Saturday, July 30, 2016

mermaid inspiration

One of the things I've always loved about blogs and blogging is the amount of talent and inspiration I find out here!  I love visiting creative people to see what they're doing.  We get good ideas that way.  Same with pinterest right?   Sometimes I get inspiration overflow and don't know what to do first!
I have to tell you that one of the best places for inspiration is at Magpie Ethel's.  She is just freaking amazing.. her collections and creations are the best.  Not to mention her "somedaybeachhouse"  OMG!  
So many times I've gone to her Etsy sale too late and missed the chance to buy something I loved from her and it happened again a couple weeks ago when she did her mermaid sale.  But this time I noticed the custom order button!  woo hoo!  so I ordered a spunhead mermaid from her and she came early this week.  Isn't she stinking cute!?  I'm obsessed with her!  lol!

So Back to the Inspiration part..
Laurie  (Magpie) makes the most adorable mermaids out of old story book dolls and I have a bunch of them and I was obsessively inspired to give it a try!   So I pulled a couple dolls out  and pulled off their legs!  I know.. thats just bizarre.  but I did it.  Laurie told me that she bought her dolls with the legs missing already..  well.. I didn't have that option... so I amputated!

Then I made paperclay mermaid tails for them!  The hardest part was waiting two days for them to dry.  Once dried the fun part began!  painting and embellishing!

I have a million seashells, but didnt have any tiny matching shells that would work for little mermaid bras!  so I had to make a special trip 45 minutes away to michael's to get some! lol!!
So worth the trip because they turned out so darned cute!
lol.. someone mentioned that the little one above looked angry..  and I said.. well you'd be angry too if someone pulled your legs off and glued seashells onto your breasts with hot glue!  lol!

 Aren't they sweet?  Don't ya think?

 And sooo.. it was a happy Mermaid week!  and now were at another saturday morning with a bright and sunny day ahead!  And where do you think you'll find me???
yup...  its a lake day!
Today Bethany and I are going kidless...  I bought a bunch of goodies for our lunch and snacks and some new magazines.  We first have Torry's soccer game to go to and then hes staying with his dad.  Of course he doesn't know that we're going to the beach, that would be a problem.  lol!  I feel a little sneaky and Bethany feels guilty!  lol!  but that's the plan!
Have a great day my bloggy friends!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

What a nice post (you say the sweetest things) and glad I could inspire. Mermaid crafting has been a summer tradition for awhile for me now. No holidays for a bit, so those mermaids are the perfect fit!
happy day!

ginny said...

Your mermaids are fantastic! Enjoy your beach day and don't feel guilty.

Theresa said...

Those mermaids are PRECIOUS:). You did an awesome job on those girls! The lake sounds like a nice way to spend the day. Enjoy your weekend, hugs

Oliva Ohlson said...

Way too stinking cute!!! are one creative Lady!!! Have a great weekend!


Your mermaids are so sweet and I wondered how their tails were made! Fun day. Happy weekend.

TiffanyJane said...

Love your mermaids Viv!! They turned out soooo cute! Love the spunhead mermaid too, so adorable!

Lynn said...

I love your glittery tails! They turned out so cute-Happy Hottest Part of Summer:@)

Stephanie said...

How cute! I used to be crafty but the thought of it just makes me want to hot glue my head to the table! Stephanie

Cindy said...

Love the mermaids! Glitter on the tails is so pretty. Hope you had a good time at the beach! We are going to take our grandson one time, then hopefully a few more times by ourselves to relax. LOL!

Margaret said...

Magpie Ethel is amazing! And I can't even imagine having such great estate sales here that she has there. Your mermaid is awesome and so are the ones you did! I agree about blogging. I have learned/see/loved so much from so many. Luv ya! Maggie

Debby said...

Love everything she does.
But I love your mermaids. Did the paper clay work okay. I was just give a lot of Nancy Ann dolls to sell for a friend. I may try your idea, if that's okay?

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

So cute, just love your mermaids. I want to go to the beach now. :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Fun post. You have a never ending imagination!
xx, Carol

Summer said...

They are very sweet! Have a great day ♥

E said...

Love the mermaids, the turquoise girl has a bit of a snurl, guess she has a "tude from the hot glue and the amputation ! Seriously they are sooo cute and agree Laurie does have some really fun inspiration ! Elaine