Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hey! How do you like my new banner? My daughter has been playing with photoshop and made it for me! isnt it sweet! I think she did an awesome job and I'm so glad to know that she can do that.. I will keep her busy making banners for me!

Well finally I'm ready to post about the doll swap! Ok.. this will be the "Beat the winter blues doll swap", and the theme of the doll will be "sunshiney and sweet". the dolls can be made out of any medium and can range in size from 9 to 15 inches. All I ask is that you put your heart into the doll and make it special, because that way everyone will make something extra nice and everyone will be happy with what they recieve! I am so excieted already!

I'll take sign ups until jan. 23. and will email or post partners on the 24th. That will give us the rest of Jan and all of Feb to design and finish our dolls. Lets have the mail out day be leap day! Feb 29th! then we will all recieve our dolls at the right time to cheer us from the winter blues! (well those of us living in snow country anyways..) Everyone else lucky enough to live in sunshine all year around, will be recieving a little extra dose of sunshine in the mail!!
Ok.. so.. please email me to sign up, please include your name, mailing address, email address, blog address and your flickr if you have one. Also please consider this a committment. I hate to have to throw that in, but I hosted a swap a while back and some people made and sent, and didnt recieve. How disappointing that is.. I'm still trying to make up for it to them! Please contact your partner and keep in touch with them.. Here is a great chance to make a great new creative blog friend!
Ok, and lastly, I have to make a badge or button or what ever you call it! so I will do that hopefully today.. or heck.. I'll be right back, I'll do it now!done! what do you think? ok? I had trouble with the size. couldnt get it how I wanted it! well, this will do.. so everyone, please post it and spread the word to your doll making friends!So on to other things.... I recieved this little award from my sweet friend at how nice of her to think of me.. I 'll pass this on during the week, but for now I just want to say thank you!I have all my valentines stuff out now.. I really dont have much compared to 11 christmas bins, 3 halloween 2 snowmen, and 2 easter! Just one smaller sized bin.. thats it... I think I'm going to make myself a valentine swag. one of these days. I have a couple new bear orders and I really should be working on them today. eh! "theres always tomorrow" but one does need to be done by Friday. so really if not today.. then it really has to be tomorrow.. no room for procrastination here!
So while I'm here, shall I post my valentine pics? Ok.. (I think you said yes!) did I tell you I have a nasty little sinus headache? I woke up this mornign and thought I had a hang over! We went out to some friends last night, I had 2 momosas thats all.. I only had two because I am on call and didnt dare have any more! anyways, I sure enough woke up withthat stupid headache.. well now after pumping myself full of liquids and eating and taking 2 extra strengh tylenol at 6 am and then 2 more at 10am.. I am realizing that its definitely sinus! and it wont go away!
OK so the pics.. let me get to that now..


Gina2424 said...

So lovely-your Valentine items! Tell me more about the paper clay cupid clown guys! I just love these as much as your similar snowman!

Fran said...

Love your Valentine dolls, I love reading and looking at your blog. I'm sitting here with a cup of Mocha listening to your music and looking at all your lovely creations and read every word. It makes a nice relaxing afternoon.
Hope your sinus problems heal soon. I know how sinus problems are. I have them too often myself. Take care of yourself.
Can't wait for the Doll Swap, sounds like lots of fun and I love making dolls.

Michelle said...

this will be fun as I love to make dolls, but don't know many friends who like the same! I'll e-mail you as well as post it on my blog!

Fran said...

It's me again. I was so excited about the doll swap I forgot to say how many I love your banner. It's wonderful and your daughter did a fantastic job of making it for you. Look forward to other banners.

kathy said...

VIV , your banner is so lovely ., what a great job she did -- Also your valentines and snowmen are great -- Blessings _Kathy

Julie said...

Oh - I sneezed so much last night - I had to hand over the phone when my daughter called! I hope you feel better real soon! Your dolls are amazing!

Roxie said...

Love all your Valentine's goodies, very creative I must say!
I found your blog over at Angelina's, so glad I did. Have fun with your doll swap, wish I was talented in that area.

Heather said...

Beautiful Banner! I like all your Valentine's decorations - I haven't got any so I definitely need to go shopping or get busy making!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your valentine stuff! I love the snow man too! super cute! I want to make one of those paper clay cupid clowns! must share how you did it! mine would never look like that though! haha


Sadie Lou said...

Hi Viv!
I saw you on The Polka Dot Pixie's Blog and thought I'd drop in to say Hiddee Ho!
Very pretty banner!
~Sadie Lou

Donna Layton said...

Woweeeeeeee! Swoon deluxe. You're work is awesome!