Saturday, November 8, 2008

so on with the swapping and other stuff...

First the this stuff.. then the swapping stuff....

I spent hours last night and this morning going through these beautiful new magazines.. you need to get copies.. SOOO much inspiration! I'm getting ready to make my daughters room into my craft room and I have so many ideas! I dont know how many I will be able to pull off, but at least I have some ideas!

and whats this, you say?

Meet peter peter pumpkin eater.. I just had to share this! I thought it was pretty funny. I didnt know cows ate pumpkins.. I thought it was kind of a unique picture, but my husband says cows eat pumpkins and so do pigs.. so that must be what they do with all those left over pumpkins that no one buys! I imagine that goats probably eat them too.. I wonder if horses do? do they Julie?? I drove by this one yesterday on my way to work and had to turn around in the amish driveway to go back and take a picture!

OK.. now on to the snowman swap!
These are some pictures of snowman I've made in the last year or so. The little guy in red.. well, I think hes a little "swishy" if you know what I mean.. but eh.. who cares.. hes a cheery little fellow!

this little princess below is one of my favorites.. shes just sweet!
This little army below was made last year for the 12 days of christmas swap..They were fun to make. In fact there were probably about 20 of them all together. I used 12 in the swap, gave some as little gifts, and tied some on packages.. I still have two left. PRobably will give them away this year!

This is one of my favorites! Hes so fat and cute! He was actually made for valentines day a couple of years ago.

This little bear and the next two are snowfriends I made last year for the first snowman swap. The bunny went to my partner last year.. Debra Schoch .

So I just thought a share a few snow friends with you to get you in the mood for this years snowman ornament swap. This last picture of snowfriends is from after christmas, when all the christmasy stuff gets put away and then the snowmen get to really take over the house! You can see the little snowfriend right in the front that I recieved from Debra in last years swap! cute huh??

Swap partners are as follows.. I will also be emailing you ..hopefully today..
Kai and Debb
Jillian and Barb
Courtney and Alison
Marcel and Sandy
Peggy and Sarah
Carla and Vivlyn
(I cant find viv's blog address.. I'll post it soon!)
Cindy and Kathy
Fran and Amelia
Debra and Annie
(annie has a new blog.. gotta get her blog address!)
Melissa and Michele
Maria and Leslie
Cassandra and me
jolene and me
(jolene doesnt have a blog)
(and.. if Jenny joins, I will have her as a partner also)
Please make sure to make and keep in contact with your partner.. this is a great opportunity to meet another creative and new person! When you finish your snowfellow (and if you want to send extra stuff thats up to you) please take pictures to email to me so I can post them all together after everyone recieves them.. which brings me to this.... PLEASE make sure you finish and mail your packages by December 1st, so that everyone will recieve theirs and be able to enjoy it for the holidays! If you have any problems please contact me.
OK let the blizzard begin!!


AwtemNymf said...

ohhh- I love your Snowman collection. CUTE!!!
I do the same thing on my mantle.... put lights to make it look like a snow wonderland!
I got my partner! Let the snowFUn begin!
ps- I emailed my partner *winks*

Anonymous said...

My tree is up and awaiting decorating! Whee!


Tootie said...

Hi Viv!
I love the snowmen you made! So cute! You've inspired me to get out my Christmas decorations for my pie safe and start tomorrow. How do you like the CD I sent you?
You asked about the Santa tags on my blog.....they are on Ebay right now.
Smiles and hugs-
Melissa (tootie)

Nancy said...

Because we don't get snow here in Florida I decorate with snowmen for Christmas. I was going to join your swap but there is just so much going on... I wish I had more time. Maybe next year.

catieann said...

oh what sweet snowmen women and animals very sweet. you are so talented.
sorry i couldn't join this swap i haven't been home in five weeks now!!

Fran said...

Looking at your Snowmen/ladies I'm inspired even more than I thought.
I'm so looking forward to the Snowman/lady swap.
I'm going to email my partner.
Thanks for hosting this swap.

peggy gatto said...

Love all the snowpeople!!!!!!!!! Lots of ideas! I will be in touch with sarah and get her address. Thanks for setting this up!
have a beautiful day!

Sandy Michelle said...

Bye Viv! We will miss you!!! We'll take some candid shots for you while we're there:0) I sure hope I can keep myself in-line too..LOL! BTW I saw this necklace charm that Sally Jean made and it made me think of you! The necklace charm says 'Magazine Slut'.....LMAO!!! Big hugs darling!!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are so creative. I cannot make the beautiful things you do that is why I didn't enter the swap. I wish I were able to create as you do. I adore Snowmen and yours are so very awesome. I wish for you a week filled with many beautiful things...m...

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You are soooooo talented! I didn't know you could make snow men! Wow! Wow! Wow ! Lucky people indeed, to get those.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Viv~ You are one busy gal!! I love everything!!!
I have been so busy with digi stuff I don't have tome for real crafts! AARRGG!
Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog!!

Wren Cottage said...

Hey girlie!!! Loving all your snowmen and the music!! woohoo!! The cow eating the pumpkin cracked me up!! Wanted to thank you for your sweet comments too :) and to please send me your address....I have a little something that Mrs Raven made you that she insists must go out soon :)
Love to you xoxo ~ Madai

Julie said...

Your snow people are too adorable! I need to find out how to make those.

As for horses eating pumpkins...mine don't because I would not feed that to them...have you checked out what a vet call costs these days???..and the #1 reason horses die is from colic - which is aka for "horse stomach ache"!!! Cows, goats and sheep have multiple stomachs and have the ability to throw up. Horses are unable to throw what goes in the entrance, must come out the exit! I know - TMI...but I thought you would enjoy the farm facts! ha ha...

soooo - how do you make those snow people anyway?? I have the glitter already.

Cheryl said...

I had almost bought that magazine lol...but thought noooooo then I'd just want to redo my studio lol. I did buy the magazine (and several others) that had your pink ornament in it. I looked for someone to tell-- "I know the gal/blog of the person who made that" lol

SweetAnnee said...

I love your little snowies..I wish I'd been early enough to join the swap..

Carla said...

What a great collection! You are such a creative person, I'm envious.