Friday, May 9, 2014

just rambling on and on!

hee hee!!  finally warming up!
Makes me happy.. lets see how long before I start saying.. "It's too freak'n hot!"  LOL!
Finally, though today may feel more summery, I feel like spring has arrived. The trees are budding, some flowers are coming up, and its staying light out til after 8:00!  We've been still on the cool side, but it seems that that is about to change.  Its supposed to go up to 80 today!  cooler again tomorrow and then Sunday is supposed to be pretty much picture perfect and 70 degrees..  perfect for mothers day!
So..  Happy Friday!   I wish I could fast forward to 5:00, because I truly don't feel like going to work today. I'm always so thankful for my weekends.. but I try so hard to enjoy the week up to the weekend.  I don't want to wish the days away.  but sometimes I really wish I didn't have to go to work!    Oh well it is what it is. 
and its the weekend!   and not just any weekend, but Mothers Day weekend.  what will you all be doing to celebrate?  any special plans? 
(me and Frannie watching Idol Wednesday night!)

I wish I was going away somewhere...  to a beach! 
 but I will be home puttering and playing.  Tomorrow there is a doll show in Batavia, so I'll head there and probably get some groceries while I'm out.  then come home and putter and clean.. 
Sunday the kids are all coming over, except for Vanessa who has to work, and who I will miss muchly!   We're just going to do hot dogs and hamburgs on the grill.  maybe I'll clean up the picnic table and we'll eat outside.  I told the kids I wanted hotdogs, baked beans, cheesy potato's and lemon meringue pie and that I would make it all, I just don't want them spending a bunch of money for us all to go out somewhere.   And besides the girls are all mommas and I don't want them to have to be cooking and doing anything.  
Maybe I'll let them do all the clean up though!  lol!  that's the part I hate.  
well, I suppose I should start thinking about getting ready for work......  I painted my toenails yesterday morning.. its finally time to wear SANDALS!!!!  My footsies are very happy!!  

have a great day my bloggy pies! 


Debby said...

Have a wonderful Mothers Day . You are such a good mom and Grammy.
It was almost 9 here yesterday. We had the heat on the night before. Oh well. Hugs

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Happy Mother's Day Viv! Yup, let them clean it all up if you are cooking. Have fun at the show. I love a burnt hot dog on the grill...good choice!

My toenails are getting the treatment today. Hooray sandal time! :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Wishing you a very blessed Mothers Day with your girls and grands. Enjoy the warm weather. It's FINALLY feels like spring!

Margaret said...

Happy Mother's Day! Good luck at the doll how and have a fun weekend with the kids!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Happy Mother's day!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Yum I love grill food and a good hot dog! :) Yay for sandals!! Cute pictures too!! :) xo Holly

Marlynne said...

Painted toe nails in sandals ought to have made the day happier! Enjoy your Mothers Day weekend!

Marlynne said...

Painted toe nails in sandals ought to have made the day happier! Enjoy your Mothers Day weekend!

vintage grey said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo Heather

Theresa said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I will just "chill" on Mother's Day! I enjoy just a simple day:) Have a blessed weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you sweet Viv, HUGS!

Jane said...

Happy Mothers' Day - enjoy your children and grandchildren! Your menu sounds perfect!

Patti said...

Happy Mother's Day to wonderful mother and Grammies! Blessings to you!