Friday, August 8, 2014

Story time

 once upon a time, there was a box of peaches.    And there was a plain old princess.. who had the day off from work.. (cause she was a working princess, who takes lots of days off in the summer..)  So on this beautiful day that she found herself at home, as she sat having her first cup of morning tea, she kept hearing something calling to her.. over and over she heard this squeaky little sound... but she really wasnt quite sure what it was and she thought maybe she was hearing things...  but when she went to refill her cup of tea, she spotted this little peach.  He looked like he was saying something but she could not make it out what exactly it was saying.  The old princess found this quite peculiar and she thought she really was in need of about a dozen more cups of tea or so..  as she was surely still dreaming!  Peaches cant talk and they dont have faces and she was surely hearing things!  Around the time she went back for her third cup of tea, she saw that the little peach guy was now bouncing up and down and holding up a sign!  The sign said.. "turn me into peach cobbler please"!  
 The old princess was quite surprised and now realized that she was fully awake and that there was something going on with those peaches.  Upon further inspection, she found that they were at the perfect point of ripeness and that the peach had a really good idea!  so she dug out her favorite peach cobbler recipe and went straight to work.  she felt a wee bit guilty for slicing off that peaches skin and chopping him up, but it was what he wanted after all!
 soon before she knew it the peaches were all cut up and the batter was all made and it was ready to go into the oven!
 Before long the wonderful aroma of cooking peaches filled the summery kitchen and the old princess could barely wait to have a bowl of peach cobbler with yet another cup of tea!
And when she did, she was in belly heaven!
So much so that she then decided to make 
a batch of blueberry muffins too!
The End!

SO. there were two muffins in the oven and the first muffin looked at the other and said "Its really freak'n hot in here!"  then the second muffin looked at the first and said "Holy COw!!  I talk'n muffin!"  
heehee.. love that joke!   
ok.. sorry.. I guess Im a bit goofy today...  
So yes thats part of what I did today.  I also cleaned and totally rearranged my front porch.  I also had Tiffany, Marlaina and Lillianna over for a while.  And, Violet as well!  Violet is still here.  shes taking a little nap at the moment, but I need to get her up in a few minutes.  
 I am pooped out and full!  Ive eated one of those giant muffins, which took me all day and a good scoop of that peach cobbler this morning and.... I just ate two pieces of left over pizza from last night for dinner!
 Ok.. done entertaining for now.. I really need to go check on little princess Violet Pie.. 
toodles for now! 


Stephanie said...

My box of peaches was saying, "you better get us in the freezer before we turn to blue fuzz!" Done.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Bring your special baked items to the cottage. I'm waiting and will have tea ready for you!!!

Margaret said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Yummy! We all deserve to enjoy delicious treats now and then...your cobbler & muffins looks so worth it, lol. Thanks for the recipe. Love that peach face, ha ha.

Cobbler, muffins, and "pies", sweet! :)

Theresa said...

Oh yes, I need some peaches to yell at me to make this YUMMY cobbler! Enjoy your weekend dear Viv, thanks for the recipe! HUGS!

agravette said...

May I please have your blueberry muffin recipe too? They look amazing!

A Little Creation said...

I like stories with a happy ending.
Chris =]

Terri said...

Girl, after seeing this beautiful clobber....I am so making this tomorrow! You're a PEACH!!!! XO