Friday, January 24, 2014


Helloooo my friends!  I feel like Ive neglected you all again.  Its been a busy week.    And of course as always, I'm glad its the weekend.   Im having a valentine teaparty in the morning..  combined with a pampered chef party.  I pretty much gave up having parties like that a few years ago, but I was somewhere and this lady had a display out and I love their stuff.. so I got sucked in!  Its ok though I wrote on all the invitations that it was doubling as a valentine teaparty and I didnt care if anyone bought anything or not.. just to come visit me!     

well, Im not so sure how many will actually come because of this stinking rotten weather we've been having.    I dont like it.  I can handle winter, but this is the worse one I can remember in a long time.  just sooo cold and such crappy roads.   there was a bad accident just down my road last thursday morning and a kid (25) that my boys were good friends with was killed when he lost control of his car on black ice at 5:00 am.  I knew something bad had happen because I heard mercy flight come over my house.  then the other night a lady was killed when she lost control of her car on the crappy roads not too far from here.  lots of accidents and cars in ditches.. there was one planted in a ditch down the road this afternoon when i took figgy to the vets...  (thought figgy was sick.. but he must have been over what ever it was by the time I took him!  thank God!)

So anyways.. bad weather.. sucks!   Im having this party in the morning. so Ive been cleaning the house tonight to get most of it out of the way.   Im sure at least a few or the girls will brave the weather and we'll have fun regardless.   

Ive had a little crafty time this week.  I started the little pink valentine panda last night, worked on her this morning and finished her up a couple hours ago.   isnt she cute?  
The pink wreath Ive been waiting to get to since the girls were over 2 weeks ago making theirs.  I love how it turned out.  
and then I finally got around to doing something valentinesy on the big chalkboard that hangs on the fridge this morning.  
I also managed to rearrange, sort and clean up my craft room this week.  (Ive been such a busy girl!)  It wont look any different to anyone else, but it took me a couple nights and mornings.  so much easier to work when its cleaned up..  it wont last long though.  Im a very sloppy creator!

Have you ever had macaroons?  Ive seen them in magazines and on line and on blogs and everyone says how wonderful they are.  but Ive never seen any anywhere and have never had one.  but I found these today at WALMART of all places.  there are in the frozen section.  they were not cheap and there are only 12 cookies in the box... they were over $7.00.  But I HAD to buy them and try them.   I ate 4 of them.. and they really were pretty good.  not sure I'll buy another box anytime soon.  but Im glad I bought them.
OK.. I am exhausted and I need to hit my couch!  
sweet dreams and Happy weekend my friends!!  I will be visiting and catching up over the weekend for sure! 


NanaDiana said...

You were a busy girl this week, Viv. That is the cutest panda I have ever seen in my life. You are just magic with a needle and thread, Viv! I hope you have a ball tomorrow with your party. I know you will. Now-get some rest, will ya? xo Diana

Stephanie said...

You are a wonder, Girl!

Japolina said...

Your craftiness amazes me!

Scrap for Joy said...

Have fun at your tea today! I love Pampered Chef, too....great products. Love your pink and white cute!
Stay warm!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Have a wonderful tea party. That panda is absolutely darling and I love the framed art of your grands. Super cute wreath too. We have a blizzard outside. Everything is closed. It definitely has been a very long dangerous winter.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I hate this weather, too, Vivian. I'm sorry to hear about those fatal accidents. I had way too many near misses when we lived in NY that I started to have panic attacks when I had to drive in snow {I worked, so I had to}. Here I don't work so if I stay in for 3-4 days, it's no big deal. I have to say though that the roads here look pretty good. The main ones that I've been on anyway.

Your creations all look great! I love, love that panda bear.

Cindy said...

Your panda is so cute! And I also like that wreath. I need to make some Valentine's stuff, hopefully today. have a good time at your tea party. I hope everyone is careful on the roads. Hugs, Cindy

Theresa said...

Oh so pretty! You really have been busy as a bee:) My Daughter's neighbor had a Pampered Chef party last night and I placed an order! Their stuff is wonderful and it lasts for years!

TOO many folks getting killed on the roads, makes me want to keep everyone home:(

Enjoy your morning with the friends! HUGS coming your way!

Margaret said...

That panda is darling. What better way way to blow away the winter blues than to have a tea party? Maggie

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I've seen and seen and seen your Icon, in other's comments.

And I finally *just had* to come over and tell you;


P.S. Be careful out there!!!

Debby said...

Well, I love winter BUT this cold and the slick roads aren't what I signed for when I joined the "I like Winter" club. our budget is shot due t two service calls for frozen pipes. It's supposed to be wind chill cold this week as to the temp of -30. Those accidents are so sad. Our roads are so bad here. I had to spend the night at my sons on Monday because I couldn't get up his hill. I think I will have him bring the kids here tomorrow and I am hoping they don't have school so I don't have to drive them.
I am in LOVE with that panda. Love the wreath and the chalkboard.
I wish you were having an Origami Owl party for me.....I wouldn't care if anyone ordered. I'd just be happy being at your house.
Take care and be careful on those roads and stay COZY.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Love all your valentine craftiness Viv! Your bear is the cutest thing ever!

Sincerely, Tiffany said...

That one macaroon looks like a hamburger... Hehe. I had my first macaroon at a Neroni Christmas party.