Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My babies are almost 6 weeks old! I put an ad in the paper which started yesterday and have had three calls already. the ad will run for two weeks.
The babies wont be ready to go until the week of christmas. Wont they make wonderful little christmas kittens?

I got a kitten for christmas when I was five! My brother and sister and I each got one, Sant brought us three little all black kittens. My sister who was the youngest got the sweet friendly one and named him bobo. My brother got the one that was a little more nervous and named him cha cha!
And I being the oldest, got the one that wouldnt come out from under the tree and hissed and tried to scratch us if we got near him!! I named him boots. I tried for three days to make friends with that kitten quite unsuccessfully! I was heart broken to say the least!
On the third day, I woke up early and ran to the tree to find my mean little black kitten just lying there.. not hissing or backing up when I reached under the tree to pet him! And then, he didnt even move when I did get brave enough to pet him! I was so excited!
I ran to my parents bedroom and woke my father up and I told him... "daddy!! boots let me pet him and he got kind of hard!" yup.. the cat was dead! Of course I didnt know that. Anyways, I was really heart broken when I realized I didnt have a kitten of my own anymore.

So, my parents took me to some ladies house and I heard them talking about only having the runt left. Whats a runt? What are we doing here? and next thing I knew the lady brought out the sweetest little gray tiger kitten. I named her Flannel and she was my baby from that moment on, for 19 years!
Flannel was 1/2 siamese. but she didnt look siamese at all. she slept with me every night and much to my parents dismay, layed on my lap under the table at dinner time! She had several litters of kittens. One morning, my mom woke me up for school and we found that Flannel had had her kittens in my hair during the night! I was so glad I got to stay home from school. my mom found a box for them and left them in my room, where I just laid on the floor for hours watching them!
I had Flannel for 19 years, When I had to have her put to sleep, Jennifer was almost the same age I was when I got her! Well, anyways, Ive had bunches of babies since.. and lots of litters of kittens, but I do have to say there is no prettier litter then a litter of siamese! (well I say that but the truth is, Ive never seen a kitten that I didnt think was the "freaken adorable" and fall in love with! LOL!
So I thought I'd just show you these pics I took tonight ..
I am seriously behind in every area of my life right now.. and feel like I may never get caught up. I have been peeking in on your blogs and not leaving any comments. Please dont think Ive forgotten or am ignoring anyone.. I just feel like I'm always in a hurry rushing from one thing to the next!
By the way.. no baby here yet. Please continue to pray that that baby comes before monday. And while your at it, please also pray for my friend Kathys daughter in law not to have her baby yet. She is having problems with her pregnancy and is not due for quite a while.
and if we're doing prayer requests, please keep my father in law and mother in law in your prayers too.. he has been moved into a pallitive care center and is not doing well.
OK.. on that note.. I'm out of here.. gonna do some blog hopping for a few minutes and then realllllllyyyyyy have to work on these bear orders!
hugs and see yas later!


Cindy said...

If I lived closer..I would be adopting one of those beautiful kittens!! I had a Siamese in High School..but when I got hubbie would not let a cat live in His she stayed home..and lived a really good life.
2 of my grandchildren are allergic to no more cats for us outside.:-( but I can dream and pretend to listen to them purr!!
I will pray they find loving homes!
Praying for your family and friends also.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Debby said...

Those kitties are so beautiful.
I love your blog banner.
I'd love to see the bears you make.

Samantha said...

Awww...the kittens are SO adorable! I wish I could have a kitten, but my 16 y/o kitty would have a fit. She doesn't play well with others. :)
I'll be praying for your family.

April Mechelle said...

I am with Cindy!! If I lived closer. I would take 2. They need each other. I am still praying for a baby for dd. I will add others to my prayers. My cat was 19 when she passed away. I miss her so much.

Anonymous said...

Your kitties are so beautiful!

I wish Bojoette had gotten two of yours, but you just live too far away. Her cats are so sickly, but I tell her that if she gets them all healed up, they will love her forever.

Hey, getting a dead kitty for Christmas has to be the worst gift ever!


Lisa said...

Lots of prayers being said for you, your family and friends. Remember to breathe.
Take time to cuddle those cute little babies - don't worry about rushing to get things done - it all works out in the end.

Wendy said...

What adorable Kittens Viv! I would take one if I didn't have 3 cats already :) Prayers are going up.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

aaaawwwww--kitten!!!They are so cute!!

Cindy Marquis said...

I just cracked up ,reading about kittens being born in your hair. I also love all kittens and cats. (We have 3.) I am praying for your daughter - hope all works out. We just found out we are having our first grandchild. But we have to wait until June!

Lydia said...

Oh, Viv, if I could come I would give a good home- right in time for Christmas. But it would have to be male, as I have 2 other males, both have been altered.

I had a kitty who was 1/4 Siamese. He meowed and talked like a Siamese, but was an orange and white tabby. The most gentle cat I ever had. Big guy, long, and 17 lbs. and wouldn"t hurt a fly. My Punkin Puss.

prayers to all. xo Lydia

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Vivian! Their tummies are still pink!!!! I love your kitty posts! Sigh. I'll trade you one really big puppy for just one of these cuties! Elizabeth

Nancy said...

Oh Viv, your posts just melt my heart when they aren't making me fold over in laughter! Your kittens are so adorable I don't think I would get anything done if I had them in my house. Consider your prayer requests done! You have lots on your plate right now but I know you will somehow be able to take care of all of it with a cheerful heart. I spend so much time reading blogs that I seem to neglect posting on my own! Take care.
XO Nancy

Nancy D said...

What great kitty photos!!! Kittens and puppies are such fun. Try to enjoy the holidays and relax some.

ArtzeeChris said...

Those kittens are ADORABLE! They will be awesome Christmas Kittens! I just love their little blue eyes! We have 4 kitties, all are rescues so they are mutts but their sweet mutts!

Very sorry about your FIL my sympathies to your family.

Anonymous said...

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Heather said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe the cat died!!! I'm happy to hear the replacement kitty was way better though... and I'm sorry, but the way you told the story about the kitty being dead... as awful as it was... I had to laugh. I can so see myself doing the same thing and getting so excited!!