would ask, "What is TOO much? No such thing, say I!" LOL! Hope you get some rest & GET WELL QUICKLY!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, that cute pumpkin looks like it sounds like you feel! I am so relieved to be "retired" from working. But don't you know, I have been called to do ONE last assignment for two weeks. Now I feel like your little pumpkin.
PS So glad you got your Fraggle Owl. He looks sweet with your farewell to summer. E

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

There are so many nasty bugs going around, don't let yourself get rundown. Get better soon!

RetroSandie said...

Viv, so sorry you are feeling so bad. Hopefully a few cheery words will help you feel a little better. Sending a *hug* and a *hurry get well soon*!!!!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' Sweet thing, I hope you feel better. You have to with Halloween season here! I like your blog header. It's so you. I've just started eating English Muffins but yours look so good with the peaches on the side. What do you put on the muffin? I've just been doing butter.

OX's....Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

My Vintage Mending said...

Miss Viv you need a break...like a bahamas break. I do hope you feel better soon and that it quiets down. I can't wait to see all the lovely halloween...smiles..Renee

Fran said...

Feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Take 2 asprins, go to bed and call me in the morning. Didn't know I was a doctor. ROFL!! NOT! I know you should be home in bed and not at work.
Can't wait to see all your Halloween stuff out and about. You do the best Halloween decorations ever.
Take Care & Feel Better Soon,
Luv & Hugs

Enchanted Hollow Designs said...

Oh, sweet Vivian,
I hope you feel lots better soon. Do you have a vaporizor with the menthol stuff you put in it? I swear by vaporizor treatments when I feel the way you're feeling. AND Advil, and kleenex, and resting as much as possible with kitty cat buddies, and....... : )
Big hugs from,

Chris - A Little Creation said...

Last year I finally cut down my Halloween decorations. Sticking to my rule of if I haven't used it in two years it has to go.(Old military habits die hard. It was hard but I've realized that my taste have changed and that's why I didn't put it out. But if you are still using them and they make you happy I say keep it and go for it!! Chris

Jeanne said...

I like seeing what people have for breakfast and yours looks pretty tasty! Sorry you're feeling under the weather Viv. Take care and feel better soon!