Sunday, February 14, 2016

♥♥♥happy heart day♥♥♥

Good Morning!  Happy Valentines day!
I hope everyone is spending time with someone they love today and is feeling loved.  

I'll be spending most of the day at home.  I made cookies and pie yesterday for my hubby and my kids.  And I had bought little boxes of candy and some trinkets for my little pies.  

 I gave Tony his pie this morning and told him I made it for him to share with me!  lol!  So, that is what we had for breakfast!  Cherry heart pie!  Yummy!  
and to be honest..
 I had already eaten two cookies with my tea at 5:30 this morning!  lol!

I found the cutest little valentines at Wegmans and this cookie boxes at Micheal's, was going to use the boxes just for the cookies but I ended up using them for the kids little gifties as well as they were the perfect size.   and those little valentines worked out perfectly on the boxes, didn't they?  

I had bought a little bit bigger boxes of candy for Ella and Carson and theirs wouldn't fit it those cute boxes..  oh well.  look at the cute 5.00 dollar heart!  I didn't buy any trinkety thing for Carson, I always give him money, so I googled folded money hearts and this is what I ended up  making!  cute huh?  
If I had had 5 one dollar bills I would have rather done that because how cute would that be to get a little treat bag full of dollar hearts!?  
not that Carson cares about cute.  

Anyways.. I suddenly have Easter creeping into my brain, and I have a little something, or someone hopping around in my head..  so maybe I'll be posting something cute soon!
have a great day! 
Happy Valentines Day!
ps.. did I mention that we are on day 2 or 3 of subzero temps.. It is stinking cold out!


Susie said...

Viv, I love the clever money folding. :):) Oh that pie, my SIL would be in love with you if you had served that to him. LOL...that's his favorite pie and that is so darn cute. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Happy valentine's day. xoxo,Susie

Lynn said...

Your pie looks great and the money heart is cute! Happy Valentine's Day-enjoy:@)

Patti said...

I love your sweet decorations, but most of all I love how positive and loving you are. You just have so much energy for giving. I love that about you. It spills over and gifts all of us. Thank you for sharing. Oh - cherry pie is my favorite! I wish I could come over for a piece!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Stay warm, Vivian! It is freezing and snowing here!

Love how you folded the money into a heart. Very clever, especially when you are giving money to the older kids.

Oh my gosh, I saw that pie and I started drooling!

Theresa said...

So many pretties! I love that pie:) Have a sweet day dear Viv, HUGS!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh boy...where do I start here, lol. Adorable decorations! The pie looks amazing, loving your hearts crust. Sounds like a great breakfast for sweethearts day to me. Love the cute goodie bags for the kids and the clever heart money. Sure you made your whole family happy!!! Dang cold, wishing it away too, and thinking of spring. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Adorable Valentine decorations and YUMMY treats. I'm sure your day was just as special as you are, Viv! Easter decorations. I'll be hopping into Easter treasures too. Can't wait!

Marlynne said...

You certainly make the holidays fun for your little ones and Big Ones Too!