Thursday, January 24, 2008


So girls, we have 27 swappers in all! 27 very talented , creative and beautiful woman! yup thats us! talented! creative! and beautious!!

The rules are... you have made a committment.. please do not let your partners down. put your heart into creating something especially sweet for your wonderful partner! if for some reason you suddenly find that you cant honor your committment contact me immediately so I can make sure your partner does not end up disappointed. I wouldnt make such a big deal about this except that I hosted a swap recently where a few people did not follow through! this has caused me to look over our list of girls very carefully! But I must say that I trust all of you!!♥♥
We have until Feb 29th to complete and mail our dolls. I would love it for everyone to take a picture of themselves with the doll they make and then again with the doll they recieve! ( this is my swap right? I can make up any rules I want! hahahaha !) ok.. You dont really have to do that, but dont you think it would be nice? Like awesomely nice and it would make me happy.. (not that you care how happy I am.. but I do!!!)
Your doll can be made from any medium and should be between 9 and 15 inches.. (I think thats what I said before!)
(I'm thinking my next swap will be for miniatures under 6 inches.. stay tuned girlfriends! I can hardly contain myself now that I've thought it!!!! I have a serious obsession with tiny things! Oh dear I have gone off on a tangent!)
Remember my dears, its a beat the winter blues swap.. think cheerful ! sunshiney ! sweet! hmmm.. am I leaving anything out?
I hope everyone is happy with their partners! I am thrilled with mine! Everyone should be happy! I really think we have a very creative group.
Oh I just love you all!! ♥♥
(my Im just full of sap tonight arent I?)
have a lovely! leave me lots of messages! (at least let my know you got the email with your partners info!!)


Angie said...

Thanks again for setting this up. Yes, my partner and I have communicated and wouldn't you know..just a few days ago I was looking at her picturetrail albums and admiring her amazing dolls! Intimidated? Maybe. Intrigued? Certainly. Inspired? You bet!

Gotta get to work!

kecia said...

thanks for organizing this Viv - you sound like you are on top of swapping (and i know what a pain they are!)i hope no one disappoints. love the idea of the miniatures too - i like mini anything! great idea with the pictures.

Lori V said...

I too am thrilled with my swap partner. This is going to be very exciting for me. Now I haven't even gotten started and you already are talking about miniatures. oyyyyyyyy. That is one of my addictions. Been collecting and making miniature teddy bears and dolls and doll houses for 25 years. Now I can't wait for that swap either.

jillian said...

I'm so excited to be involved in my first swap ever! I've contacted my partner and promise not to disappoint!! Thanks again for doing this.

Anonymous said...

I am not in your Doll Swap but I think it's a fun idea of taking pictures with the dolls you make/receive. GREAT IDEA!!
Your fabulous!!!
I am in your next swap because you make them so fun! :) Bren

Heartinmyhand said...

Oh darn I missed your swap. I look forward to seeing everyone's dolls. Love your valentine tree

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

I have contacted my partner,This swap is gonna be fun fun!
Thanks a million Vivian for setting this all up
(((Hugs))) Sherrie

Michelle said...

I've been in constant contact with my partner and we find we have ALOT in common! looking forward to making her doll! Thanks for organizing such a great swap! Be sure to stop by my blog or tell friends about my charm swap!

Debb said...

HI,I came by the other day but my compute won't let me post . I HATE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!I hope your doll swap goes good can't wait to see them. I going in the hosptial on the 4 of Feb. Been sick too long.The news could be bad but still hoping it will be good. I have finish all my swaps for now till after I get home. Can't wait for those doll pictures.

Brenda said...

Hi Viv! Thanks for poppin on my blog - I'll keep checkin to (hopefully) see pics of your dolly swaps!


Elaine Thomas said...

Hey Viv, I apologize for my delay in responding to this. I am very excited about this swap and I love my partner. Her work is awesome and I can't wait to see what I recieve from her. I am starting on her piece next week. I hope she will love it.

Kai said...

Viv, thanks for a fun swap! My partner is WAY fun, and we have exchanged likes & dislikes, styles, colors, etc. She seems like a really nice person! Can't wait to see ALL the dolls that ar 'born' of this swap!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hi. I am participating in the easter swat with you!! It's my first and I am so excited. I love your blog and am so inspired by artists such as yourself.

Karen Eileen

barbara burkard said...

WOO HOOOO!!!! thinking that it would be kool for the pic of each of us with our babies...would make a lovely hangtag to go with them to their forever homes... (and hmmm i'm not crazy about having my picture taken lol either...)...thank you for hosting this sweet swap and oh yes...just sign me up for the "little" swap..sight if it's from YOU...IT'S GOTTA BE GOOD!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Vivian!
Hope your hubby is getting well on his way to better health. Thought I would visit you, hope I make sense as it is way too late to be here but wanted to say HI! Glad your dolly swap is taking place, thought about it but too overloaded and have not attempted much sewing in years, some day soon though! (oh, there's always clay too!!) Also like your Valentine Tree, lovely!
It is really sad that some partners for your swap before did not follow through and could certainly see why you are being more thorough and cautious!!! a darn shame, you should get an extra treat, as you not only hosted the swap but there you was...making little gifties for the poor gals that did without because of some unwise (ugh!!!) craft partners!
bless yer heart!

Julie said...

I can't wait to see the creations!

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

Hi Viv,

Val here! I love the basket full of hearts that you sent. I took the basket apart and then put it back together again (for pictures). Then I took it apart to admire and touch everything again. My husband thinks I'm goofy. I'm like you though. Y'know how you keep admiring you Valentine's Tree?

Making dollies is way out of my league but I am really looking forward to following and admiring all the dolls from afar!

Sheila said...

Hi Viv,
Sorry for not checking in, not used to visiting blogs yet.
My partner is just a sweetheart and I am having lots of fun deciding what kind of doll she would like the most!
Thank you Viv for all of your efforts with this swap. I am sure it has taken a lot of work on your part and I know we are all just so appreciative.

Carla said...

Love my partner. We have been in contact with each other. I've started 3 dolls and didn't like them LOL. Love the 6 inch doll swap idea.

Fran said...

I've very happy with my dollie partner. I haven't started on my doll yet but will soon. I have a quilt show this weekend. Our doll club has a booth in the quilt show and I have to go help sit it up tomorrow. Show is Friday thur Sunday. I have to work our booth also. I'm the President and Co Founder of our doll club Las Vegas Silver Doll-Ers.
I also made two doll to be judged in the quilt show. If you want to see them, they are on my blog.

I'm so looking forward to this doll swap. :-)
Thank you again for hosting it.