Wednesday, July 20, 2016

good morning friendies!

I dont know what happen to my blog post the last time.  It appears that I posted it twice somehow.   How weird.  I feel like my bloggy pals are dwindling, not getting as many comments as I used to.  my fault for my dwindling posts im sure.   I think people come and dont comment.  Im guilty of the same thing.  sometimes Im just trying to keep up and always on the run.   That seems to be the story of my life though..  
always on the run and barely keeping up with anything, at home and at work! 
but really not so funny.
Oh well.. 
remember this song?  one of my all time favorite summer songs.. I was 14 when this came out. 

and this one is one of my most favorites ever.. I was 13 when this song came out.  I love this song.. makes me think of so many summer nights and old boyfriends!  lol!  

Anyways.. I hadnt intended on posting songs this morning.  not sure how I ended up there!  
Im looking forward to a 4 day weekend this weekend.  I know I will get some lake time in.  My mother is up from florida but she will be in boston this weekend. I'll see her on monday.  She came out Friday night with a couple of my aunts and one of our family friends and we all went out for fishfrys.  It was nice to visit. 

I have bear orders stacking up again.  I need to work on them.  I may dedicate my mornings to them this weekend..  maybe I'll plan from 5:00 am to 9:00 am for bears.  4 days of that and I should be able to get a great head start of them.  Now, if only I will stick to my plan! lol!  Im so impulsive, you just never know what I will do.  

Im going tonight to look at wallpaper.  I know some people dont care for it, but in this old house, its really my only choice with out knocking every wall out and starting over..  which Im not interested in doing!  lol!  not really interested in wallpapering either.  but my bedroom NEEDS it desparetely!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Im trying too!  so much crap going on in our country that I have a tendency to have some fleeting moments of feeling a little hopeless.   But then I just remind myself that no matter what is happening that God is in control.  I keep thinking about giving up facebook..  and I really should.  maybe I should do that and put my attention back into my blog! 

Im hoping to do something creative this weekend too.  I really need the whole summer off..  oy vey!   ok.. only a half an hour left to get ready for work now..    better get going..  (see???  always on the run!)  still have to feed the bird, water the flowers, get dressed.. do my face...   bla bla bla...)  
have a great day my friends!!  


martha brown said...

I read every one of your blog posts, Viv!! Even if I dont always comment :)
Im not a huge wallpaper fan either, but it is so much easier than re-plastering or putting up new drywall. One of my favourite wallpapers is the one that looks like old barnboard... But you have to have that certain "look" for it to work :) Some of my walls here in Nova Scotia are made from printed wallboard. With ducks on them. Very 1980s. I am planning on painting over it -- but it is also embossed, so those ducks might still show. Ugh.
Good Luck!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Everyone is so busy in the summer. I think they read and don't take the time to comment. Even though I am retired now, life gets to busy that I am one of those that asks when I ever had time to work!! We have a heat advisory for today and tomorrow which will be my excuse to stay inside. Or maybe run errands tomorrow. We'll see. I MUST find time to stitch!!
xx, Carol

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh I think lots of us are guilty of being on the run and failing to comment sometimes. Also a lot of bloggers I used to follow are no longer blogging, another reason for less comments. Oh well, interest goes in waves to the next new thing. When Instagram gets old maybe they'll start blogging again lol. Love your summer decor. Good luck with the wallpapering. Not easy but easier than new drywall! You should take the summers off on your bear making...more lake time!

Stay cool. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been cutting back on blogging (IG is so much easier) but my blog has been such a great way to document family events and holiday decorations. I won't ever give it up. I rarely use fb but haven't given it up because my extended family uses it. Your summer decor looks so pretty. I need to make a shell wreath with all my FL shells. I probably won't get to it but your wreath is inspiring. You'll have to share with us your wall paper samples. Good luck with those bears! Enjoy your four day weekend. The lake is definitely calling!! Hugs!

Stephanie said...

I like being busy and productive with photography projects, etc., but things at home fall apart so quickly that I just want to stay put and guard my stuff! Our 19 year old grandson asked to stay with us through July while he saves up some money for his own place. Guess what, he hasn't saved a dime! Oh, well. I hope your wallpaper project goes well; I love wallpaper. My walls are so bumpy that I know it wouldn't stick right. Oh, I highly recommend eliminating the FB; I did and it is so freeing. Have a lovely weekend! Stephanie

ginny said...

Love your seashell wreath. I haven't done much decorating this summer but love your ideas. I am already thinking of making Christmas ornaments. I make one for each immediate family member so that's 10. Thinking if I get started now they'll be done by Thanksgiving. Which is when I give them out. Good luck with your bears.


Love the sea shells in the bird house! I love wallpaper, just a bugger to change. Enjoy your long weekend!

Margaret said...

Good Morning Viv! I know what you mean about blogs. I love doing mine but have seen comments drop off and I never seem to get any followers anymore. I would be so sad if there were no blogs cause I've made such great friends and learned so much from them! We will carry on though! I love wall paper. I have it in my foyer and would never do without it! I hope you have a great weekend and get to have the fun you sooo deserve! Love you!

Oliva Ohlson said...

Hi Viv!!! I love your new blog page! I know exactly what you mean about always running late and not enough time to do everything there is to get done...and I'm retired! This summer is flying by so quickly and haven't finished or started some knitted and crochet projects for church donations...that was my big goal this summer...failing so far!

I love seeing your outings to the beach with your grands! Have a wonderful weekend!

Marlynne said...

Your Birdcage is neat1 We use some wallpaper too in our house, also dollies on the chairs. Carry over from my childhood I guess!

agravette said...

I love the cage with seashells in it! Such an awesome idea!