Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Hi Girlie pies!  I feel like Ive been out of the loop this week so far..  been busy I guess!  I have been helping my daughter get ready for the HS musical.  shes the director.  so i've been painting and helping where I can.  the musical is this weekend.  they're doing Anything Goes.  so far it looks like it will be really good.  so many talented kids in lyndonville!  Not to mention, of course that my daughter is a great music teacher! lol! 
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Just home from Weight watchers!  I lost 4.6 pounds this week!  for a total so far of 17.8 pounds!!  wooohoo!  so glad to start taking this weight off.   I didn't eat much this weekend as I had a little tummy trouble..   but I was hungry tonight and had bacon and eggs for dinner.  now I'm so thirsty from that bad bad bad bacon.
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I will be working on a little Easter project tonight.  I have to make my swappy piece for my friend Kelly.
I have it already started and will show it to you when I finish.  
So for now.. Off I go....   


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Congrats on the weight loss total, Vivian! You are doing so good. I'm still at 5 pounds, which means I either haven't been very good or I have to start doing something else. I love your brown bunny in the pictures ~ he's just the kind I like.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Such sweet bunnies! Happy creating! xo Holly

Diane Mars said...

Congratulations on the weight loss I know it is hard to do! And I am with you about staying in my California Cottage but heck at least we have a Cottage to call home right? Hugs, Diane

The Other Side of Me said...

HI Viv,

Always good to hear from you. Congrats back at ya for losing the weight. Getting it off is the easy part. Keeping it off is a scary proposition!! Happy dieting. I am routing for you and know you will do great.

Take care,

NanaDiana said...

Look at all your cute Easter things, Viv- SO cute! Congrats on the weight loss-whhoooo hoooo...xo Diana

Musings from Kim K. said...

What a champion you are with the continued weight loss. Such a good mom helping with set designs too. Can't wait to see more easter goodies. What on earth am i going to do with the lull between holidays? Easter needs to last longer.

Ps. The lamb you asked about was a plastic religious statue I prettied up with glue, glitter and flowers.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

17.8 is a big deal Viv!!! That's great! That must really be showing.
I'm so proud of you. Wish I could get in gear with eating right. I'm hoping that once I move, I can make a lot of changes. I'm definetly at a stand still right now.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Erica :)

Perfectly Printed said...

WOW! Good for you!! You have so much to be proud of...almost 20lbs!! Can't wait to see what your finished swap gift!


Chenille Cottage said...

Hi sweetie,
You have some of the cutest "stuff" in blogland. I love visiting your blog. It's such a happy place!
Smiles and a hug or two...
Carolynn xoxo

A Little Creation said...

Woot!! Woot!! Keep it up! You've got me motivated to get back into my calorie counting habit and drop some weight.
Chris =]

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Viv~
I think it's great that you're helping with your daughter's production. I love musical theatre! Congratulations on your re-commitment to WW...I'm thinking about rejoining myself. Do you like their new plan? I haven't been for years.
I am finally finished with my spoolie swap items...it was more of a challenge than I thought but I'm glad I signed up. I haven't done a swap in over a year. Felt good to make "stuff" again.

Theresa said...

YEAH for you on the weight loss:) THAT is awesome and I am SO proud of you! You create the cutest things! Can't wait to hear all about the musical! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Cindy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I wish I could do better on my diet. I just have no will power:)

LBP said...

Congrats of your weight loss, but bacon is NEVER bad!!! LOL!!!

Fran said...

WOOOHOOO!! CONGRATS!!! I'm So HAPPY for you. Way To Go Girl!!! I gained a pound. :-( I was bad but just have to pick myself up and get back to loosing.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Hello Beautiful,
Congrats on losing weight!
I love all your bunnys. I am oohing and awing looking at your pictures. :-)
Making me smile.

It's good to see you again!

Jeanne said...

Hey Weight Watcher girl! You've been doing great so far. I join just about I year ago and have lost 40 lbs. Maintaining is the hardest for me, but so far so good. The meeting I go to has a great group of supportive people, many of whom have become friends. Good luck and keep up the good work!


Congrat's on the awesome weight loss!!! You GO GIRL!!!
Sweet Easter bunny and chicks!
Happy Spring!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the weight loss! How exciting that your doing "stage work" I used to do some set design & construction. Oh my goodness--- how fun those days were!
big hugs,

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Vivvie, I'm so proud of you for your weight loss. My goodness, you're just gonna get prettier and slimmer just in time for summer! I've been a bad girlie pie lately....my husband brought home 9 boxes of girlscout cookies last week....aaaaaaaaagh, I've gained three pounds back. Bad, bad hubby!

Love ya'

Grace Garton said...

Hi Viv, I love your Easter photos!

Hope to see some photos from your daughters play.
Well done with the weight loss...exerciser is so important to us artists and crafters, so much we do is sitting down...inspired I'm going to put my aerobics dvd on!

Maria Elena said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! Love, love your Spring decor!

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Vivian! Oh my gosh is the velveteen rabbit ever fabulous in these photos. I'm so proud of your weight loss. Wow! I spoke with Meri today on the phone, and she is down 50 lbs!!! Just to keep you in the loop, I've roped Sandy into hosting a supply swap sometime in may. So be setting aside "the good stuff" that you have extras of. We will be decorating a cigar type of box to send things in. Can't wait! E

Abbey Crafton said...

I adore the velveteen rabbit!

Abbey Crafton said...

You are an encouragement! I had been steadily losing and eating nothing but organics (feeling great) but then my wee sister was diagnosed with cancer and, I let myself stress and ate any bit of crap I could get my paws on. Time to climb back on the wagon. Thanks for sharing ...youre an inspiration!

Nan said...

First congrats on the weight loss and then later the really hard part keeping it off.
I love that silky tall bunny you have here!!

GardenofDaisies said...

Things are looking every Eastery at your house! Good for you on the weight loss! I'm working on that, too, although not weighing, just going with how my clothes feel.

Linda said...

Hi Vivian!
Good for you on your WW accomplishment this week! I am loving those bunnies outta the cupboard Gorgeous decorations. Happy Easter!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas