Monday, December 16, 2013

gingerbread house party

gingerbread village
My oh so creative children held their second annual gingerbread house contest on saturday.  Everyone was here including my baby pies!  The kids ordered pizza and wings and Vanessa made a delicious jello poke cake.

ness and tonys pretzel cabin 1
The kids all made awesome little houses.  tony and vanessa made this really awesome two story pretzel log home..  the only problem was, there was no gingerbread in it! LOL!  so the others wanted to disqualify them!    I love how they all used something different for their snowy bases.. 

ness and tony 2
Ness and Tony used coconut for snow.

beth and torrys 1
Bethany and Torry used mini marshmellows for their snow and even made a little pond out of melted jolly ranchers! 

beth and torry 2
Theirs was also a log cabin, but they used little pretzel sticks on top of their gingerbread base.  

beth and torry 3
love the little pretzel fence!

tiffs cottage 1
Tiffany who said she didnt enjoy making her house, used frosting for snow.  I love her little gingerbread cottage with its perfect green and pink colors and the little heart on the door!
I think I could live in it, especially if I were a little gingerbread girl and the cottage was at the lake!!

tiffs cottage 2
And, check out her white choc covered pretzel fence!  Love it!!

jens house 1
Jennifers house was pretty elaborate!  She used white cotton candy for her snow and lined her sidewalk with tiny choc non perils!  and she used gum sticks for window shutters.
jens house 2
The other very unique thing that jen had was a drive way with a garage!  And guess what her garage was made out of???
all my kiddos and their partners are soooo creative and talented!  I LOVE that about them all. 

baby pies
And of course.. then theres these most precious little people in my life..   omg.. I love them all so much,
sometimes I think my heart could just burst!
baby pies 2
They are so very awesome!

In other news..   my car is very broken.......  and is at the car doctor...   probably gonna cost a lot of money that I just dont have to fix it... well, thats if it can be fixed... who knows.. we dont know whats wrong with it yet...   send up a prayer for me about it if you think of it! 
OK.. gotta go pluck my beard.. 
wish I was kidding!
toodles girls!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a talented family you have! Those houses are absolutely amazing!!! So many amazing details. I love all the mini goodness. I'm sorry your car is under the weather. It's a new car. That isn't suppose to happen! Christmas hugs!


WOW!!! Your "kids' really know how to make "gingerbread" houses! My grandgirl make one last week...I think I should show her yours...
Very COOL!
Hope your car wont' cost an arm & leg to fix! Car problems, BITE!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Praying for your car, Viv...and your chin- lol
Your grandkids are just so very darling! I love how much you love them! Hope you are having a good week- xo Diana

Japolina said...

Those houses are amazing!!,, sorry about your car

Perfectly Printed said...

A fun tradition and all the houses are wonderful...such creative building materials!! Who did they vote as the winner? So sorry about your car, car repairs always freak me out, I always worry how the cost! It is a fairy new car isn it? And of course your grands are just too cute!

Cindy said...

Those houses are great! Your family is truly creative. That's a very nice tradition to have and when the grandchildren are older they will make their own. How fun! Have a great day. I hope you car gets well soon:)

Lisa said...

How fun to have a gingerbread house contest! What an awesome family tradition.

Sorry to hear that your car is on the fritz - I'm sending up prayers that it is a minor fix and you are back on the road in no time!


ImagiMeri said...

The houses are amazing.....I'm jealous! The picture of the grandbabies just gives me giggles in my heart. You are definitely so blessed and I'm so happy for you.

Love you,

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Those houses are amazing!!! What a fabulous tradition. Your grand kids are adorable, I do hope your car is fixed soon, at a reasonable price!

Sandy C said...

We have to buy a new car after Vince's accident-yikes! Those houses are so awesome! Did you receive my package yet?

Marlynne said...

Such outstanding creations! Hope the car situation has been taken care of!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! I loved that pond made out of Jolly Ranchers. How clever.

So sorry about your car. It seems people are only rich in a few ways, and I'm glad you are rich with family and creativity. But it wouldn't hurt to win a million either!

Scrap for Joy said...

Should it surprise anyone that you have wildly creative kids??? Those gingerbread houses are amazing! Love, love, love the pretzel log cabins!
Good luck with your car woes...they can be such money pits!
Happy Christmas to you and your happy family, Viv! I'm sure you'll be creating lots of happy memories!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Wow those houses are great!!! Love the log cabin style, so clever with the pretzels! Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your new car :( Hope you have a good week! Christmas hugs!! xo Holly

Grace said...

Oh my goodness what a talented family they are all beautiful! And those grandbabies are gorgeous Grace xoox

Lori said...

Fun, fun, fun! I love a gingerbread house making party! So sorry to hear about your car...

TiffanyJane said...

OMG, the houses are Awesome!!! They are so creative!! And the wee ones are Adorable, of course!! :)
Merry Christmas,
xo Tiff

Theresa said...

Seriously? THOSE are some of the MOST awesome houses I have EVAH seen in my 59 years! Great job everyone! Have a blessed week before Christmas with all of those CUTIE-PIES:) HUGS and Christmas blessings coming your way!

DollZandThingZ said...

FABULOUS houses...and FABULOUS grands! Hope the car can be healed cheaply! xx