Sunday, July 7, 2013

pics from the 4th!

Seems its taken me forever to get here to make a post.  Busy busy busy!  we had a great 4th of july.   As our usual, we went to our friends the fellers to hang out with them and our other friends the flanagans.  our families have grown so that there are a lot of us these days!!   but the more the merrier!  
We always start the 4th off with the Lyndonville parade.  which is made up of mostly loud firetrucks.   we have got to get more people involved in making floats.. I think they should have a contest and give out money rewards for the best.. in any case, its still fun.  marla didnt seem to mind the sirens, but torry, as much as he loved seeing the trucks, the sirens hurt his ears.  Same for the fireworks later that night.  in fact, he fell asleep in my arms with my fingers in his ears! LOL!

The fellers have a beautiful in ground pool, but this year they are doing some work on it and it was not up and running.  so I bought this little blow up pool at walmart for 25.00 and I have to say it was perfect for the kids and a few of the adults too! lol
There was TONS of food, cheesy pototos, baked mac and cheese, deviled eggs, baked beans, watermelon, mac salad, brocoli salad, tortilini salad, hotdogs, burgers, strawberry pretzel dessert, apple pie, cupcakes, cake balls, icecream cones... and Im sure there was more! 
 So of course we all ate... Alot!
The fellers have gorgeous property, which you may recall the pictures from rob and Tiffs wedding last year.  Its just beautiful  and we always have a good time there. 
Their property sits on Johnsons creek which is a perfect place for the guys to hang out and shoot guns. (they shoot them into the creek I think.. I dont really know, because I dont really like the guns and I dont go back there much.) Between the guns and the fireworks, there was an awful lot of booming going on!   
My little baby pies had the best time, though neither of them really ate other then snacky chips and drinks.  I think it was maybe all a little overwhelming for them,  but they had fun.   Marla took a little nap and then stayed awake for the fireworks and I already told you Torry only saw the first half of the fireworks before crashing.
Im pretty sure both babies enjoyed themselves as did all of the rest of us. Next year there will be another grandpie to play with too!  she should be about 7 months old by then!

So, thats pretty much our fourth of july, then friday I worked.. and yesterday was my first BEACH DAY of the year!  the lake was only 56 degrees... but it was about 90 out...  I definitely went in.. all the way!  it was cold..  but so refreshing!
Okeedokie.. I guess I shall end this here.  Not sure what todays plans are yet.. I think Im going to make some flamingos!  I know weird right?  we'll see though.   And, I may go shopping maybe.. 
for now, I need to go eat some breakfast.  
Have a happy summery sunday!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Looks like a fabulous 4th. Darling pics of family and your grandbabies. I'm glad you were able to get in a beach day too. Such a brave one with those lake temps!! I'm not sure surprised you are already thinking of flamingos. I still have all my Viv inspired flamingos from Josie's party. Hugs!

chris mckinley said...

Sounds like a great day!, So fun to be with family and friends!

Cindy said...

Great 6th pics! Sounds like a lot of fun. Your grandchildren are so sweet! We are thinking of going up to the Michigan Dunes today. Hope the weather clears out - I need a beach day myself:)

ImagiMeri said...

Egads those kiddles are adorable! Those cheeks on both of them are just to die for and I just wanna squeeze (gently of course). I so hope I have grandkiddles soon, otherwise I'm gonna have to come out and borrow yours for a while........:o)

Love ya'

Debby said...

Fun pictures. The pies are growing up and so cute. Love all the curls.
Our 4th was so quiet compared to the last month. That's okay though.
Can't wait to see the Flamingos

Anonymous said...

Love your big and expanding family! Wish mine would start growing!