Wednesday, December 29, 2010

partying for new years eve??

I do love me some baileys irish creme and I could pretty much drink a whole bottle by myself!!
however, I cant stand to feel the least bit drunk!
so I dont usually make it past one glass full and maybe two on a good night!

I can honestly say I have not been drunk in over 29 years!
since before I was pregnant for my first daughter! woohoo.. big partiers we are here!
God.. I'm getting OLD! Anyways.. I was talking to one of my dearest friends and we were doing that old wishful thinking.. Every year we wish we had husbands who wanted to get dressed up and take us OUT for new years eve.. you know.. get really dressed up and go to a fancy dinner and then out dancing to some big band and swing music! But, Like i said...
Thats all wishful thinking.. Our hubbys are just not like that.. dressing Tony up means a pair of black jeans with a belt and a t-shirt with a collar and 3 buttons tucked in! (not kidding!)
And besides that .. we struggle to stay up for midnight anyways! we do it.. but sometimes its tough!
With all that said, we do go out for new years, over to our good friends house, (the same friends we spend christmas eve and all other holidays with!) We eat good food, play cards, listen to music , have a few drinks and laugh a lot.

Though going out to a big party does sound like fun.. it actually sounds a little stressful.. you know, finding the right outfit, wondering if I look alright, riding /driving on the roads when you know theres a lot of drinkers out driving too. And, I dont know about you, but I cant hear a darn thing in a bar, or where there is a band playing.. which means.. I cant have a conversation with anyone because I would constantly be saying "huh, what ? huh? what? " over and over! not to mention I would probably be intimidated by all the beautiful young girls in their slinky hot outfits out on the dance floor!
so.. I guess partying down the street from where I live, with people I love and adore, keeping it simple and sweet.. having only a couple drinks.. just enough to make us giggle at our silly ol selves, hanging out with our crazy old (boring) hubbys as well as all of our children and their partners and friends is a perfect way for us to ring in the new year!
I think its impressive that all the children from our three families (most of which are not young children anymore) like to come hang out with us old folks when ever we get together to party! They do usually leave a little earlier to go to their own partys.. but still they like to start their nights out with us and we of course love to have them! So... anyways, to all my awesome sweet bloggy pals, just in case I dont get back here before new years eve...
I wish you all the best New Year ever!!! Cheers!


April Mechelle said...

I am with you on the wishful thinking !!! We usually don't make it till midnight.. Sound asleep... lol Happy New Year !!!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest little creation! When are you going to open an Etsy?


Kai said...

LOL! You are ALWAYS the cutest, Viv! Irish Cream? It's the ONLY alcoholic beverage I like. However I don't drink at all because (1) it's a BIG no-no when you take meds & (2) I'm quite goofy ENOUGH without drinking! But someone, YEARS ago, handed me a glass & said just to taste the Bailey's. YUM! As for celebrating on New Year's Eve - HA! I 'celebrate' by saying, "Oh, look! It's a new year & this old gal's still HERE!" I'm a Christmas person. Not so much New Years! But your celebrations sound perfect - no stress & no danger! HAPPY NEW YEAR, VIV! LOVE YOU!!!!

Amy Sullivan said...

~I'm with you & your friends~we stay put & enjoy ourselves right here at home with our kids~ I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else, for all the same reasons as you.~
~"Happy New Year !"~

Cindy Marquis said...

Viv - What you do for New Years sounds perfect to me. No stress and good friends. We usually get together with one other couple, but we play games and eat lots of good food. Happy New Years to you!

Maija said...

Wishing you a happy new year Vivi!!!!

Nancy said...

LOL!!! I couldn't have said it better! You have described us to a "T". We are such an exciting couple that we decided to go to a little local sports bar & grill and then hit a movie with our friends....such extravagance! I'm sure we'll be in bed by 10 and have to watch the "ball drop" the next morning on the news. By the way, your little dancing man is darling! Happy New Year, Viv XO Nancy

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy New Years!!!!