Thursday, October 16, 2014

blaa blaa blaa...

OH my!  I think marla's thinking "grammie needs a dentist!"   These are a few pics from monday.  Arent they cutie pies!?    they sure did love playing with those teeth.  We had a fun day.. except for when they were playing Pirates with paper towel rolls while I was making dinner.. and I thought they were just sword fighting, till I came in the living room and found them beating on buffys cage with them.  the poor parrot was huddled back in a corner of the cage... then I turned into grammie monster and they were a little surprised that grammie yelled at them like that..  

They played with those teeth all day.  In fact, Tiffany posted  this pic on facebook yesterday and said that Marla had been Roaring in lilliannas face!  oh dear... I created a cute little orange toothed monster.
Im feeling a little crappy physically and mentally this morning.  wishing I had a fairy god mother and some super creative energetic friends around to help me fix up this disaster of a house  (oh and some money! cant forget that.) sometimes I think I should get rid of everything and start over fresh, without so much stuff.  Im actually a jealous person.  I watch house hunters and some of those programs and then I start hating my own house and want to change everything.. .or really, just want to move!  by myself!  to a little cottage on the lake. ..  alone.. with figgy and frannie and buffy... lol!  

OK.. enough of that..  back to reality.. I just need to make the best of what I have.  And I do.. most of the time...   blaa blaa blaa.. waa waa waa... whine whine whine!    I really should get off this stupid computer and do something constructive.!
Look how cute my little violet pie is!   I have the cutest little grandbabies!  I cant believe I'm getting another one in jan...  isnt that crazy?! 
I have a big pink like blood spot on the white of my eye this morning and a headache.. I hope Im not having a stroke or something...  
ok.. Im sure Im not and I shouldnt joke about stuff like that. 
just a little out of sorts today.  I need to eat some healthy food and go for a walk.
busy day ahead and its almost friday!  only working half a day tomorrow cause its mammogram day.  then I think Im going to a show tomorrow night maybe..   saturday Im supposed to see my dear old blog friend Natalea  and sunday Im going out with a couple friends shopping, eating and maybe to a movie.   so busy weekend ahead.  And, inbetween all of that, I have to keep working on bears. 
So I suppose that I should go work on some bears now.  
Happy day my bloggy pies!


Theresa said...

YES, your grandbabypies are precious! I am jealous that you are getting a new baby to love on and spoil! Enjoy your day dear friend! Sending hugs and prayers that you feel better as the day goes by:)

NanaDiana said...

LOL- NICE teeth..and now you HAVE created a monster there. lol I did that with a "hand" and our little CJK. He picks that hand up and runs around poking it at people and screaming to scare them. lol We get to do those sorts of things, Viv- Gramma's privilege!

Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend-looks like it is going to be a full one at your house. xo Diana

Margaret said...

Keep looking ahead to the weekend and concentrate on all the fun stuff in your life :) We all get days when we we feel a lil' blue but it'll be okay! And it also good to whine or cry sometimes. Remember the album from the 70's Free To Be You & Me that Marlo Thomas put out? There was a song and one of the lines was "It's alright to cry. Crying gets the sad out of you!" Maggie

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Fangtastic cutie pies! :)

Oh I know! I am so tired of all my stuff, feel smothered by it. So envious of other people's (seemingly) organized happy lives and beautiful homes. WAH!

Sending you lots of hugs! You have a wonderful charming home, so much creative talent and are such a loving and joyful spirit. Hoping the day soon feels brighter.

Wishing you lots of fun with your dear friend xoxo

Jess said...

But then you would have to go out and shop for all the stuff you found you really miss and love! But I do understand where you are coming from. Our home is older and not so big and I love my stuff. I visit friends who don't collect anything and their homes look like show homes, and it bothers me...there is nothing of their soul in their home. Then I understand why everyone loves coming to my home for parties. It "feels good and oozes love" to them ( or so I was told that this weekend. Just like yours does. It has love in every corner and that is better than a show home!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Wishing I could come over and play Halloween with you! Sending you a few Halloween hugs that you are feeling back to yourself soon. Your grandbabies are so adorable...fangs and ALL! Happy "almost" weekend.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh those teeth are a riot! We all deserve a good whine & "wine" now and then, so enjoy your time with your friends. They'll help make you feel better. :)


Sometimes we just need to let it out and then go forward...sounds like a fun weekend!

Stephanie said...

I am a pretty sweet grammy until the baby starts molesting poor Buttercup (she really didn't ask to have an 16 month old tiny terrorist accost her hourly with a plastic hockey stick)!
You are precious, Vivvy. Take care of you!

Donna said...

Hi Viv! I've been a stalker, er, um admirer of your blog a long time, and your creativity always inspires me! I'm commenting today, though, to ask if you're routinely battling a headache? The blotch in your eye is likely a burst blood vessel, something not harmful in and of itself. However, with your also having a headache, I'd encourage you to see an ophthalmologist and have your eye pressure checked. Sometimes abnormal pressure (glaucoma) can be a symptom of a more serious eye condition. Unchecked or untreated, it can cause vision loss. I'm sharing, not to scare you, but because I've been there, and if I can help anyone else avoid what I went through, I will!