Saturday, December 28, 2013

Im backkkkkk!! did you miss me?

Here I am!!  Did you miss me??  I missed all of you.  I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas.  we did.  but leading up to it was crazy.  last weekend we had an ice storm. Sunday morning a huge branch broke off our tree and took out our power, internet, phone and cable!  We were with out power from 5:00 am sunday morning til about 10:00 pm monday night.   what an ordeal.  That left me two days behind in the christmas department! I ended up spending the night at Tony and Nessas on Sunday night as it was just too cold in the house.  but I get to spend time with this little sweetie pie..

 I ended up not going to work on monday, (I already had taken tues and thurs off). Thank god I had tuesday off.. all day christmas eve, I busted my butt to get ready for our christmas eve party.  Cleaning, cooking.. and other last minute things..

but I pulled it off. and managed to have everything done and ready for our guests by the time they arrived!  And as usual, we had a good time, eating, playing games, exchanging gifts and laughing!

After everyone left, I stayed up til 2:00 am filling stockings and putting the gifts out.  tony is pretty much the grinch and he fell asleep!  lol!
I was back up at 7:00 making breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls and waiting for all the kids to arrive Everyone showed up around 10:30 and the then the craziness began!  We had a good time.   Christmas morning is a pretty big deal here.. (and pretty much everywhere else too.. lol!)
Those baby pies, make every thing brighter and more fun!  and louder.. and messier!

Marla princess pie

torry wont hold still pie

 and totally precious violet pie!
we had a great day and everyone got lots of great presents.  our living room was pretty much wall to wall gifts everywhere.
I had thursday off too and Jennifer brought Ella and Carson over to get their gifts as they were with their mom on christmas day.  I gave Carson a bag of christmas dough!  50 one dollar bills all rolled up and packaged!  thank you pinterest!  

Ellas is a girl after my own heart so her and I played dolly adventures and had fun taking pics of our dolls doing silly things around the house.

here is a few of our adventure pics!

I finally finished my elves this morning for the elf challange.  so sorry for those of you that have been waiting. I will post all of the pics tomorrow. 
Just got our cable, internet and phone back with in the last hour!  I was having serious withdrawal symptons!  Ive missed all my bloggy places!  so I will be catching up now!
Im on call this week.. keep your fingers crossed that its QUIET!!   I just want to stay home and relax!
I hope everyone got nice things for christmas.  I was very seriously spoiled by my kids.  they did way too much for me.  In fact I got a nook.. and I'm dying to play with it now that I have the internet again...
so off I go!  toodles friends! 
have a lovely weekend!


Japolina said...

OMG.. CHRISTMAS AT YOUR HOUSE LOOKS AMAZING!!! glad it was fun. Happy 2014

Perfectly Printed said...

I suspected you may have lostower in the ice storm! I did miss reading your blog! So glad you had a great Christmas your family!

Cindy said...

yes, you were missed!I'm glad the power outage didn't keep you from having a very nice Christmas. I can't believe your living room!
Enjoy your time off (I hope you don't get any calls:) I'm off until the 6th and I'm going to spend the time crafting. Yeah!

Stephanie said...

Yes, you were missed! Sorely.

Musings from Kim K. said...

So glad to have you back. You were definitely missed and I'm glad your POWER was restored in time to enjoy all your grands. Darling pictures. Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!

Lisa said...

I've been checking in to see where you were, but I figured you were busy, busy, busy! Looks like a wonderful Christmas at your house.
How fun!
I didn't get my elf finished - seems I've fallen *way* behind but hopefully, over the next couple of days I might catch up.
Can't wait to see your elves!

barncat (Lisa) said...

Looks like Christmas was a blast at your house! We had the ice storm too, but thankfully kept our power for this one. Reading you on my nook right now, they are fun!

Debby said...

What a fun Christmas at your house. I did wonder where you were.
Several years back we had a terrible ice storm on the 23rd. We lost power for a week. It was just awful. We had to stay in a hotel most of the time. We had a brand new puppy and our other Springer. Thank goodness the hotel let us have them. I hate loosing power.
I am so glad that you were able to pull it all together. I hope you have rested since.
The pies are adorable.

Sandy McClay said...

I just love all of these photos....your home is a wonderful place to be.....I am so emotional these days about not having DIL's or grandkids....but what is to be is to be...right? I will just enjoy yours through the photos! Happy New Year my friend! :)

RetroSandie said...

Hi Viv~

Controlled Chaos makes for a crazy fun Christmas! Glad you and your family had so much fun!

Scrap for Joy said...

Happy New Year, Viv! Looks like your bunch had a rollicking good time at Christmas! Glad that your power has been restored cause. I missed your blog. Hope you get some rest.

Theresa said...

So happy you have connections again! We can do without some things but electricity is a must! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Sweet smiles and happy faces, nothing better! Have a blessed and quiet week ahead dear Viv, HUGS!

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