Wednesday, May 14, 2014

club little house fun!

(wip.. club little house)
hi Girls!  I hope everyone had a great mothers day.  Sorry I didnt do a mothers day post, I was so busy over the weekend I never had time.  Plus I only took a couple pics on mothers day and they didnt come out very well.   but I will have good pictures in the future, cause the kids gave me a gift certificate for having our family pictures done!  I want to wait til our new baby comes, shes scheduled for a c section on july 2nd.  Robert and Tiffany have decided to name our new baby pie, Lillianna Grace.  I love that name.  Anyways, I figured sometime this summer we'll do a family picnic at the lake and Erin, (the photographer) can come to the lake to take the pictures.  
For weeks Ive been trying to decide what to make for AMy Powers "club little house" swap.  we needed to mail out 12 of something and we will recieve 12 other doll house items in return.  I cant wait to see what comes back.    These little tables were pretty easy, though a bit time consuming.  They are made from match boxes, covered in card board then painted, sanded, distressed with distressing ink, and then modpodged.
I think they turned out kind of cute. I need to make myself one. 
Notice the doll in the background?  and the head in the nest?  I bought that doll and head at the doll show this weekend.  the doll will become a witch for halloween and the head is going to become a mushroom doll very soon!   CAnt you just see her painted green and hair dyed black with a witches hat and broom!?  maybe a little clay pointed nose? 

I bought a tiny little donkey too.  I only spent a few dollars there this weekend.  But the show was better then it has been in years.  there was a ton of stuff I would have liked to buy, but Ive gotten to a place where I can talk myself out of buying some things because I already have too much stuff!  but I have to admit there was a cute baby doll there that I wish I had bought!  "dont need it dont need it dont need it!"  thats what I keep telling myself!

 well, I suppose I have about 45 minutes before I need to leave for work.. and I still need to clean the litter box and the bird cage.. feed figgy frannie and buffy, make my lunch, iron my clothes.. and go!  
sooo  toodles til later!  I'll be blog hopping and visiting tonight.. see you then! 


Margaret said...

Good Morning! She will make a perfect witch! I'm always thinking Halloween 365 days a year! Maggie

Musings from Kim K. said...

She definitely has witchy potential. As much as I love my dollhouse miniatures, you know I'm totally loving your club little house tables. They are wonderful with all the distressing. I can't wait to see what things you get in return!!

NanaDiana said...

Missed you- I didn't do a Mother's Day post this year either. What a great idea for a Mother's Day gift-the photo gift certificate!
Love those little drawers and they do look like a LOT of work went into each one. Great trade piece!
And-oh!What a cute little witch she will be. xo Diana

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Your tables are darling! What a great swap, can't wait to see what everyone made.

You lucky, I haven't been to a doll show in ages. Ooohhh a mushroom doll, sounds like so much fun and a witchie too. Eagerly awaiting all the transformations.

Happy hump day!


TOO CUTE little table/drawer!!! Love the new grandbaby name :)
I'm trying to slow down on buying treasures too!!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Sounds like fun dressing your doll up for Halloween! I can't wait to see her, she will be adorable! Love your sweet mini tables, those are so cute!! You did such a good job on them sanding and distressing! :) Can't wait to see what goodies you get too! :) xo Holly

Debby said...

Love the baby's name. What a fun picture that will be.
So glAd you are in the swap. I hope I get one of yours. My babies need your dressers. Can't wait to see everything. Hugs

Blessed Serendipity said...

What adorable little tables. Sometimes the teeny tiny crafts are the ones that take the longest. So cute!

xo Danielle

Grace said...

Ok the baby's name is fabulous and not only the Middle name! lol 1 friend named her daughter Lilly Grace another laila grace. Pretty cool. I adore the little tables! You are so talented. I can not wait to see what you get back. Grace xoox

Julie said...

Hi Viv,
Dropping by to see your wonderful blog. You are so creative - I especially love the birds! Happy early weekend.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just love your tables! So cute and creative. Lucky "receivers". Hope you show what you get back.

You know, I can't bring up your blog on my tablet. It blinks on and off like a strobe light show, lol. Don't know why, but thankfully I can see you on my laptop. :)

Happy TGIF tomorrow!

Theresa said...

I am sure happy I didn't miss seeing these:) They are PRECIOUS! I love making things with matchboxes! Enjoy your week dear Viv, HUGS!

Marlynne said...

Your little matchbox tables are very clever! I like your darling garland on your cover page. Did you paint the pictures on the cards?

Stephanie said...

Holy mackerel! The little tables are adorable. When do you sleep, Sister?