Monday, November 17, 2008

"let them eat cake and read blogs" (sweet b)

My sweet friend Sweet B gave me this sweet award today. Its the "blogs to lose your head over" award. so I must pass it on.. this is a very difficult task as there are really sooo many awesome blogs out there. but let me consider a few here.. first.. I give it back to her!! Then as I try to think of some cheerful and upbeat blogs, Scrappy Jessi comes right to my mind!

scrappy jessi's blog is ALWAYS fun and upbeat. she has an extrordinary amount of energy!

Then theres Kai . Kai is truely one of the sweetest loveliest girls out here in blogland.

Debra of hophopjingleboo.. if youve never checked out the absolute yumminess of her blog.. be sure to do so..

Natalea of Kandeland. You may not know it, but she is one of the funniest and "talkingest " people in the world I'm sure! I've had the extreme pleasure of spending some time with her in person over the past few months, and she is a total riot!

Sandy of sandyscreations, is an amazing artist and her blog is full of fun things.

Terisa who you may know as sabiiwabii.. Her blog is also full of lots of wonderful artwork.

I have to say, I dont really like choosing 7 blogs. Because I could go through my bloglist and choose everyone of them. Each blog I have listed is there because I find their blogs inspiring in some form or another. Some inspire creativity, some home decorating, some family time, some cooking and some spirituality and christianity. with in these blogs Ive found women who are kind, friendly, loving and generous. They take the time to update their blogs and share their lives with each other, their ideas, their opinions, the things they love and the things they create. They share pictures from their daily lives, their cute children and grandchildren, their gardens, their dogs and cats, something they just baked and the recipe! their artwork and their homes. Sometimes they share beautiful pictures of Gods artwork.. in nature. I dont know about you, but Im always excieted to see who was the last to post and to run right over to see what they've been up too! I try to leave comments, but sometimes I just get a quick peek and I have to move on!

anyways.. Heres to all you girls!! Heres to blogland friendships and inspirations! I loose my head on a daily basis here! much love to you all!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It is wonderful to have so many sweet friends in blogland. I am glad you are one of mine...m..

Anonymous said...

His cheeks are already flushed! Better cut off the wine to your monkey. Drunk monkeys are no fun!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What lovely sentiments about all our blogging friends!!

Kai said...

You are such a sweety! Thank you for mentioning me! I'm like you, Viv! Each person's blog is so unique and fun to read! These days I try to take Friday mornings (pre-dawn) to really go through EVERYONE'S! I'm going to go to MY blog tomorrow & tag the daylights out of a LOT of people! LOL!

Brenda said...

Ah, Viv, you're so much fun!! This song inspired my snowflake dolly. One of my fav childhood memories, curled up in the corner, listening to that on an old 45!!
Happy Holidays, Girlie!!

Brenda said...

PS. Had to giggle at your monkey guest! Yes, cut off the wine.. ;)

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I missed you! Boy do I have a lot to share with you! I'll e-mail you soon! Thanks sooo much for mentioning my blog! I am so flattered!!!!!!!

Sandy xox

Fran said...

GOSH!! I went and looked at the wonderful blogs and WOW!! I really enjoyed each of them, sparked my creativity.

Monkey looks like he's enjoying the Apple Enchantment. Love the smile on his face. :-)

Susan said...

Heres to blogland friendships and inspirations!

Cant agree with you more.


Sabii Wabii said...

Well here i am just minding my own business and trying to figure out how you made those snowmen and the next thing I see is my name! Thank you Viv!
ps how did you do those snowmen?