Sunday, December 9, 2012

torry turns two!

too cute!
♪♫Happy Birthday to you dear torry pie♪♫
birthday boyamused that everyone in the room was singing!
birthday cupcakes!marla pie!!
He was so good yesterday, never got to overwhelmed and only hit a few people.. including his great grandmother...   (yikes..). 
where'd torry go?DSC03287
He had a good time.. and I had a blast watching him.  probably about 35 people were there.  beth thinks 45.. but I thinks shes wrong.. LOL!   lots of pizza and salads and cupcakes.. but duh.. I made all these cute little einstien cupcake toppers and never took a picture of them..  oh well.. such is life..
 jen and ella
Isnt this a great picture of Jennifer and Ella?  shes getting an american girl doll for christmas from Jen and her father, so Ive been buying little outfits for her..  shes going to love her doll.  I wonder where Bethanys is???   she had one.  It must be packed away.  I hope shes ok!
cutest boy on the block!precious little friend!
marlatoo cool!
In any case.. Torry had a great birthday.. and he seriously made out like a bandit!  Dont you love his new hat?  I had to bribe him with a potato chip to wear it so I could take his picture!
 the loot!
HE piled everything up and proceded to climb on it, while saying.. "I climbing, I climbing!"  where the heck did he learn that?
was pooped out after the party, I had to drive bethany and Torry home because big Torry had their car and was driving some of his family home, anyways, bethany said.. "mom why are you only driving 40 in a 55? " uhh.. didnt realize I was! LOL!
babysat for marla pie til after one last night.. and guess what I slept really late this morning.. didnt wake up til after 7:00!  ha!
ON my plate today?  nothing.. tonys gone til around 9:00 tonight, so Im just hanging out puttering, finishing up those bears and doing whatever. .I may finally decorate outside.. or.. I might be leaning towards going shopping...
  have a great day girlies!


Sandy Camarda said...

I'm so surprised that you woke-up that late but I am I not surprised that you drove that! I could just hear Tory saying "I climbing"! I'm glad he had a great birthday! I just realized that you didn't end-up buying that AG dress at the Canal Artisans right? Have a nice day! Sandy xox

Kim K. said...

What a busy and fun party. Darling pics, Viv.

Patti M said...

Viv you have such a beautiful family....young Tory dashing in a hat at 3?.....he's going to have girls chasing him...look out.......but seriously? You wondered where he learned to climb? He's a boy!...I think they know it instinctually LOL

Debby said...

Oh what fun. Made me sad that I didn't get to be at Quinny's party in Colorado. It didn't turn out so well......his sister threw up all over the fire station. Yuck.
I posted about your goodies. Thanks again my friend.

E said...

What a great gathering, the boy sure is rock'n that hat cute ! xo e

Kai said...

You have an AWESOME family! I'm still hoping to be adopted ... hint. Torry is ROCKIN' that hat! And Marla-pie - how did you get so big so fast???? They grow up too quickly, huh? (My great granddaughter is being BORN as I write! I hope I get to meet HER before she grows up. Sigh!) Have a FUN & RELAXED day, sweet Vivvy! You've EARNED it! LOVE YOU!

ImagiMeri said...

Happy, happy birthday to Tory Pie! Viv you are so blessed with your big family, and you can definitely see all the love.

Love ya'

A Little Creation said...

He is sooooo stinkin' CUTE!!!!
Chris =]

Japolina said...

He is so cute. Glad he had fun. I've been to a few two-year old parties where the guest of honor was cranky and not in the mood!

Cheryl said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh God bless the birthday boy :-) What a darling he is :-)
big hugs~

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love kids birthday parties. They are so much fun and SO Blessings to Tory and a Happy Birthday to him- xo Diana

Perfectly Printed said...

Looks like a a great time was had by all! Love Torry's hat!!


Rhissanna said...

Oh! Tine flies! Happy birthday, Torry!

My Vintage Mending said...

He is so gorgeous and always so happy...I love that your family events are always so well attended and everyone looks so loving...Thank you for sharing this little boy with us. Watching him grow has been so much fun...smiles..Renee

Grace said...

What a blessed happyfamily!!!! HAppy birthday precious tory! What fun grace xoox

Fran said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO TORY PIE. He's ADORABLE and so are all the other kids. Your family is wonderful.
Luv & Hugs