Monday, February 18, 2013

hopping down the bunny trail...

ahhhhh... got that out of my system!  Ive been dying to start my first easter piece of the year!  this seemed to take me all day for some reason.
I didnt like the bunny at all at first.. and almost didnt finish him, but the more I did, the more I liked him.
usually when I dont like what Im working on, I just keep on working on it, and eventually I can get it to a place that I will like it. (sometimes not!)
I'm pooped out from the long 4 day weekend, even though I really did pretty much nothing but play in my craft room today!   I did clean my house a bit this morning, but thats it for the whole day.
Friday I shopped and went out with a friend,  saturday we had marlainas birthday party.  Then I brought Torry pie home with me after the party and kept him over night. Yesterday I was busy all day and I was really looking forward to a quiet day of playing  for today.  which I had!

while I'm here...I gotta show you these pics from yesterday morning while Torry was here.  he was coloring with figgy and frannie at my craft table.  they didnt take their eyes off of him! He loved their attention and was tickled that they were there with him..
torry and kitties
OK.. thats all for tonight girls, Im cold and tired.. heading for jammies and the couch!  
have a great week!


NanaDiana said...

I think that is one of the cutest little bunnies I have EVER seen and that chick is the perfect companion. You are SOOOO talented! xo Diana

Kim K. said...

Your bunny is just so darn handsome. I'm glad you finished him. Bring on more easter crafting!!!! Even though I had to work today, I'm taking off Friday. If the weather isn't too bad, I'm hitting a few antique malls. If the weather is bad, my craft room calls me. Happy easter dear friend!!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Well, you set the bar pretty high with that bunny! He's great!
So is your little Torry Pie with the cats!
Erica :)

Diane Mars said...

Viv I love your Bunny you always amaze me with your soft / plush Creations, What are these felting? I have never tried that , but it does look like fun.. And your craft / studio looks so welcoming. Hugs, Diane

E said...

Your little felt creatures are precious ! But Torry and those cats !!! oh my gosh that pic is just the cutest ever ! xo E

Terri said...

Too darn cute! I always look forward to seeing what you creat for the holidays. Torrie pie and kitties are a extra sweet treat!

Rhissanna said...

What a wonderful bunny. I just love his bright eyes. And those cats! Too much!

RetroSandie said...

Your bunny is adorable!! I wuv him to pieces!!! And a cute widdle chicky baby! Torry with the 2 kitties is so cute-best pals!
PS Love!! all of the stuff on your shelves in the background! Dolls, and cuties galore!!

Kai said...

I'm glad you didn't give up on Mr. Bunny because he's WONDERFUL!!! And Torry? OMG! Yes, please! I WANT a Torry!!! AND a Frannie & Figgy! They look so adorable coloring together! LOL! LOVE YOU, Viv!

Theresa said...

OH SO CUTE bunny boo:) Love that sweet face! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOVE that bunny, Vivian! It took you a day? Something like that would probably take me a week! : ) How cute Torry looks with the cats watching over him. It looks like they are really interested in what he's doing.

ImagiMeri said...

My goodness you have been busy lately. Marla is just plain gorgeous and now she's gonna be a big! That piccy of TorriePie with the kitties is adorable. Your bunny is too stinkin' cute pretty lady, and I'm glad you continued working on him. Besides, you couldn't make anything bad if you tried!

Love ya'

Enchanted Hollow Designs said...

Hey there, girl! I LOVE your Easter creation and I adore the picture of Torry with Figgy and Frannie. OMG. Is that adorable or what? He is a handsome and captivating little boy and the cats are wonderful and beautiful and oh-so-engaging as well.
Lots of love and hugs from,

Fran said...

Your little bunny is a real Cutie!
Tell me something,where do you get all your energy to create lots of wonderful creations and have a full time job? Do you ever sleep? :-) I need some of your engery. Mine is gone right now. I think the trip we just got back from took it all out of me. LOL
Love your Easter Bunny.

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Vivian, I can't tell you how many times I say your own words out loud to myself, "Craft until it's too cute to give away!" and sure enough the cute comes forth. I'm so glad you stayed the course with this adorable bunny! Oh and those kitties watching the next Artist in Residence = smoochie cute! Have a good work week. E

Chenille Cottage said...

Dear sweet Viv,
I am in Bunny Heaven just taking in all the fuzzy details of your little grey hare. He is adorable. You are truly amazing and so artistic.
Your little Torrie Pie is so cute sitting there flanked by your kitties. What a darling trio they all make.

I can't wait to see what you make for Sandy's Easter Swap. I'm having fun brainstorming and just beginning to create a few pretties for my partner.
Have a great day, sweetie!
Carolynn xoxo

LBP said...

That little bunny is sooooo cute. I just love him.

And I have to say I would love to jump into that pile of adorable cutesness that is your blog header and just stay there all day!!!



Lisa said...

Love that bunny! Sometimes I feel the same way, I don't like something I'm making and then it all seems to come together. Torry looks adorable coloring with the kit-kats too!

Lisa said...

Love that bunny! Sometimes I feel the same way, I don't like something I'm making and then it all seems to come together. Torry looks adorable coloring with the kit-kats too!

Bethany Lee said...

You are so stinkin' talented!!!!! I LOVE your work!

Patti said...

While I am amazed at your talents, I must admit, I am also amazed that your sweet kitties sat and watched Torry color!
What a perfect picture!

Sandy Camarda said...

Great creations and congrats on the weight loss!!!!

Scrap for Joy said...! The grandkidlets are really cute, too!

CatieAn said...

Viv your bunny and chickie are so darn cute---but have to say the pic of torrie pie and the cats takes the prize!! What a delightful picture!!