Wednesday, August 7, 2013


someones cute little prince
  look, its someones handsome prince!  I havent kissed a frog in about 42 years!  lol.. I used to love to catch frogs and toads and snakes.. and newts and any other little critters like that.   isnt he pretty? 
water lillys
Saw that little guy on Monday after a friend came over to help me figure out what to do with some plants in my garden.  When we finished we decided to take a little trip to SArahs garden shop in Brockport.  they have the most wonderful things there and then in the back, the most wonderful gardens. 
giant lillys
So I snapped a couple pictures.   Did you notice those giant water lillys in two of the pics above?  those flowers were about the size of a cantalope! they were gorgeous.  We think they are lotus flowers.. anyone know for sure?  anyways.. they were breathtakingly beautiful.  and this plant below had HUGE dinner plate sized flowers on it.. no clue what it is, but it was pretty and these pictures dont begin to do these plants justice!
another huge flower
And then, there were these fat little fishies!  They were sooo cute!  I have been thinking about putting my aquarium back up with some fancy goldfish in my craft room.  I loved having them.. well, I also didnt really like cleaning the aquarium.... but I think the good might outweigh the bad!
wittle fishes!
These three came up to say hi! lol!
coming by to say hi!
I really had a very nice full weekend last weekend. lots of fun things and I got to see both my grandpies too!   Still have lots going on this summer.. this weekend I'll be off to Ohio with a friend to visit another friend.. promises to be a good time.  The following weekend, I'm on call.. so I wont have anything major planned. And then the weekend after that is Vanessas wedding shower.    the weekend after that is Vanessas bachelorette party.. and then there will only be a few weeks til the wedding, which I'm sure will be packed with things to do!.. And then... you know what comes about a month after the wedding???  Halloween! and  the new baby girl!  then thanksgiving and then christmas!  busy busy busy!  but you know, I like life like that.  but first.. before all that I'll need to be fitting more beach days in! lol!
Ok.. so for now.. I need to get ready for work!  have a happy day girlie pies!


chris mckinley said...

Yicks!! You are one busy lady!! And you've given us a gentle reminder that our favorite holidays are just around the corner!!

Theresa said...

Oh girlie, that's a lot of stuff going on! You and I stay busy and enjoy it:) Have a blessed day dear Viv, HUGS!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Josie would have loved to capture your handsome frog. You have one hectic schedule ahead of you. I know you'll squeeze fun along the way too. I've got Halloween on the brain but I definitely not wanting to rush summer away.

ImagiMeri said...

Ohhh are you gonna' visit with E????

Lots of pretty flowers, thanks for sharing the beauty.


vintage grey said...

Oh, a handsome frog indeed!! Pretty flowers, too!! Happy sweet day! xo Heather

Lutka And Co. said...

Everything looks beautiful! It's great to be busy. And so much to look forward to! :)

Jenny said...

What a beautiful garden visit!

Thanks for the cool down on this muggy August Arizona day!