Monday, March 25, 2013

hippity hoppity.. easters on its way!

table 1
wow!  Ive been so busy this past week!  all good stuff.  worked on my daughters Musical all last week, then the shows were this weekend, which I did make up for.  I just love all the kids and am always amazed at what they pull off in the end.  and also totally amazed and in awe of my daughter who started out on the stages in that school so many years ago and is now teaching music and directing the musicals at the same school she attended.   I took a bunch of pics and will post some of them after I get them uploaded and sorted.
table 2
So in between the muscial, I managed to do a little shopping, cleaning and cooking.. but NO crafting!!  none... zilch.. notta..  nothing!!  Im going through withdrawal for sure!  I plan on parking my hiney at my craft table soon as I get home from work today!  I wont have to cook dinner because I made a big pot of soup and homemade bread yesterday morning... so I will have time to play tonight. I have to get something special made for my friend kelly and get it in the mail!!  not to mention that one of my best friends has a birthday tomorrow and I should do something for her as well. So if I'm home and at the table by 5:30, that will give me about 5 1/2 hours to play before I go to bed. 
table 4
These pics are all from the three tiered wire thingy on my kitchen table.  I should have taken a picture of what it looks like all at once..  but I didnt!  I'm sure there is one posted from last year that I could link too.. but Ive never been good about labeling my posts so that I know where to find them again.  heck.. I'm lucky I manage to pull together a post sometimes!  It seems I'm always in a hurry! lol!
table 6
so what are everyone's Easter plans for next weekend?  I think this week will be busy.  Im hoping Tiffany and marlaina will come for dinner tomorrow night as I havent seen them in at least a week or more!  Thursday night the girls and I are going to Jens for a "girls night".  Saturday I'm sure some of them will come here to dye easter eggs..  Ill probably have to shop some night this week.  And then Sunday I'm doing Easter Brunch instead of dinner.  not sure of exactly what we'll be having yet, but it'll be good! I guess I better give it some thought so I know what I'm doing!  Brunch seems to work easier for us, that way the kids can all head out to their other family afterwords. 
table 5
well, I guess I've been rambling on here enough.. probably have bored you all to death!  
I had meant to do an easter give away.. but uh.. that looks impossible at this point.. so be watching and I will do a spring one instead.. soon!
have a great day my little eastery peeps!


Cindy said...

Very cute Easter things! I can't believe you can craft after coming home from work. On the days I work all day, the most I can do is make something for dinner, then collapse on the sofa for the evening! Have a great week, Viv!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Viv,

Busy as usual I see! I loved looking at all your Eastery goodness. Heading out Easter Sunday to go camping with Rosie for a week. I hope it warms up down there Enjoy your family!! Happy crafting tonight.


Theresa said...

Hey there girlie:) Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! We have lunch on Easter Sunday followed by an egg hunt! Can't wait to be surrounded with family:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Sounds like you very busy (but that's nothing new). You keep quite the schedule! Enjoy some crafting time this evening. I'm going to be so bored when Easter ends. I might have to make up a new holiday! The girls spring break starts Friday. I'm taking vacation from the University. Can't wait to enjoy Easter and all the traditions that go with it!

Easter hugs!

ImagiMeri said...

I just bet you were wishin you could be in the musicals. How neat that your daughter gets to keep doing what she started in school all those years ago.

Hey stop by my blog, I've used a Vivvie term.


hope griffin said...

Girl, you got enough energy for all of us! I started anew job last week and I have NO energy when I get home at night! Have a great day!


Abbey Crafton said...

I'm always sooo adoring of all your enchanting items Viv. Where do you store everything????? Yep, It's me Darly Dolittle...started a new blog here with my little sister. She is 10 yrs. younger and diagnosed with stage 3 Inflammatory breast cancer last fall. She has finished up her chemo and preparing for surgery and radiation treatments. Prayers are welcome. She is a talented young woman and, as I moved in with her to help her and her 3 boys, we decided to open a blog and an shop to sell our handmade and vintage items( our website is currently under construction but should be up soon. I thought it was important to get her focusing on the creative and positive through this ordeal and the goal of keeping the shop filled with great items gives her a new goal. Come visit us when you have time.
Darla aka Darly

VintageBettys said...

Easter brunch sounds like fun! We will be going to my sisters for dinner, she is a very good entertainer :) You sure have some cute Easter ornaments...I love that little bunny holding the other little bunny in the first picture, that is so adorable:)
* Have a wonderful Easter and try to relax

Fran said...

Love all your Easter creations. WOW!! I haven't made anything for Easter. :-( Maybe I will create a bunny or something before Easter. Will be spending Easter with family and friends. I make the deviled eggs every Easter. This year I'm going to make them look like little chicks. One of my son eats most of them before anybody else can have any. LOL LOL! I should make him a couple of dozen of his own.
Have A Great Day Creating

Lori said...

Very darling Easter goodies! Sounds like you have a fun time planned. We always had an egg hunt when Lauren was little. Need grandkids so we can start up the tradition again!

vintage grey said...

Such sweet Easter pretties!! Wishing you a lovely Easter week! xo Heather

NanaDiana said...

Well, I suspect you are just crafting away as I type! You have such cute things that you surround yourself with, Viv. I just love them. I hope you had a great day and are having a good, productive night- xo Diana

Elizabeth Andrus said...

This is where the Good Stuff is Vivian. Every single thing you make is magical and so you. I could spot your characters from among hundreds. My Easter is going to be unusually quiet. I have only my son and his wife coming with Kellye and Joe stopping by after a day with his family. I usually have about 20; but I don't think my knee is up to that many this year. Counting down the days, had my pre-surgery things taken care of today. Looking forward to walking again! Have a fun Easter with your family Vivian! E

Chenille Cottage said...

Hello, sweet Viv!
I'm sure you win the award for the most pretties in one place!
I just love enlarging your pics so I can see all your darling details. Your creations are all so incredibly sweet. Do you sleep at night with all the amazing ideas running through your head? When my creative juices are flowing I can't sleep a wink.

Thanks for always putting a smile on my face, my sweet friend.
Happy Happy Easter!
Carolynn xoxo

DollZandThingZ said...

Viv, please send me some of your energy! You are amazing in what you accomplish any given week! Happy Easter!

Jacqueline said...

I am just smiling at all your cute goodies. You surround yourself with cute and it makes you happy. That happiness is contagious, just like rabbits, they multiply and multiply. Thanks for making my world happy Viv!

Did you get the catalog? What do you think? I'd would love to hear your feedback Viv.

By the way, I posted today a little story on my blog, you might enjoy!
Once Upon a Rabbit House!

Abbey Crafton said...

Wow Viv...there is just no keeping up with you! You always have so many enchanting holiday items!