Friday, August 5, 2016

friday morning chitter chatter!

This is how we look this morning!   Figgy wants my attention and I'm trying to type here.  I finally fed him, cause every time I put him down, he jumped back up.  
He's very "purr-sistent", lol !!  
Now hes content and bathing on the porch.  silly cat!
I love him so!

Speaking of cats.. I hit one the other night on my way home from work.  It was devastating to me.  I felt so bad.  I know it wasn't my fault and I'm not blaming myself.. It just made me sick.  She just ran out in front of me.  I wont go into the rest of the horribly details.  But, I was dropping f- bombs.. and  crying.  The lady whose cat it was said she was 15 years old, was sickly and lived outside.  Well, if you know me, you know I was a total wreck about it.  When I got home, Tony was handing me bunches of toilet paper to blow my nose and wipe my face.  I am not a crier generally,  but omg.. you would have thought a person died.  In fact, I have to admit I cried more about hitting that cat then I have when some people have died! why is that ?  I don't know.   anyways..  some sweet little pies of mine gave me flowers and cookies that night!  And you know what?  I felt immediately better!  
All of the little pie people in my life are so stinking precious.. I can hardly stand it! You should see how big our little Sera is getting!  they are all getting so big!  I need to get new pictures of all the kids so I can make Halloween paper dolls like I did for the 4th!

And speaking of Halloween..  I know its only august and I'm loving summer so not really in a hurry... but Halloween is creeping into my brain!  And I'm looking forward to Halloween decorating and crafting... soon!
But before that, I'm looking forward to our family vacation.  In two weeks we will be heading to a lake house on Seneca lake.  We're all going.  Well, I'm not sure about Rob and Tiff and the girls.  I think they might be coming for a night or a couple days.   I hope so anyways!  I have to find that out.  
But I am excited about it.  
The kids gave this little family vacation to Tony and I for Christmas.  So we've been waiting and thinking about it since December!  Well, I have been,  I don't know how excited Tony is!  LOL!!  You know I'll be taking tons of pictures and having a good time with my family! And will probably be ready for another vacation alone afterwords!  lol!!

so for now, I off from work today and Monday and looking forward to lots of things this weekend.  I'm off to the chiropractor this morning, then back to work on bears.. hoping to make it to the lake for a little bit, later and then to a bridal shower tonight.  Tomorrow is an all day beach day and a girls night with some girlfriends!  The rest of the weekend is a little bit up in the air.. but I have plans cooking up!
Have a great weekend bloggy friends!  I've got to get out of this chair and get busy around here!  


Marlynne said...

I'm afraid I'am like you on the death of an animal! So Sad! Have a great vacation! Yes you will probably need that trip for two later!


Relax and enjoy your weekend! I would have felt very sad about hitting the kitty too!
take care.
p.s. I'm thinking fall :) not Halloween, yet!

Cindy said...

Wow, that vacation with your family sounds like so much fun! You will be tired out from that, I'm sure:) I'm worn out just spending the afternoon with one grandson!
So sorry about the kitty. I'm sure I would feel the same, but it was good that the cat-mama wasn't too upset.
Have a great weekend, friend! It sounds like you're filling it up with good times.

Lynn said...

I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday, lots and lots of new skellies out this year! Happy Weekend:@)

Susie said...

I don't like running over animals either. I hit a puppy once...not in a fence not on a leach just running around and it was instant.... I was mad at the owners for not taking care of it. Cats are more free roaming, so very hard to contain their roamings. But dogs and puppies are a bit different. Just have to forgive yourself since you had no control over what happened. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Jane said...

Sad about the kitty cat, but you couldn't help it when it ran right out into the street. Good that the owner understood, and that your little sweeties brought you some goodies to help cheer you up!
Hope you have a terrific vacation with your family! And then plan another one by yourself or with some crafty friends to start on those Halloween wonders!
xoxo Jane

Margaret said...

I'm glad you have found peace with the kitty cat incident. It's rough but it was an accident. You keep thinking about that Halloween decorating and Lake house trip!!! Keep smiling because you make us all of us smile!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I know how devastated you were about the cat. Hugs!! I'm so happy for you about your upcoming lake house vacation. It's well deserved and I can't wait to see what Halloween decorations you will be creating this year. I need to work on my blog. Everything fell apart when my father in law got sick and died. Looking for my happy groove again!