Monday, July 21, 2014

probably way too many pictures...

so, you know that I live in a tiny little house... and that in the summer I pretend its a cottage ( 'cause it basically is!) and in the winter I pretend its a cabin!  actually at halloween its a halloween house and easter is an easter house...   and .....   well you know how I roll...  You know I cant help myself and that I get a little obsessed about decorating....   like, for everything..  so much so that Ive actually thought about having pictures of all the presidents and making a presidents day tree! LOL!  or a martin luther kind day tree!  OK.. so while Im mostly joking..   Im also serious! LOL

my cousin Paul calls it "hyperdecorphilia".  I know Ive told you that before.  
so listen, this is how bad it is.. I shouldnt even admit this stuff...

you know Ive been decorating for summer, only one extra large bin.. should be easy enough, and it wasnt too awful bad packing up all the patriotic stuff and putting this other stuff out... but I realized that I NEEDED something while I was doing it.

I have a hook thingy for a small hanging plant over my kitchen sink.. and no plant.  and I thought ... oh, what a perfect place for seashell windchimes!  And then.. I became consumed... obsessed... and that was all I could think about.  I went all over the place looking for some.  couldnt find any.  Then I decided I would make my own.. but couldnt get my husband to get the drill out of the barn for me..when I wanted him too.  He would have done it... eventually.  He was watching something... probably a hogans heroes rerun that he had already seen a hundred times! lol! (but not really lol.. because it wasnt really funny...  ) 

well, Im just not that patient.  so I started looking on line to order one.. but couldnt find any that werent expensive.  I had a big conversation going on on facebook about it, with lots of friends commenting with good ideas.  (but, I know people think Im nuts.  I probably am.)   Anyways, Having no luck that day, I had no choice but to give up for the night and go to bed.

The next day after work, I got a text message from a friend from work telling me that the rite aid near work had them and they were 50% off.    So even though I had just come from Albion, I went right back and sure enough they had them.  not perfectly what I was looking for, but I found one that would work and brought it home, were I took it apart and redid it a little bit so that I liked it.   I liked the fancier ones that they had too, but they were way too long for where I was putting this one.  Now haha.. Im thinking about going back to get one for in the bathroom!  lol!

Oy vey... It was such a relief to get the one I got... and to stop thinking about it!  I think maybe I need some meds!  lol!!

Im leaving all this beach stuff out until I decorate for halloween.........  Im saving up my energy and  for all those big ol bins of orange and black awesomeness!  lol!  And, I think I can decorate for halloween in early sept!

So what else is new?  nothing.  I live a boring life. well, I suppose its not boring, but its not exciting.  I had torry overnight on friday, went to a family grad party on saturday and babysat for Violet all day yesterday.  I have today off..  and Im torn between working on bears or going to the beach!

I have a lot of bear orders...  thats a good thing, but I need to make myself do them.  Maybe I'll cut a bunch out this morning and do all the presewing and then go to the beach.  Then when I get home I can stuff them and maybe finish a couple tonight and a couple more in the morning before I go to work.

Is this post too long?  Is anyone still here with me?   There were a bunch more pics here, but I deleted all the rest from the living room.  I figured I'd save those for another day. these are all of the kitchen.

Do you think theres too much?  lol!  
Ok.. off I go to get some breakfast and to cut out some memory bears!
Have a great day all my bloggy friends!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Okay, so I think it is too early for me or I haven't had enough coffee yet because I have no idea what the thing you are talking about in the first part of your post is about, Vivian. LOL! : ) I have to go back and read that again.

I love your plan ~ pre-sew, beach, more bear work. We are supposed to have rain/storms on Wednesday so I'm planning on going to the pool today and tomorrow, and doing some crafting and also sewing (for my Etsy) on Wednesday. I haven't done anything new for the Etsy and I have images all ready and waiting to go (for months now!). I think I will do the cutting and pinning tonight and tomorrow night so Wednesday all I have to do is sew.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Love all your creative energy and the need to decorate seasonally. It helps justify my need to do the same thing. I hope your work week is a short one.

Margaret said...

I love when you do long posts! I think you should go to the beach and work on the bears later. The beach season is so short! DO your bears tonight with a nice cup of tea and while your sewing them up you'll be reflecting on your wonderful beach day!Love all your photos! Maggie

Stephanie said...

I vote for the beach. Your photos are very nice, by the way!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Picture amount...just right, lol. Can't wait to see the made over windchimes.

Love all your beachy scenes, sweet! Go enjoy the beach...summer is too short, take advantage. :)

Theresa said...

Oh WOW! Will you please come decorate my house? YES? I love all of your decorations, 4th of July and Beach scenes! LOVE all of those fun pictures! Enjoy your week dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Perfect amount of pictures Viv, I LOVE it all!!!! I enjoy decorating for every little thing as well. Enjoy your "cottage" :)

Jess said...

Never ever too many pictures from you!

Mimi Sue said...

I know the feeling of getting a little obsessed with things. Love your beachy collections! Mimi

Jenny's Heart said...

Nope not too many I love them all :)
I ADORE the cupcakes! I have a slight obsession with cupcakes and the beach is my favorite place on earth. Ahhh yes love your post ;)

Marlynne said...

Fun to decorate with the seasons! I use to do a lot more than I do now!

CatieAn said...

Oh Viv I wish we were neighbors so hubby could see that I am not the only one who goes nuts with decorating for random whatevers.
The beach is always better since you have to get all the time in you can during the summer.