Sunday, March 15, 2015

hello sunday

 Heres a few pics from yesterdays birthday party.  Isnt Marla the cutest little birthday girl!?  She cracks me up... speaking of cracks...   this might be way too much info...   but she and I were in the bathroom together at Target..  and she told me.. "Grammie you have a big butt!"      thank you for pointing that out to me Marla! I needed to be reminded!   lol!

 Yesterday was actually Tiffanys birthday (marlas was really in dec.)  so we celebrated both birthdays.   Tiffany made the cutest little minnie mouse cupcakes and decorations.   we put three candles on for Marla and sang and then relit them and sang to tiffany.  Then in the kitchen, I relit them several more times so that Torry, and Marla and her friend Evan could keep blowing them out!  lol!

I do have some cute little pies dont I?  Dont we all?    I just need more energy..   I have a difficult time keeping up with them all.. and when they are all here I feel like the ball in a old fashioned pinball machine going bing! bing! bing!.. bumping from one to another and another and another! never really settling until its all over. But I really do love to see them all together.  my little precious pies..

Well because of the crazy effect that having everyone here does to my brain.. I totally over looked getting pictures of my Lillianna and of my brand new little Scarlet pie!!   Though,  you can see Lilly in the back ground in a couple pics..    I'll see Scarlet later today cause I have to go over to drop off Torrys ninja turtle that he lost here yesterday.  (they live next to each other.)   so maybe I'll pop in to take a couple pics of her.

so... that sinus headache I had??  yeah, it turned into a cold..   didnt notice it much until every one left last night... but as soon as the door closed, I realized that I pretty much felt like crap.  hopefully I didnt infect everyone while they were here!  And I sure am feeling it this morning...   oy vey..
OK.. on that note.. I suppose I shall take a shower and do something constructive like work on a bear order or easter swap stuff..  
Happy Sunday bloggy pies!


Margaret said...

Happy Sunday! I think you'r doing quite well with all your pies--you look like you're keeping up just fine with them with all you do and the joy on their faces when they are near you. Have a great day and remember that a big butt ain't necessarily a bad thing :)

Theresa said...

Happy Sunday to you too Viv! Your little pies are all precious! Enjoy your day and feel better, 'ya hear? HUGS!

Teresa Schubert said...

Such happy memories you are all making for the little ones!! Lovely indeed. Sure hope you feel better quickly! Blessings to you and yours,
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon, Vivian! My husband has a cold, too. Came home from his business trip on Friday with it (so he can't say he got it from me!). He is a miserable old . . . oh, sorry, family blog, right? : P Anyway, it just figures he is sick on the weekend (and a beautiful one at that).

Your little cuties all look adorable!


Lots of birthday fun with all your cutie pies :)
I hope your cold doesn't get you too sick.

Patti said...

Sunday is a wonderful day - isn't it? Especially when you get to be with your grand-pies! I wish mine were closer....ok, I won't whine. Your family is just precious - and I am SOOOOO happy for you that they are all close. Have a wonderful week - and feel better!

Musings from Kim K. said...

You really do surprise us all with everything you do manage to do with your sweet grands. Such darling pictures of your weekend party. I hope you are able to get feeling better. I do believe Spring is officially on it's way!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

What a bunch of cuties. Sorry you are sick. Can't help but wonder, do you ever take a work sick day? I think you deserve one, and you'll get better faster if you rest.

Oh, a big butt huh? Well welcome to the club, lol! Kids are so funny. I want a cupcake. :)

Lynn said...

Too cute, you're a lucky lady! Hope you feel better soon:@)
PS-I thought the Jello popcorn was pretty good, great for kids!

Debby said...

What a cute party. I love Minnie anyway but this is so sweet. I love all your pies. They are exhausting. I hope the cold goes away quickly. I have been drinking the Sleepy Time Extra at night. I do think it is helpful for my immune system. Feel better.

Libby Buttons said...

You amaze me. I don't know how you do it all! Feel better <3