Sunday, January 20, 2008

dollyswap update.............

Do you like my valentine tree? I keep finding myself just standing in the kitchen loving it!!

Were doing good girls! there are 18 of us right now. I think I said I'd keep it going til the 23rd. so we're sure to get a couple more.

I just need to remind everyone, that i need your addresses, email addresses and blog addresses!

I bought some fabric yesterday to use for my doll. remember the theme.. sunshiney sweet! I will post everyones names and blog addresses here tomorrow, or will actually probably just add the rest to the previous post where I've already started.

Today I made two bears for a bear order.. they still need noses, bows and tags. I'll finish them in the morning and will post their pics sometime this week. I cleaned today too! And I made chicken and bisquits for dinner,yummy!

Tomorrow morning I'm having a little tea party! (yay! I'm off!) Just a few girlfriends coming over to chit chat and munch on sweet rolls and coffee cake. I'll be up early baking !

Look at these cookies my husband brought me this morning! isnt he sweet! He brought me two, and then he ate one! thats ok though.. cause I loves him!



Anonymous said...

The tree is beautiful!!

Michelle said...

I love the tree! reminds me to spray paint a tinsel green one like that silver for all year use!
I think you have my snail mail, do you need me to re-send it?

Susan said...

I could look at that tree all day. Love it!

barbara burkard said...

schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet tree and treeeeats!

Joy said...

Hi Viv,

I know you through Flickr and had to come and pay you a visit! :)

I love your Valentine tree too!


Lori said...

Viv, your valentine tree is so very darling:) i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome tree where did ya get it from? I wish I knew how to make dolls!!! I would so join your swap!

Marie said...

Love the tree! Your husband is a real sweetheart to get you those lovely looking biscuits. What are biscuits for if you can't eat them!

Julie said...

What a cute tree!!! Can't wait to see the dolls too.