Saturday, July 26, 2014

a hodgy podgy post!

 Good morning good morning!  happy Saturday!  I love this part of singing in the rain.  do you like musicals?  I love them.   I taught buffy to whistle this song! lol!  now.. I should teach him to tap dance! LOL!  ok.. maybe not..

so heres a few more pics of summer decorations.  this next pic I took the mason jar vase and flowers away from.. I suddenly was looking at it and hated it. LOL!  so I incorporated those flowers into the hydrangeas in the pail and moved the pail and shell around a bit.  duh.. why am I even telling you this!? .. whooo cares! 
my poor brain.  I cant wait til my neighbors hydrangeas bloom so I can pick real ones!
so, whats new friends?  I joined instagram yesterday.. why?  I dont know.. why not?   one more thing to occupy my time.. lol.  Soo, just what would we all be doing if we werent attached to the internet?  seriously....  a good question.    
Today, Im going on a little road trip with Bethany and Vanessa and Violet. We're off to Vidlers five and dime in east aurora. a fun place to shop..  you can click on this picture if you want to see more of vidlers. 
A little shopping, a little lunch, and who knows what other trouble we can get into!  wish all my girls were going.  
I was orginally going to take Marla and Torry to the lake today, but they are calling for thunderstorms later.  so I cancelled until friday when right now, it looks like its supposed to be beautiful ... but you know thats a week away..  well, when ever the next good day is.. we shall go.

I finished 4 more bears this week and have a  bunch more to do;  an order for 3, one for 5 and one on its way for 16.   lots of bears in my life! lol!  Im not even sure how many Ive made in the last few weeks.. but a bunch!
 these are the two orders I just finished.  these three above still need to be delivered or picked up this weekend.  I love that brown adn blue plaid one on the right.  
I really should be getting ready to go as I told the girls I'd pick them up at 11:00 and Im still in my jammies at 10:15!  lol...   Im used to making a mad dash to go to work every day.. so I should make it on time. 
Just a few more pics and then really.. thats about it for my beachy decorating.    I made this wreath two years ago.. one of my fav. summer decorations.   I wonder if I'll see anything beachy cute that I will have to get today?   I sure dont need anything!
OK.. I shall leave you with this two tiny beach bears.  the first one I made the bear and his floatie.. the second is by one of my favorite miniature bear artists, deb canham..
OKeedokie... Ive got to runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Have a great weekend bloggy pies!


Cindy said...

You've got so many cute beachy things. All I've got is a basket of shells!
I can't believe all those bears you make while working full time. You must have a lot of energy. I wish I could get a lot more done. There's so many cute things to make and do:)
Have a great day with your girls!

Theresa said...

Happy weekend to you too dear Viv! I love those cute bears:) Such a wonderful talent you have! Enjoy your day, whatever you do! Sending HUGS your way!

Margaret said...

I love old 5 & 10 stores. They are a raarity for sure. I love when they have their original wood and glass counters. Have a wonderful day and I hope you get to the lake this week! Maggie

Lori said...

Enjoyed all your pictures! What darling bears. I joined Instagram awhile back and I can never remember to put anything on it!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Love your summer/beach decor! So many fun things! I haven't decorated much lately. My little guy keeps me too busy! Besides, whatever I put out he will beg to hold and if I don't let him he will cry and if I do he will break it. haha! Babies! Gotta love 'em! :) I need more high shelves! Your bears are adorable! I tried to find you on Instagram, but couldn't. What is your username?

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your bears are just darling. You know I love all your cute beachy things. I have that same pail and shovel. Your shell wreath is fabulous. I hope you had a fantastic day. It sounded like a full one. I'll have to find you on IG. I've been having fun with it. We haven't invested in internet at the cottage but I can use IG pretty well. Hugs!

Debby said...

Love those bears and the idea behind them. Wish we lived closer we would have great fun on the week-ends.
The mailman came to my door this morning with a certified letter. OMG I was in my jammies. They cover everything but not what this poor guy needed to see, I tried to cover up but couldn't well enough. I am still embarrassed. Hope you had a fun day.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Hi Viv,
I love all of your beach decorations! Your bears are sweet too! Have a good week,

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

You do more in a day than some folks do in a week! Love all your bears and beachy decor. I have no beachy decor, so I guess my next decorating theme will be Halloween, lol. What a great old timey 5 & 10! Bet you had a fun day. :)

Blessed Serendipity said...

Your bears are adorable. I would love to explore that 5 & 10 store. I hope whatever you decide to do you will have fun.

xo Danielle

★Carol★ said...

LOVE all of your summer decorations! That shell wreath is gorgeous, and I'm pretty envious of that pail and shovel. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who endlessly moves stuff around until I'm finally satisfied with things. And then I get more junk and move it all around again!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Vivian!
Thanks so much for visiting my sad little blog and commiserating with me over my old body falling apart. :) Challenges continue and I'm wearing my crabby pants LOL.
Love your summery hodgy podgy post, wishing you lots of summertime fun! xo