Thursday, November 6, 2008

still time to sign up here!

HEllo all! this is just a quickie post..
Theres still time to join the snowman ornament swap! There are 17 of us right now.. I'd love to get to 20. but if not, I love the girls I have signed up so far! (gosh.. my feet are freezing!!) This was a fun swap last year and this year will be even better! I'll post or email partners this weekend so stay tuned!
I put all my halloweenies away a couple nights ago.. ITs always so sad to say goodbye to them all!! I have 5 big bins of halloween stuff! thats a bit rediculous isnt it? I have a small house! oh well.. I was good this year and didnt buy a ton of more stuff.. just a little bit! I dont have a lot of thanksgiving stuff at all.. but heres some pics of what I have out now. I am working on another little area or two, but they are not quite ready for picture posting!

Its been a gorgeous week here.. weather up around 70 since monday! tomorrow is the last day though and then back to our normal temps for this time of year.. 45ish and lower.. its been a nice treat though. a sweet little november blessing! (geez.. did I tell you my feet are freezing!! gosh I need to do something about that!)

I've been working on that teddy bear order, and will finish it this weekend. The bears are made out of someones fathers clothing. there are 8 of them. I'll be sure to take pictures to post.

well.. I've got to go work on a project and warm up my feet!!see yas later!


jenny be cheery said...

i love your blog, miss vivi!! i had sooo much fun with ya while in NY!! hopefully we get to do it again really soon! (and more often, too! *wink*wink*!!)

i'm tempted to join the snowman swap!! VERY tempted!! i'll figure it out soon!! promise!

happy days to ya!!
talk soon!!

mwah! xoxo jenny

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I like your Thanksgiving decorations--especially that cute black crow with the vest!

We just actually got over a little snap of warm weather too--so unexpected in November! A rare treat.

Know what I do when my feet are cold? I do a modern version of the old bedwarmers....and stick the heating pad under the blankets where my feet will go so that when I jump into bed, my foot spot is all pre-warmed!

Smiles, Karen

kathy said...

YIKES -- I get tired watchin ya -- EVERYthing is so cute !!!!
OK girl -- I AM signing up for the snowman swap --YOO HOO !! - aLREADY MADE A SNOWMAN IN AN ONLINE CLASS -i AM LOVIN IT .
kATHY - ga --

Kai said...

Hey, Viv! I'm going out of town from tonight till the 14th but I'll check who my partner is and contact her the minute I return! I have already started my snowman (FUN!!!!) so no problem about it being on time! I'm an anal Virgo anyway so I'm ALWAYS on time with swaps. LOL! LOVE YOUR THANKSGIVING PRETTIES!

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh how I wish you were going to SB too!!! Yes the weather has been a wonderful treat indeed! Can't wait to see the bears you have been working on!


Anonymous said...

I decorate for autumn and throw a black cat in. All I have to do is move the cat, and I'm done undecorating for Halloween!

We got the Christmas tree down today! Shh! Don't tell anyone.


Sabii Wabii said...

He arrived! He is so cute. I can't believe you created him with your two little ol hands! WOW. His face I love...I'll be back with photos...Thank you!

Cathy said...

Viv, love those pink snowmen! And the music is way too cute.

xo Cathy

Emily said...

Darn! I wish I had checked your blog sooner! Oh, well...This will give me ideas/inspiration to try this next year. :) I love how all your snowmen ornaments came out! You're so talented!!!