Sunday, August 3, 2014

weekend activities!

oh goodness gracious!  Ive been wanting to do a bloggy post all week.. but Ive been busy and distracted and everytime I sit down at the computer, I get caught up on facebook, pinterest, instagram, flickr... and then when I get here, my brain is so overloaded that I cant form a focused thought!  so I sit and read a few blogs and then go back to something that takes no thought.   I seriously believe that jumping around from image to image and thought to thought on the computer is not good for people, especially not for those of us that might have some ADHD qualities!  

I'm feeling the need to create something soon... probably in the realm of Halloween. I'm by no means ready to give up summer and move on to halloween, but those are the things that are dancing around in my head right now.  I told Lynn from the weenie ranch that I would do a couple halloween tutorials and I know exactly what they're going to be.  but I will hold off a couple more weeks.   (I think..) so be watching!
Ive been ramming the roads lately..  you know, there are things to do, places to go and people to see!  lol! 

Yesterday Jen and miss Ella, who Ive decided to call grandella (isnt she beautiful!?) went to Lewiston which is near niagara falls and we had lunch at the Silo. we ate on the balcony which overlooked the niagara river.  I so enjoyed sitting outside watching the boats while we ate and chit chatted.  The Silo has been featured on that crazy show, man vs food.   Next time I go, I'm going to try what he had... dont worry, I'll be sure to take pics of that! lol!

Friday I had off and Jen and I took Torry and Marla to the beach.  the kids are so good there and they have the best time.  My kids grew up on a little private beach.. which was an old stone quarry that someone owned and cleaned up.  there was a life guard, and sand and picnic areas and fishing .. we went there several times a week all summer long.  sometimes every day!  I would pack the kids up early in the day, pack lunch, snacks and dinner and then my husband would meet us there after work for dinner.  we did that for many years.  I think we were members for about a dozen years there.    
Anyways, my kids loved it and I want my little grandpies to have the same sort of experience.  so I plan on taking them to the beach with me as often as I can. Its good healthy fun for them and its great beach company for me!  lol!  Marla makes me think of my Bethany when she was here age.  Bethany would just wallow in the sand and water she'd bury herself and play for hours.  Marla seems to like that same sort of wallowing! lol!  

The water left a lot to be desired Friday, as there had been several days of heavy windy rains and there was a lot of stanky seaweed washed up as well as stones and broken shells.  I was really not impressed, mostly by the smell.  None of us went in the lake friday.  but every one enjoyed themselves regardless.  The kids had a beach parade and marched around a log banging their shovels together and singing something.  Arent they stinking precious?!
And, Jen brought Penelope with her.  Shes a sweet little thing. looks like a little artic fox! she dug in the sand and got sand in her water.. God only knows how much sand she ate and inhaled. lol!  

anyways, we had fun.  when we left the beach we went to Jens for showers and then shopping!
Always a busy weekend it seems.  This morning Im hanging out at home.  I have to pick the girls up later and meet up with Tiffany to go to my nieces baby shower this afternoon.  then thankfully Im off again tomorrow and who knows what I will be doing.... it is highly possibly that I may just go to the beach again by myself! lol!
well, Im off to make another cup of tea and then will be back to do some blog hopping to visit my bloggy pies!  Happy Sunday girlfriends!


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Viv!
Love your post, reminded me of all the summers my mom would take me and my brother to Santa Monica Beach. The joy of building drip castles, the smell of the ocean and playing in the water, eating sandwiches with sand in them ... flooding back. When I was very small, we'd rent an apartment for a few days in Balboa - where the original chocolate covered bananas started and got our first thong sandals. Lost in very dear memories, thank you!
Yippie look forward to Halloweenie fun!
Happy Sunday to you!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It looks like you've had fun at the beach, Vivian! I wasn't a big beach goer when I lived on Long Island, but I sure could do with smelling that "beach smell" {not the stinky kind though}.

Looking forward to seeing your Halloween crafts and tutorials. I actually just got some supplies from a new to me online resource for Halloween and I have plans on doing a Halloween themed project today. We'll see how far I actually get. : )

Little Susie Home Maker said...

I would love to go to the beach, but not something you find easily in Colorado! Glad to see you having so much fun with your grandkids!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh goodie, I need that Halloween tutorial! Such cute photos of the kids. My Mom took us to the beach all the time. We dragged a cooler full of egg salad sandwiches, chips and lemonade, and stayed in the water until our fingertips were wrinkled and our lips turning blue, lol. Some of my fondest fun memories!

Glad you been enjoying summer too much to blog a lot....that's what summer is all about! :)

Susie said...

Viv, looks like you've had some fun times. I hate when the beach stinks, for any reason. Glad everyone had fun anyways. xoxo,Susie

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been enjoying all your sneak peeks of your week on Instagram. Loving your beach adventures with the grands. I don't want to think about fall but I have been dreaming of Halloween crafts. Can't wait to see your tutorials.

Cindy said...

Too bad about your beach today, but glad you had a good time with the kids. We went up to Lake Michigan for the day (about 1 1/2 hours to get there.) The weather and lake were perfect, but there was a boat off the beach playing the loudest, worst music all day. At one point my husband yelled "turn it down!!!". He's something else, I tell ya! Anyways have a good day tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Our lives are sure full of those grandchildren, aren't they? The backyard is as close to the beach as we get. We have a couple of small lakes nearby but they're usually crowded and very mosquito-y!

Margaret said...

You get as much beach time as you can! The season is short so enjoy! And it's a short season for the kiddies because they grow up so fast! Beach time, hugs, picnics, that's what life is all about!

ginny said...

Blessed to be able to go to the beach here in California.It's the grandkids and my favorite place to be.
Looking forward to your Halloween tutorials.Have already started Halloween crafting here.Otherwise it will sneak up on me and then not enough time to make everything I would like. There never is anyway(enough time)but that's the fun of it.