Sunday, December 5, 2010

eiy yie yie!

struggling to keep up here in blogland! struggling to keep up at home too... and lets not even mention how behind I am at work!!
Today was the final day of Jens musical, white christmas. It was fantastic. Jennifer played Betty Hanes and was awesome in it. My girl can really sing . I am a proud mama! The whole cast was awesome. The girl that played Judy (Bettys sister) Jen has been friends with since kindergarten and the two guys that had the other leads are Jennifers best friends. I did the make up for the show and watched all three performances. There was never a dull moment and I loved every minute of each show.
Still no baby. But, they are inducing her tomorrow night and she should have the baby on tuesday! Cant wait to finally see my little grandbaby!!
Tomorrow is my father in laws funeral and tuesday is Tonys uncles funeral! His uncle passed away friday night! Can you believe that? two deaths in two days! I wont be able to make uncle Louies funeral due to Beth having her baby. I think he'd understand though!
I have still a bunch of bear orders to finish and also my teacup swappies.. and a few other projects that need to be completed. I've had people over looking at kittens, two have new homes to go to the weekend before christmas and I have two more people coming to pick theres out this week. Also, I think roberts girlfriends sister is interested in one.

Tomorrow is Bethanys 25th birthday! Happy Birthday Gertie pie! A birthday she wont ever forget (being induced and also her grandfathers funeral!) I havent even had a chance to get her gift yet. Hopefully tomorrow!
Well, Im tired and uncomfortable, so I think I'm going to head to bed a little earlier then usual. Then I can get up early to work on bears til its time to go to the funeral. Sweet dreams all! sorry Ive not been good about leaving comments lately.. I will I will I will get caught up again soon!


Samantha said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. What a week your family has been through! So glad the baby will be here in a couple of days...they're such little cuddly bundles of hope and joy.

Lydia said...

Well, you have had a lot on your plate- and your family too. Take care of yourself.

I am so sorry about his uncle as well. We have had 10 deaths since July 2009, so I understand, and a few within the family. And Ken and his grandmother(98) were 2 months apart to the day. Very tough on his Mom.

The show pics look great. What fun! God Bless for the little new boss coming to town.xo

Neve said...

hi! it looks like you had fun even though it was a tiring day. i hope you can find time to visit my blog. thanks and more power.

Nancy said...

Whew, you have had a ton of weight on your shoulders lately. Good thing you have a strong blogland support system to pray you through it all. So sorry to hear of the loss of your loved ones. Hopefully this new baby's arrival will help to bring some smiles back. The play looked darling. Hang in there. Remember it's a season of happiness!
Much love, XO Nancy

barbara burkard said...

oh prayers and sympathy are with you and your family...

just checking in to see an update on baby news...darn...didn't make the deadline...but seeing and holding sweet little torry..will be so worth everymoment...are you going to get to be there for the birth???

Jane said...

Wow, wht a lot for you all at the same time! The show looks great from the pix. So sorry to hear about another death in the family, but good to hear about the baby and the kittens getting their new homes.
All the best,

kathy said...

Sweet friend , take care of yourself and your sweet girl and all you need to do -while we miss you . I understand busy --- OH so sweet things and some sad things going on in your life -- all make up a whole thing -- "Praying for baby to be -- your losses and loved the musical pics -- You will
not be able to stay away from your new grandbaby !! SEE ya in a while -- LOVE AND HUGS _ KAthy-ga ♥

Kai said...

Goodness, lil' Viv! You are definitely up to your EARS in things going on! First, I'm so sorry for the loss of your Father-in-law & your hubby's uncle. What a double whammy for him! And I'm keeping the prayers flowing that your grandchild is born SOOOOOON & that it's a quick & easy birth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter! And - WOW!!!!! - to the awesome photos! How I LOVE White Christmas! My sister & I used to annoy EVERYONE by singing "Sisters" over & over! LOL! LOVE YOU! And don't you freak out, okay? Get some rest, take deep breaths, and get those arms ready to hold that new little sweetheart!

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a week indeed. My sympathies to all. It's hard to loose loved ones any time of the year but near the holidays is very hard indeed.
My best wishes for your daughter on Tuesday and for you as well. That too is a joy but also a trial of nerves and feelings. The best to all. And happy grandbaby toes. The Olde Bagg, Linda

natalea said...

It looks like it was an awesome musical! I still want to get to one of her shows one of these days!
Just wanted to say good luck to Bethany tonight- I'll be thinking of her! (thinking how I'm glad it's not me! hehe!! I'm so evil!) But many good wishes to you her and you too Grammie!! xo nat

Debby said...

So sorry about the losses you have. I have always felt when one passes there is a new life that comes along. Really true in your case. Happy new baby. Grandbabies are so wonderful. You sure have a plate full right now. Seding you (((((HUGS))))) and blessings.
I'd love to see the bears that you have made. I have been looking at the shows I have been to lately, for some new bears. I haven't seen anything. I am having bear withdrawal.