Thursday, September 4, 2014

teatime chatter

 I just made this awesome tomato tart last night.  It was so yummy.. just want to share the recipe with you.. Cause youre going to want to make this!   Its the Pioneer womans tomato tart recipe.  heres the link:  
I bought a package of mixed color grape sized tomatos at wegmans, but Im sure even with regular ol' cherry tomatos it would be delishous.  

IN the bee department...   the bee guy, called Spiderman came yesterday afternoon.   (what a cutie he is!.. Im just say'n)  anyways, they were in fact honey bees..   and I say were because they have gone away on their own.  He said that sometimes they are just passing through looking for a place to stay and luckily they did not stay here.  there still are a ton of dead ones upstairs.  Im going to wait another day or so and then go up and vacuum them up.  there were still a couple live ones up there yesterday and I think I shall just wait. Im so glad they went away on their own.   now hubby just needs to fill in the hole they were using with some expandable foam.  soon...  before anymore visitors come!  lol!

So what else is new??   bears  bears and more bears.  Im finishing up another order of bears this week and then starting the big order for Jane! this weekend will be devoted to bear making...  and then next weekend I'm going away to OHio to stay with my friend Kelly and go to the county living fair!  so looking forward to that.  I went with some friends in 2009 and havent been since.  I was thinking it was just 3 years ago, but went into the flickr archives to find my pics from when we went and sure enough.. it was 2009.   what a great place to go find treasures!  Jennifer and I are driving down and bloggy friend Marlene is meeting us there from NJ and we'll all be staying with my friend Kelly.  (who I also met on line years ago!)  
When I think back to going to the fair in 2009,  I think of everyones dear friend Elizabeth, from creative breathing!  I so miss her cheerful fun blog and her sweet sweet spirit!  anyways, I was so very lucky to be able to meet up with her while we were there.  a true highlight of that trip!  
sooo, I suppose I should get ready for work..   
I so wish I was a rich princess so I could just stay home and play...................
toodles friends!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Glad the bees have left your home. What a relief and I'm so looking forward to your visit to the Country Living Fair. Please take lots and lots of pictures for all of us. Maybe you can email Elizabeth and encourage her to visit you again. I miss her blog too. PS. It's pouring like crazy this morning. Just in time for all of us to head out early to our schools. I hate Emma driving in her first big rain storm by herself. Yikes.

Theresa said...

Oh I know you are happy to be rid of the bees! They are now a welcome visitor:) That tart looks DELICIOUS! Enjoy your day dear friend! Can't wait to see the bears! HUGS!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Adore tomato tarts, thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
Whew! So glad the bees have departed on their own, hooray! Have fun making your bear order, can't wait to see them. I miss Elizabeth so much, her kindness, wonderful stories and amazing creativity. How lucky you were to get to meet her. We miss you E!

Happy Thursday!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh...what fun you have in store! You gals are going to have a blast! I'm getting lots of little tomatoes from the garden right now, so will definitely try that delish recipe, thanks! Love the pumpkins photo. :)

Jess said...

I have never heard such a "nice" story about bees that have taken up residence. They are usually horror stories that just make my skin crawl.

And yes, we ALL miss Miss Elizabeth. I was lucky enough to purchase some items from her and they make me smile every time I see them.

Love reading your blog, it's like sitting across from you and visiting while having a cup of tea or coffee. Thank you for taking time out of your days to chat!

Laura Adams said...

That recipe looks delicious! I have trouble coming up with something different all the time this looks like a winner,Thank you for sharing! I'm see you've had a bee visitors...I just added one to my garden! Oh my! You are very lucky to meet Elizabeth in person! She sure is a wonderful person <3 I loved reading all of her stories and she is blessed with so many talents! I hope to see her blog again :)