Thursday, July 11, 2013

birds and bicycles

hello buffy the bird!
Crazy bird has been laying eggs again.  Its been over the last couple weeks shes laid 5, with the last being today. Tomorrow I'm going to start taking one out every other day or so.  shes way too quiet when she has eggs.  she is friendlier towards me when she has eggs,  but I dont like her to hang around on the bottom of her cage. 
5 big ol eggs!
Im really really tired and am heading to lay on the couch in a minute.. something i rarely do.  Need my rest for my weekend which started tonight. Tomorrow im going shopping with Torry and Marla pies and marlas momma Tiffany.    Saturday its the beach and maybe sunday too.. who knows.
you look'n at me
You know what I wish I could do right now?  LOL!  I wish I could go ride my bike up and down the street in my nightgown!  did you do that when you were a kid?  play outside in your jammies?  we did.    oh well.. I suppose its a good thing that there is something in me that will keep me from doing that ! LOL!
it just really sounds like it would be fun.  
yeah.. I'm going to lay on the couch..  toodles friends.. 
and sweet dreams!


NanaDiana said...

I do remember that, Viv- Sitting outside on a warm summer night in my nightie. My cousin and I would go out in the big old Buick and sleep there-one in the front seat and one in the back. Such innocence back then! Poor egg-laying bird! xo Diana

Musings from Kim K. said...

I remember my sister and I jumping on our trampoline in our nightgowns as kids. I'm sure we gave our neighbors quite the show. For your benefit, I just ran outside in my pjs to take pictures of the girl's treehouse at night.

Have a super weekend. Fill it with lots of fun. Hugs!

Patti M said...

Remember... was it in the 70's when streaking was the thing? When I was a kid I remember we kids were outside catching lighting bugs, parents sitting on porches enjoying a summer evening when this crazy dude comes running down the street buck naked with just his high tops on...I thought my mom & auntie were going to have a heart attack! LOL! Those were the go for it girl...just be sure you have your jammies on! ....hugs Patti M :)

Patti said...

Oh yes, Viv! I rode my bike down the street in my p.j.s! You bring back the best memories! So, will you have baby birds?

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I used to love to go to the drive in movies when we were little in our pjs. There was a playground we would play on before the movie started and it was always so fun to be in our pjs, watch the movie and then fall asleep on the way home.

Japolina said...

We never went anywhere in our pjs? I will admit that I wore my pjs to walgreens the other morning but they looked like yoga pants and a tee !

Kai said...

You are THE cutest person EVER! I SWEAR if I saw you riding your bike in your gown, I'd JOIN you! I'm off today (from WORK, I mean - my BRAIN is ALWAYS off) and, despite the expected 100 degrees, a bike ride sounds FUN! Hope the 'Little Pies' are feeling WAY better, and I hope YOU have a ROCKIN' weekend! LOVE YOU, Sweet Vivvy!

Marlynne said...

Your so funny! But probably made the right choice!

Sandra said...

I live in the semi country with no immediate neighbor, so although I may not ride my bike in my PJ's (my long driveway is on a hwy) I will sit in my lawn swing or walk around my yard in them. It is so peaceful. Also, I had a cockatiel who I always thought was a boy until after many years "he" started laying eggs, even though "he" was all alone in his cage. I would slowly take the eggs out too. They dried out and I kept them in a little nest....I still have them years later.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

He he! I go outside in the morning in my night gown. We live in the country so nobody can see me really, but my husband always teases me about the neighbor up the hill with his binoculars!! Eeeek! So, I say go for it!!
Your bird is so cute, I have a broody dove right now!