Saturday, August 24, 2013

beach baby beach baby!

marla 2
Spent yesterday afternoon with my precious pies!   One LOVES the water and the waves,
torry 2
the other prefers the sand!
beach babies
what a beautiful day it was to sit back and enjoy the babies.
beach babies 2
Im glad Tiffany came, I would never be able to handle both babies at one time at the beach.  How did I do it with four of my own???  lol!
she has no fear!
Marla is insane! 
one prefers the sand the other the water!
I just love this pictures above.
beach babies 3
and this one too.. lol.. I love them all..   I hope Im not boring you with all my grandbaby pics!
torry says, eagles grammie!
Torry loves the "eagles"!  he thinks all birds are eagles.. lol
making carmel apples and sipping something frozen!
After a fun sunshiney afternoon, it was time to come home and make the carmel apple favors for Vanessas wedding shower.    So glad that my Sandy came over to help.   so, we took the opportunity to enjoy some frozen refreshments while we worked!
hope these taste ok!
I would have had a difficult time getting these done by myself, and I think I can honestly say that I wont be making them again! lol!!
so, for today, I have to finish a gift and make apple pies for the shower tomorrow.. but I feel the beach calling me back..  and Im thinking I may steal away for a few hours later on..
 torry's shadow upside down 
Yes, I do feel like I need to go back!  Summer will soon be over and I need as much beach time as I can get! LOL!
happy Day girls.. I will be back with shower pics soon!


chris mckinley said...

Never bored with pictures of your grands!! Enjoy the shower today looking forward to pics!!

Lisa said...

I *love* seeing the pictures of your family. It always puts a big smile on my face. Everyone should be so loved!

Laura Adams said...

Looks like a fun grandbaby day! Those carmal apples look yummy :)

Debby said...

They are so cute. I can't figure out the last picture. Enjoy those beach days while they last. Sounds like you have so much going on. Can't wait to hear about your special touches.

Sandy McClay said...

Oh are so blessed in so many ways, I love the photos of the kiddles and the ocean! :)

Japolina said...

Super cute beach babies!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm so glad you were able to squeeze in some beach time. Darling pics of your grands. I can't wait to read all about the bridal shower. The weather is just about perfect right now.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful day, Viv! Those kids are just darling and I am so glad you could spend some time with them. Can't wait to see shower pictures-xo Diana

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Beautiful photos, your grandbabes are just darling. You are lucky to have a beach area so close by. Wishing you a happy weekend. The apples look amazing!

Cindy said...

Great pictures! They remind me of taking our own babies to the beach years ago. So fun! Have a great day!

Stephanie said...

nothing boring about grandbabies!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness! Nothing sweeter than watching those cutiepies having fun! LOVE CANDY APPLES:) Have a blessed week sweet Viv, HUGS!

Tammy said...

Love the pictures of your grandbabies. Can't wait for the day I have some of my own. In the meantime, I'll enjoy yours! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Cheryl said...

Fabulous photos of your g-babies.... your little pies are growing up so fast!

CatieAn said...

Oh viv your babies are getting so big and are so adorable. I think today is the day fo the wedding....trying to catch up.